6 October, 2010

Charlotte Olympia Shoes

6 October, 2010

I have written on here before how much I like Olivia Palermo’s style so I always take a double look when I stumble upon a picture of her on the internet. I came across the below picture the other day and her absolutely amazing shoes literally stopped me in my tracks. I mean, they are the perfect combination of pretty and cool for me.

Charlotte Olympia Eve

So, I had no idea who was the lovely maker behind these beauties so I continued my internet search and it didn’t take me long to discover that this work of art comes from shoe designer and London It girl Charlotte Olympia Dellal. Her line, which she is calling Charlotte Olympia is pretty lust worthly in my mind. I mean, how can you not like the collection when she designs for the girl who gets dressed from the foot up and I couldn’t agree more with her motto… “Shoes first, figure out the rest later”. Charlotte Olympia’s shoes have been gracing the footsies of celebrities for some time now and if she didn’t already have a seal of approval from the fashion industry I think having Carrie Bradshaw strut around in some of her sky high heels in the Sex and the City 2 movie was proof enough that this line has true staying power.

Since we are currently in the midst of Fall 2010 here is a little glimpse of what is currently on the racks. For me, I will just be looking (I heard you can buy them at Joyce) for the moment as these shoes are definitely wish list and save up material.

There is definitely not a red sole in sight here! Each Charlotte Olympia sole is branded with their signature gold spiderweb….love it!

Oh, and if you visit her store in London make sure you say hi to her pet leopard Bruce who proudly stands guard clutching one of the shoes!

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