21 March, 2024
Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: La Maison du Chocolat, Easter Chocolates
Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: La Maison du Chocolat, Easter Chocolates
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Where To Find The Best Chocolate In Hong Kong

21 March, 2024
Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: La Maison du Chocolat, Easter Chocolates

Chocolate shops in Hong Kong have us going un poco coco, from a taste of luxury at La Maison Du Chocolat and Venchi to homegrown Conspiracy Chocolate and more.

So ubiquitous is chocolate today that it’s easy to forget its origins as the elixir of the gods. First conceived in Mesoamerica — where cacao grows natively — as a bitter beverage, European colonisers mixed cane sugar and spices into the dark liquid, remaking it as sweet chocolate in the 16th century. Between myth and medicine, festive gift-giving and the craft behind the confection, there’s a whole world in each bite. Whether you’re making your first forays into this divine food or keen to call yourself a chocolate connoisseur, here’s where to find the best chocolate in Hong Kong.

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Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Venchi, Easter Chocolates

Venchi – Luxury pralines, bars, gianduja chocolates and gelato

Venchi lays claim to over a hundred “cioccogelateria”, serving both chocolate and gelato, in 70 territories including Hong Kong. Staying true to its Italian heritage, the company highlights produce like Piedmontese hazelnuts and Brontesi green pistachios in its chocolate creations. Venchi is also one of the foremost makers of the Piedmontese cremino.

Venchi, various locations across Hong Kong, www.venchi.com.hk

Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Leonidas, Easter Chocolates

Leonidas – Belgian chocolates with a variety of flavours

For a box of Belgian-style chocolate pralines that are (literally) fit for royalty, head to Leonidas. A family-owned chocolatier with a century-long legacy, this company is on the esteemed list of certified purveyors to the Belgian monarchy. Leonidas is a member of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and uses sustainably sourced cocoa for its tablet range. Proceeds from its Hong Kong shops go to Benji’s Centre, a local charity that provides specialised speech therapy to children from low-income families.

Leonidas, Shop B2-07C, Sogo Department Store, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2836 3695, www.leonidas.com.hk

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Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: La Maison du Chocolat, Easter Chocolates

La Maison du Chocolat – Luxury chocolate truffles, pralines and bars

From whimsical treats like twigs and orangettes to artistic triumphs in the medium of chocolate, La Maison du Chocolat is widely acclaimed for its oeuvre of designer chocolates. La Maison collaborates with Valrhona to source their cocoa beans, guaranteeing total traceability, final products of the highest quality and an overall more hopeful future for cocoa communities worldwide.

La Maison du Chocolat, various locations across Hong Kong, 2343 3331, www.lamaisonduchocolat.com

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Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Lucullus, Easter Chocolates

Lucullus – Chocolate that pays homage to its roots in Hong Kong

This local high-end gourmet chocolate brand has really expanded its reach since opening its first store in The Peninsula 40 years ago, now with over 20 stores dotted around the city. Much of Lucullus’ brand, including its elegant dragon-inspired logo, gives a nod to its roots in Hong Kong and reflects the fusion between East and West embodied in its chocolates and confections.

Lucullus, various locations across Hong Kong, lucullus.com.hk

Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Conspiracy Chocolate, Easter Chocolates

Conspiracy Chocolate – Chocolate bars with unconventional flavours

Do ingredients like roasted rice tea or genmaicha, sourdough bread and Sichuan peppercorn belong in your chocolate bonbons? Hong Kong-founded craft chocolate brand Conspiracy Chocolate boasts a constantly expanding catalogue of experimental infusions that also happen to be vegan. The beans, prized for warm notes of cherry, tobacco and toffee, are sourced from the Dak Lak region of Vietnam and processed by hand right here in Hong Kong.

Conspiracy Chocolate, various stockists across Hong Kong, www.conspiracychocolate.com

Hakawa Chocolate – A range of chocolate desserts

Led by co-founders Sally Kwok and Mandy Wong, this snug store located at the end of Gough Street in Central was among the first to spark Hong Kong’s artisanal chocolate movement back in 2017. Hakawa’s chocolate bars, coated nuts and beverages feature premium cocao sourced from Peru and Ecuador. If you’re confused about what to sample, go ahead and ask for a recommendation – the friendly owners are happy to lend you a hand as you set off on your sweet adventure.

Hakawa Chocolate, Shop 1B, 49-51A Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, 6163 3563, www.facebook.com/HakawaChocolate

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Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Godiva, Easter Chocolates

Godiva – Luxury chocolate gift boxes

Like most great things, Godiva’s most adored chocolate creations sprung forth from a modest family kitchen. Today, the household-name is synonymous not just with pralines, but an entire range of chocolate sweets, including frozen desserts. But there’s something special about those pioneering recipes: the Truffe Originale, developed in 1946 and now called the Original Dark 1946 Truffle, is still its best-selling chocolate bonbon.

Godiva, various locations across Hong Kong, www.godiva.com.hk

Royce’ Chocolate – Specialises in Nama chocolate gift boxes

Founded in Sapporo in 1983, Royce’ Chocolate has been at the forefront of Japanese chocolate ever since, and enjoys widespread popularity across Hong Kong. Known for its signature nama chocolate, the gourmet chocolatier highlights a particular type of ganache that builds flavour and texture using fresh dairy from Hokkaido. While ganache is generally enjoyed as a filling, Royce’ Chocolate turns it into a complete chocolate treat unto itself.

Royce’ Chocolate, various stockists across Hong Kong, www.royce.com

Best Chocolate Shops Hong Kong: Charbonnel et Walker, Easter Chocolates

Charbonnel et Walker – Luxury chocolate gift boxes

Known for its masterfully handcrafted chocolate truffles, Charbonnel et Walker was one of the only few to be endorsed by Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen. The famed chocolate truffles can be found in Hong Kong by way of Landmark Alexandra, and come in an array of decadent flavours, including Pink Marc de Champagne, Strawberries and Cream, Sipsmith Gin and more.

Charbonnel et Walker, Shop 104, 1/F, Landmark Alexandra, 18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong, 9303 6782, charbonnel.com.hk

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More Chocolate Shops And Chocolate Brands In Hong Kong

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Editor’s Note: “Where To Find The Best Chocolate In Hong Kong” was originally written by Aarohi Narain and was most recently updated in April 2023 by Team Sassy. 

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