4 June, 2015
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Cool off this summer with Ice Cream from Oh! Cow

4 June, 2015

Anyone who’s ever met me will know that I’m a sugar fiend. Chocolate, cupcakes, macaroons – in fact, any kind of dessert is the way to my heart. That being said, my sweet standards are pretty high. So trust me when I say that you can’t miss out on Oh! Cow’s artisan soft-serve delights.

Oh! Cow dishes up Hokkaido style ice cream on Mody Road in TST. Not only is the ice cream super creamy from the Hokkaido milk, but the creative, ‘themed’ cones are really different and oh-so much fun. There are four different ‘element’ themed ice creams, so not only did Oh! Cow satisfy my inner sugar addict, but it also tickled my geek fancy. Being a big fan of Avatar, I started off with the “Air” cone, which came out looking spectacular…

Oh! Cow Ice cream - Air

The lavender flavoured ice cream in the “Air” cone was unique and delicate, and I didn’t expect to love the stark contrast in flavour that the liquid nitrogen frozen pineapples provided. The honey waffle and wafer daisy added a pretty, summer touch too and gave the whole cone a bit more substance – not that it needed any more, I was already full from this cone alone!

Oh! Cow Ice cream - Earth

Next up I tried the “Earth” cone, which was a combination of corn-flavoured ice cream with a grilled sweet potato wedge, a few frozen coconut slices, and little squares of buttery shortbread. It sounds slightly strange, but I thought this original flavour combo was delicious! All the ingredients in the “Earth” cone are inspired by the land, and as weird as it sounds, this was actually my favourite cone of the night!

The “Water” cone came after and this tasted totally different to what I imagined. The fresh blueberries went perfectly with the sea salt flavoured ice cream, and the bubble sugar in the form of waves definitely adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Oh! Cow Ice cream - Fire

Last but not least, I finally got my hands on the “Fire” cone. My favourite superheroes are always the firepower wielding ones (like Firestorm!), so I couldn’t wait to take a bite out of this exciting looking ice cream. A heap of fluffy cotton candy sat above the soft serve, which made for a gorgeous ‘flame’! Even if you don’t love the flavours of this cone, you can’t deny that it’s definitely Instagram-worthy… I tore off some of the cotton candy, dabbed it with ice cream and stuffed it into my mouth with a piece of strawberry and a chunk of shortbread. It was like someone had lit my mouth on fire with sugary goodness!


Oh! Cow definitely delivers beautiful, creative ice cream concepts that are ideal for Insta-junkies in the upcoming summer months. The smooth, creamy texture of the soft-serve is milky and delicious, although it may melt pretty quickly in the Hong Kong heat. That being said, the combination of amazing presentation and interesting flavours was enough to leave me squealing with delight after these delicious Oh! Cow cones. Definitely recommend if you’re stopping by TST and need a cooling treat!

Oh! Cow, G/F, 32 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2886 0448, www.facebook.com/Ohcow.softcream

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