1 June, 2010

DYOS – Design Your Own Shoes

1 June, 2010

Like most girls, I love shoes. I think addicted is a good word to describe my relationship with them. I would gladly live my life in the same t-shirt and jeans if I had a different shoe to pair with them everyday. I don’t think I could go the other way around – a different outfit but the same pair of shoes day in and day out! My heart literally starts racing when I enter a shoe store and I almost pass out upon entering Lane Crawford’s to die for section of Louboutins. I recently put together a bucket list (things I want to do/have before I die) and one of my dreams is to have a closet like Big built Carrie in Sex and the City (I promise this is one of the few superficial things on there!). Since it is on my bucket list I must attain it someday, which means I also need to fill it with tons and tons of shoes!

For now though I am having to curb my shoe addiction. I just put myself on a 1 month shopping ban because I feel as if my spending is getting a bit out of hand. I haven’t bought anything crazy but it is those bits and pieces from stores like Cotton On and H&M that seem to add up. With that being said, on day one I somehow ended up in DYOS (Design Your Own Shoes) in Causeway Bay for the very first time and I had to quickly remove myself as fast as possible.

I left the store quickly not because it isn’t worth checking out but because I could literally see myself going crazy with the shoes. You can design whatever you want, exactly how you want and they even have models for you to try on and tweak to your own specifications. The store is so cute with a chandelier and a sitting area where you can browse through magazines in search of the perfect shoe you want to copy. I am not quite sure why I never custom made my own shoe before but after the month ends I know I will find myself right back where I was today. Instead of trying on shoes and then weeping as I had to pull them off (which is sort of how today went) I will be selecting heel sizes, material and the style of my very first custom made shoe.

The prices at DYOS range from $600 up to $1,800 with the average price being about $800. Their custom orders take a few weeks so make sure you prepare if you need a shoe for a specific event. My sister is getting married in September and the marching order from the bride is to get yellow shoes. To date, it has been rather hard finding the perfect yellow heel but I think that this is a problem DYOS will certainly be able to fix!

1-2F. 33 Yiu Wu Street
Causeway Bay
2204 3043

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