Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When I can’t figure a solution out, I often just try to ignore the problem until it goes away… the problem with applying this approach to a Halloween costume is that the date just gets closer and closer until everyone is talking about it and has their outfit all figured out! We’ve got a few really last minute ideas that should help if you’ve done the same as me and left it until the night before to create your costume.

1. Anything that involves dressing in black and backcombing your hair is great. Everyone has a black dress and a comb, right? A slick of dark lipstick and black nail varnish, heavy kohl around your eyes, rip up your stockings and put a safety pin through your ear and you’re a goth… Not the most original, but we’re down to the wire here people.

2. In contrast to the above, wear all white flowing clothes, curl your hair into loose ringlets, powder your face and smudge shadow under your eyes and you’re Ophelia… or a ghost. Either way.

3. A great Audrey Hepburn look is only a little black dress, sunglasses, string of pearls, cigarette holder and a pair of long gloves away. Maura is a master at this look.

Hitting up Pottinger Street for accessories is best done first thing tomorrow morning – the crowds later on in the day will be pretty crazy. Have a great Halloween weekend!
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