5 October, 2020
Costume Shops Hong Kong Hero Whats On
Costume Shops Hong Kong Hero Whats On
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Your Guide To Hong Kong Costume Stores

5 October, 2020
Costume Shops Hong Kong Hero Whats On

Looking to get ready for Halloween? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate list of Hong Kong costume stores.

It’s that time of year again – Halloween is just weeks away, but if you’ve yet to sort out your costume, have no fear! With our handy list of Hong Kong costume stores, you’ll be ready for the occasion in no time. Whether you’re going solo, have an army to dress, plan on renting a costume, or wish to go full-on DIY, we’ve got you covered.

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Costume Shops Hong Kong Online Whats On

Matteo Party

Matteo Party is the place to go if you’re looking for a costume for any occasion. As a true party shop, it also carries an assortment of accessories and party supplies. The best part? The shop is online, which means you can have your costume delivered straight to your doorstep (in record time to boot!). How’s that for convenience?

Matteo Party2169 0133, info@matteoparty.com,  www.matteoparty.com


When it comes to costumes, Partyland is a staple. It offers quite the selection, ranging from old-school classics to the latest crazes, so you’re bound to find something you love. Plus it’s located right in the heart of Central.

Partyland, B/F, 51 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9843 0638, www.partylandcentral.com

Fortune Costume

Another classic party shop with a huge selection of traditional rental costumes for adults. Along with elaborate full garment rentals, Fortune Costume also has smaller items for sale. Although the selection on the website isn’t great, there is much more in the actual store. We recommend calling ahead to double-check it stocks what you’re looking.

Fortune Costume, Room 202, 2/F, 23 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2367 5018, www.fortunecostume.com

Costume Shops Hong Kong Masks Whats On


For the do-it-yourself types, Artland is your best bet. From fabric dyes and face paint, to a whole range of materials and utensils, it has it all. This shop is sure to make your far-fetched costume ideas that little bit easier!

Artland, 3/F, Lockhart Centre 301-307, Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2511 4845, artlandc@artland.com.hk, www.artland.com.hk

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Yes, the site is in Chinese, but if you have a friend who can help you out, Taobao is a great (and cheap!) online option. With quick delivery and easy credit card payment, this hassle-free haven will have you browsing all day for just the right thing to wear!

Taobao Hong Kong, world.taobao.com

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If you can’t find someone to help you navigate the Taobao site, go on AliExpress HK! A wide variety of costumes, from superheroes to unicorns and more, can be found on the site. What’s more, you get great bang for your buck! Check out the adorable adult onesies – they make a great option for cosy loungewear too. Delivery may take a while, so make sure you purchase ahead of time.

AliExpress, www.aliexpress.com

Choi Chi Gift Shop

A little gem in Mong Kok that’s perfect for cheap and cheerful costumes. You name it, they’ve got it. Choi Chi Gift Shop also sells accessories if you don’t feel like committing to a full costume.

Choi Chi Gift Shop, G/F, 33 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, 2770 2868www.facebook.com/choichigiftshop

Stone Slab Street is famous view in Hong Kong

Pottinger Street

Perhaps one of the best known places to find a costume in Hong Kong is Pottinger Street. Although it can be a crowded and uphill battle (literally!), we assure you that the effort is worth it. The selection of costumes and accessories here is quite extensive, and you can come away with some real bargains. Do yourself a favour and try to go at quieter times to avoid the huge crowds!

Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Ladies Market

Brave the crowds for an eclectic and interesting shopping experience. Featuring all sorts of cheap clothes, costumes and accessories, the Ladies Market is a must-visit for any costume aspirations!

Ladies Market, Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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Wan Chai Market

There’s something for everyone amidst the crazy party atmosphere of Wan Chai, and this market is no exception. From crazy cheap hair accessories to light-up wands, it has it all!

Wan Chai Market, 258 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on 21 March, 2017  by Annie Simpson and most recently updated by Lydia Ching in October, 2020.

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