Junk Catering 2017: Sassy’s Favourite Food to Eat On Board

31 May, 2017
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Eat & Drink

Junk Catering 2017: Sassy’s Favourite Food to Eat On Board

Feasts for the seas


You’ve rounded up your friends, booked your boat, got your new swimwear sorted, and checked out our ultimate guide. But what about the food? Whilst many junk boat companies offer their own catering add-ons, there’s nothing better than having your favourite food aboard when you’re out at sea. Whether you’re mad for Mexican, love barbecue meats, or are after some snazzy sandwiches (with all the sides!), we’ve rounded up our favourite junk catering companies for you to choose from. And yes, the delicious menus will taste even better after a beer or two…

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Featured image sourced via Pexels. All further images sourced via respective company websites and Facebook pages.

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Fat Legs’ BBQ

Reinventing the BBQ scene in Hong Kong, Fat Legs offers flavoursome Thai barbecue dishes to liven up your next junk trip. With all of the dishes packing a real punch (perfect for spice fiends), Fat Legs is ideal if you’re after something more than the uninspired offerings out there.

The Sassy girls more than willingly sampled a few of the dishes, and the stand outs have got to be the Grilled Pork Neck and veggie Cauliflower Laarb Salad. Not forgetting a couple of the addictive Thai lamingtons (soaked in lemongrass, ginger and Sangsom rum!), to round off your meal.

How much: $220 / $260 / $350 (per person) – depending on menu choice.
How to order: Call 6316 4502 or email [email protected] for more details or to place your order
Sassy Perk: Use the promo code “SASSYLEGS” for 10% off your order!


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Going on a junk trip doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food! The health-conscience folks at NOSH will take care of all your junk boat dining needs by supplying you and your mates with healthy and nutritious meals that don’t sacrifice quality or taste. Its Junk Boat Menu recipes are designed by award-winning Executive Chef Kevin James and are made from only grade-A ingredients, so you know you’re getting food that’s delicious and nutritious! Ranging from lean to indulgent, you can choose from a variety of meals including Vegetarian, Superfood, or Thai.

If you’re staying put and want to have some healthy food delivered straight to your door, pick one of the Land Menu five course which have fibre-rich salads, high-protein mains, healthy snacks, chia pudding desserts. As they say at NOSH, “Eat Better. Live Better.”

Sassy Perk: Unlimited 10% off for Sassy readers with the discount code ‘sassyjunk’ (valid until 31 August, 2017)

NOSH, Shop 3B, 21 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, 2388 1999, [email protected]www.nosh.hk


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Bottles XO

Junk season wouldn’t be complete without some wine, beer or bubbly to toast your friends with, and Bottles XO’s junk packages are here to make those festivities even sweeter. You’ll never be without a bottle to serve because Bottles XO will deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it (at the perfect drinking temperature!).

Better yet, there’s no minimum order or delivery fee, and you’ll have your bottles in less than an hour! The Wine Package consists of 18 bottles of Prosecco, rosé and white wine, the Beer Package is a whopping 33.5L of hand-crafted beers, and the Combo Package is a mix of both.

Sassy Perk: Just use the code SASSXO to receive $50 off when you place a regular order in the BottlesXO app, or 10% discount when ordering Junk Package through phone or by email. Click here to make an order or call 3460 2025


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Pomegranate Kitchen

The luxe catering company and private kitchen is renowned for its tasty Mediterranean fare. Think platters of cumin infused hummus, babagannoush, crudités and Turkish bread. Full lunch menus of zaatar roast chicken, organic salmon and a whole host of sides are also available and will go down well on any junk.

How much: $1,600 (serves 10-12 people) for the Pomegranate Platter of nibbles / $350 per person for the lunch menu (two mains, one salad and one side per person)
How to order: Call 2580 0663, or email [email protected] for more details or to place your order


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A Sassy go-to on any given lunchtime, Knead is always going to be a popular choice. We love the selection of fresh sandwiches and salads, with many options available. The mozzarella and pesto sandwich is one of my faves, and be sure to also request some of Knead’s famous brownies for a little late afternoon treat!

How much: $80 per person (minimum order of 10 sandwiches/salads required, plus a 10% charge for delivery)
How to order: Email [email protected] or call 2851 7778 for more details or to place your order


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Maison Libanaise

Maison Libanaise’s “Bateau et Mezze” features favourites such as Almond Falafel and Za’atar Fried Chicken, with more veggie options also available upon request. We’ve sampled the Roasted Cauliflower on numerous occasions and couldn’t recommend it enough! Orders will be ready to collect at 10am on the day of your junk, or can be delivered to Central Piers from 10:30am.

How much: $318 per person (minimum of ten orders required)
How to order: Email [email protected] for more details or to place your order


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Little Burro

Enjoy a lazy afternoon at sea with chips, guac and salsa, before delving into an assortment of burritos. Beef, pork, chicken or veggie filings are available, but I love the “Kick Ass” Pork Carnitas! Little Burro also offers drinks packages, full of Mexican beer, red wine and white wine or deadly margaritas.

How much: $93 to $134 per person (for food) and $125 to $300 per person (for drinks) (minimum order of $800 required). Find out more details here!
How to order: Call 2547 8821 or email [email protected] for more details or to place your order


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Cali Mex

A great choice if you’re hankering after some Mexican grub (burritos are ideal for soaking up all that booze!). Cali Mex offers up three different junk packages, each menu has a range of different options including various combos. For a large crowd, you’ve got to go for the “Malibu” package, complete with quesadillas and even a grilled angus steak salad platter.

How much: $88 / $168 / $118 per person
How to order: Find out more info and place your order online here


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Invisible Kitchen

If you’re thinking of going luxe for your junk, you’re going to want a high-end catering option. Invisible Kitchen can whip up a gourmet hampers, with everything from sandwiches and salads, to pasta and hot dishes, along with a whole range of desserts. Splash out and go for the deluxe option, complete with a meat and cheese platter, brimming with European deli meats and cheeses with sliced French sourdough baguette and Kalamata olives.

How much: $200 / $250 / $350 per person (minimum 15 people). Find out more details here!
How to order: Order online here, or enquire about bespoke catering packages here


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This fusion of Korean food with a Mexican influence, TaKorea offers up K-Pop fried chicken (a personal favourite), baapbowls and Korean inspired tacos. Be sure to order at least 24 hours in advance and get your haul delivered to Central Piers or pick up from the Central store before going aboard.

How much: $600 to $2,000 for packages serving 7 to 15 people
How to order: Call 2362 1999 or email [email protected] for more details or to place your order


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Bread & Beast

Looking to party (and feast) like a beast? Offering up three packages – Chill Beast, Beast Surfer and Beast Boss – Bread & Beast‘s epic sandwiches are a winner. Choose either brioche or ciabatta bread, and enjoy fillings such as char sui pulled pork and pulled beef brisket. If the set menus don’t take your fancy, á la carte options are also available (individually priced), and include a range of sandwiches, salads, drinks and sides.

How to order: Call 9120 6869 or email [email protected] for more details or to place your order
How much: From $135 /$200 / $280 per person (minimum 10 orders), or á la carte menu options priced individually


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Monsieur Chatte

We head here for lunch all the time, but French resto Monsieur Chatte has three packages available to make you feel fancy at sea. With French baguettes, salads, cold cuts and roasted chicken, the price even includes delivery to the pier, cutlery, plates and napkins, so its’s a oui oui from us!

How much: $150 / $200 / $350 per person (minimum of 20 orders required)
How to order: Order online here (minimum three days’ notice required)


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Stone Nullah Tavern

Hearty American fare and the endless beers are a match made in heaven. Full of comfort food faves, choose from menu of mini meatballs, chicken wings, mac & cheese balls and more. I’m a cheese fan and can’t pass up the cheese platter ($300), serving up wedges of gorgonzola, grana padano, brie with crackers.

How much: Prices vary per item, menus can be customised to suit your tastes!
How to order: Email [email protected] or call 3182 0128 for more details or to place your order


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R&R Bagels

R&R’s catering bundles are just the thing when you have a group of hungry junkies to feed! Pick your favourite from the menu, or leave it to the experts to rustle up a variety options for you and your crew. Though I highly recommend the Bacon Jam BLT and an additional add-on of Sugar Sisters incredible cookies.

How much: $595 for ten people / $985 for 15 people / $1,345 for 20 people / $1,970 for 30 people (additional costs for soups, cookies or brownies)
How to order: Call 2178 5168, click here to order or send an email [email protected] or [email protected] for more details or to place your order (at least 24 hours’ notice is required)


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Young Master Ales

Okay, so you’ve chosen your fave food, but what about the booze? Summer Young Master Ales is offering up a great value deal for two cases of beer, along with delivery to Central Pier, before your junk. So, you can enjoy fresh and locally brewed craft beer with none of the fuss! We’re dreaming of lounging on that flamingo floaty now…

How much: $1,000 for two cases (24 bottles per case) including delivery to Central pier – offer valid for throughout June to September
How to order: Email [email protected] or call 6571 3208 com for more details or to place your order (two days’ notice required).


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