3 February, 2023
Best Running Trails Hong Kong Jogging Health and Wellness
Best Running Trails Hong Kong Jogging Health and Wellness
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The Best Hong Kong Running Trails For Jogging

3 February, 2023
Best Running Trails Hong Kong Jogging Health and Wellness

Looking for a running trail? Here are some of our favourites in Hong Kong for jogging and trail running. Lace up your trainers and we’ll see you there!

At first glance, it can seem like running in Hong Kong is all skyscrapers and concrete…in reality, it’s anything but! With just a little exploration (and, often, very little travel), you can easily find yourself running along the coast or surrounded by greenery. Here are just a few of the fantastic green and road-free running trails for jogging in Hong Kong, as a bonus, they’re all easily accessible by public transport!

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Best Running Trails Hong Kong Jogging Health and Wellness: Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Running Trail: Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Distance: 4km
Best running route for: An easy beginner running route rewarded with sweeping views of Victoria Harbour
Nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui (or take the Star Ferry)

We can’t think of a more leisurely (or scenic) way to start your run than with a short five-minute ride on the iconic Star Ferry. After disembarking, follow the flat route along the promenade to Hung Hom. Keep an eye out for Hong Kong landmarks like the Clock Tower, Art Museum and the revamped Avenue Of Stars along the way.

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Best Running Trails Hong Kong Jogging Health and Wellness: Happy Valley Racecourse

Running Trail: Happy Valley Running Track

Distance: 1.4km (1,400m around the track)
Best Running Route For: Interval or tempo running sessions.
Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay, or take the tram to the entrance!

You might think Happy Valley Racecourse is just for Wednesday evening races, but did you know that you can also run on the track? The paved running track in Happy Valley is about 1,400m around. The running track is great for doing interval workouts, and there is a park on the south end where you can do some body-weight strength training. The changing rooms in the middle of the racecourse have showers, lockers (take your own padlock) and water fountains.

Hong Kong Running Routes: Quarry Bay Promenade

Running Trail: Quarry Bay Promenade

Distance: 1.6km
Best Running Route For: Flat, car-free running in Hong Kong and waterfront views
Nearest MTR: Quarry Bay or Sai Wan Ho (you can enter the park at either end!)

One of the easiest to access waterfront running routes in Hong Kong, Quarry Bay Park is an ideal flat route and super easy to get to from the MTR station. Simply turn left (just before the end of Java Road) and you’ll find yourself able to run along the promenade for over a mile, with views of the harbour and the New Territories all the while. There are lots of water fountains and public toilets in the park, so it’s a perfect spot for a short flat run without a car in sight!

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Running Trail: Bowen Road Fitness Trail

Distance: 4km each way
Best Running Route For: A flat, shaded run and “in the treetops” views of the Hong Kong island skyline below
Nearest MTR: Wan Chai or Admiralty (walk up to Bowen Drive to join the trail)

One of the best known running routes on Hong Kong Island, Bowen Road’s 4km fitness trail is a beautiful place to run, complete with parks, convenient restrooms and water fountains. The easiest way to get to Bowen Road Fitness Trail is by turning off Kennedy Road and either going up Bowen Drive or Wan Chai Gap Road. And though you’ll be greeted with a steep climb at first, the path gets flat at the top, with sweeping views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers! 

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Hong Kong Running Routes: Sir Cecil's Ride

Running Trail: Sir Cecil’s Ride, Quarry Bay

Distance: 2.5km
Best Running Route For: A non-taxing Hong Kong trail running route in the heart of the city
Nearest MTR: Quarry Bay (take exit A and head to Mount Parker Road)

One of the best for trail running is Sir Cecil’s Ride, a flat 2.5km dirt path between Quarry Bay and Fortress Hill that connects with the Wilson Trail. You can enter the trail from Mt. Parker Road in Quarry Bay (a short walk uphill from Quarry Bay MTR) or the Po Luen Path in Fortress Hill. Once you’re up, the forested path is dotted with spectacular mountain views, sightings of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon (and maybe a porcupine if you’re lucky), and spots where you can forget you live in a small apartment in the middle of a city. As this is a trail path, don’t attempt to run at dusk or in the dark without a head torch.

Sassy Tip: Make sure you take enough water with you as facilities are scarce on this dirt running track!

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Hong Kong Running Routes: Western District Promenade

Running Trail: Hong Kong Convention Centre To Kennedy Town

Distance: 8km
Best Running Route For: Views of Kowloon Harbour and for catching the 8pm light show if you go in the evening!
Nearest MTR: Wan Chai

This out and back running route can be made as long or short as you’d like, and you can start at either end depending on convenience. Starting from just outside the Hong Kong Convention Centre, pace through the glittering lights of Tamar Park, past the ferry terminals and run onwards to where the former Instagram pier used to begin. With public toilets and water fountains conveniently located throughout this Hong Kong Island running route, along with plenty of places to stop and unwind, it’s ideal for a Sunday morning jog or as part of a longer run.

Running Trail: West Kowloon Art Park

Distance: 1.7km
Best Running Route For: Views of the Victoria Harbour and for bringing your pooch along!
Nearest MTR: Kowloon Station or Austin Station

If you’re looking for a leisurely run with sweeping views of the harbour and sea breeze, West Kowloon Art Park is a popular choice. If you go during the weekday, you can expect far less crowds than on weekends when picnic-goers may often block your path. Given that it’s a public park, necessary facilities are all taken care of and it’s well-lit at night too.

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Pokfulam to The Peak Hike Hong Kong

Running Trail: The Peak Via The Morning Trail & Lugard Road

Distance: 6.5km (the Harlech & Lugard Road loop at the top is approx 3.5km if you’re looking to push yourself a little further)
Best Running Route For: Getting in some hill training, appreciating the downhill and the breathtaking views on the way back
Nearest MTR: HKU (use Exit A2, walk through the HKU campus and head up University Drive to start the Morning Trail on Kotewall Road)

There’s a reason why there are runners pounding the pavements of the Morning Trail at all hours of the day despite its uphill trajectory. This running route begins with a gruelling uphill climb as you make your way up to Victoria Peak (no judgment if you ditch the running and walk quite a bit of it), and then has a flat paved 3.5km loop once you get to the top. There are toilets and water fountains at the start of the trail and at the top, and the whole path is lit by street lamps at night. It’s also one of the best places on Hong Kong Island to spot our native flora and fauna, with porcupines, birds and all kinds of bugs making The Peak their home!

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