5 Out of the Ordinary Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Hampers

31 August, 2016
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5 Out of the Ordinary Mid-Autumn Mooncakes and Hampers

Mooncake Madness!


It’s that time of the year again! The Mid-Autumn Festival is nearly here, which means celebrations throughout the S.A.R involving creative lanterns, family time and lots and lots of mooncakes.

Read more: Sassy’s Guide to Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

Love them or hate them, mooncakes are a staple tradition when Mid-Autumn rolls around. Since July we’ve seen all kinds of mooncakes being offered at various restaurants and supermarkets around town, making it impossible to choose! If you’re looking for something really special, check out our pick of the best of the best when it comes to these traditional treats. From classic lotus seed mooncakes, to chocolate offers and deluxe hampers, we’ve got them all.

Ed note: Everyone gives mooncakes to friends and family at this time of the year, which unfortunately means that many of these calorie-laden cakes go to waste! We were recently told by a eco-conscious person in the know that you can actually donate any extra or unwanted mooncakes to charities like Foodlink or Food Angel. They’ll ensure they don’t go to waste and give someone else some festive cheer over this important Hong Kong holiday. You can also try contacting some of the emails on this list.


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We’re major fans of the fabulous flowers and gifts from BYDEAU, so when we heard they’d teamed up with one of our favourite cupcake spots, Sift, it was a Sassy match-made-in-heaven! Choose from three festive hampers: The Festive Lantern ($700), The Jade Rabbit ($900) and The Luna ($900) this Mid-Autumn for a truly special gift. Each hamper  includes a stunning bouquet of blooms and delicious treats from Sift. We love the adorable lantern decorated chocolate cupcakes, and the cute Jade Rabbit Sift cookies!

Available online here.

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Teakha has got to be one of our favourite places to chill out and sip on a steaming cup of tea. We love the cosy space in Tai Ping Shan and we were so excited when a second, bigger space opened up near the HKU MTR. This Mid-Autumn, Plantation by Teakha has collaborated on unique hampers with Flos on the Folk, a boutique florist. If you’re not a fan of mooncakes, then these Mid-Autumn goodies will be right up your alley!

Choose from two beautiful hampers, ‘The Lotus Moon’ ($780) or ‘The Harvest Moon’ ($1,180) that include fresh flowers, biscuits and tea (of course!). The Lotus Moon features lotus pods in the arrangement as well as Snowy Pea tea leaves and a bamboo basket, while The Harvest Moon boasts three different kinds of cookies, Osmanthus Oolong tea leaves and pretty pincushion Protea flowers.

Each hamper costs $1,180 excluding delivery. Order on or before 9 September 2016 and at least 3 days in advance of delivery or pickup.

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Ryan Foote & Vero

Celebrate the moon without traditional mooncakes! Opt for creative Chef Ryan Foote’s original, lunar-inspired chocolates instead. He’s worked with famed artisan chocolatier Vero to create a stunning, collectible Lunar gift for Mid-Autumn. Presented on a beautiful, limitededition handmade lunar porcelain plate, each mooncake chocolate is filled with surprising flavours and texture – think yuzu mandarin pearls inside a milk chocolate ganache and dark chocolate pandan filled with a coconut truffle full moon centre… simply delicious. This is perfect for any chocolate lovers out there or for those wanted a sophisticated touch to their Mid-Autumn gifts this year.

Deluxe Mooncake Gift Set is $488 and the Collector Premium (including the porcelain plate) is $888. Available here or at K11 Design Store until 15 September – see here for more info.

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Pierre Herme x Ellermann

Pierre Herme has got to be our go-to for absolutely delicious macarons. It turns out it’s not just macarons that they can make so well – they’ve also created some rich, chocolate mooncakes for Mid-Autumn that are the ultimate indulgence. Using only the highest quality dark chocolate from Mexico, these decadent mooncakes are carefully crafted and beautifully presented. Choose from four different flavours with varying textures. Our pick? The ‘OuvreToi‘ with sesame praline and sesame nougatine, which is to-die-for… trust us, we’ve been scoffing them in office with our afternoon coffees!

Go all out and pair your Pierre Herme mooncakes with a bunch of flowers from favourite florist Ellermann. Check out the three indulgent Mid-Autumn Hampers they have available here.

A gift box of four mooncakes is $340. Available at all Pierre Herme stores in Hong Kong (see the full store list here).

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Duddell's & Michael Lau

For those looking for a Mid-Autumn gift with an artistic twist, look no further than Duddell’s. Our favourite art and dining destination has worked with Michael Lau, the “godfather of urban vinyl art”, to create a limited edition box of unique mooncakes. Instead of the traditional style mooncake, Lau focuses on the classic ‘pig cage cake’, shaping five delicious cream custard cakes into little pigs! The creamy inside is truly divine (trust us, we’ve tried them!) – in fact, we much prefer Duddell’s version to the traditional style. At just $388 for a box of seven, this is one of the best value, stylish offerings for Mid-Autumn in town.

Available here for $388 a box.

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And everything else!

There are SO many varieties of mooncakes available to choose from this year… we couldn’t possible list them all, but here are some other tasty offerings worth a mention:

  • Tycoon Tann – a stunning yellow box holds six egg custard mooncakes for $338.
  • Ladurée – a pretty box with a moon on the front with six quality macarons for $288.
  • GiftHampers – from fresh fruit and mooncakes to champagne and lanterns, you can get a huge variety of Mid-Autumn hampers from this one-stop hamper destination.
  • Lai Bun Fu – grab some mooncakes with a healthy twist! The green tea ones are delicious – $368 for a box of eight.
  • The Peninsula – you can’t go wrong with these sophisticated mooncakes that come in a lantern box – $1,088.
  • Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees – six fresh, traditional mooncakes for only $288.
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental – six mini egg custard mooncakes a a funky, modern case for $338.
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