20 May, 2022
instagram worthy places in hong kong art lane
instagram worthy places in hong kong art lane
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15 Underrated Instagram-Worthy Places In Hong Kong

20 May, 2022
instagram worthy places in hong kong art lane

If you’re looking to up your ‘Gram game, check out these lesser-known Instagram-worthy places in Hong Kong and yes, there’s more than just the Choi Hung Estate or Sai Wan Swimming Shed!

With the hoards of urban explorers and Hong Kong street photographers, there’s plenty of inspiration to up your Instagram game. Our city’s chaotic neon signs, architectural highlights like Choi Hung Estate and Ping Shek Estate and bright pops of street art around Central are frequently featured on the Insta-feeds of locals and tourists alike. While no one can deny the appeal of these vetted and well-documented Hong Kong Instagram spots, there are so many more places to snap. Less explored and easy to overlook, we’ve rounded up some of the quieter corners of Instagram gold. Here are the best underrated Instagram-worthy places in Hong Kong.

Editor’s Note: One of the most popular Instagram spots in Hong Kong, the Instagram Pier is now closed to the public. 

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Instagram-Worthy Places On Hong Kong Island
Instagram-Worthy Places In Kowloon
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Instagram-Worthy Places On Hong Kong Island

instagram worthy places in hong kong art lane

Art Lane, Sai Ying Pun

An easily missable spot, these lanes are a hidden treasure trove of Hong Kong’s many talented street artists. From paintings of Bruce Lee to a girl watering her plants and colourful staircases, we find every piece of art photogenic (trust us when we say the colours pop even more on camera!). We also recommend stopping by cosy shops and cafes along the lanes (wako2ffee for a caffeine fix and Pawtners to pet the cutest doggos and cats!).

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Sai Ying Pun, Exit B3

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Bridge linking Tonnochy Road and Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wan Chai

Bridge Linking Tonnochy Road And Sun Hung Kai Centre, Wan Chai

Want to feel like you’re right in the heart of the urban jungle? Head to the footbridge connected to Sun Hung Kai Centre (it’s usually not crowded even on weekends), the elevation from the ground sure gives some #citygirl or #cityguy vibes! Fancy a night view of Hong Kong instead? Set your phones on night-mode and shoot away!

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Exhibition Centre, Exit A1

Sassy Tip: You can also capture some unique perspectives as the tall glass towers reflect each other even on a gloomy day.

Shing Wong Street, Sheung Wan

There’s an undeniable charm to Shing Wong Street that’s hard to put into words – you have to see it to feel it! The iconic green-grilled windows from Tong Lau building, the alluring street art and the overall chill neighbourhood often makes us forget we’re in Hong Kong. Making a pit stop at Dongpo HK is a must – it’s a hard one to miss with a bright blue shutter gate, it’s a shop featuring Hong Kong’s nostalgic toys and vintage pieces! Then head to Common Ground right next door, a cafe with great wifi!

How to get there: Make your way to PMQ at Aberdeen Street, then go behind to Staunton Street and go up the flight of stairs.

Sassy Tip: Want to keep a piece of Shing Wong Street to cherish? We’ve been long time fans of Alvin C. K. Lam‘s watercolour paintings!

Chun Yeung Street Market, North Point

We love our ding-dings but risking our lives by standing in the middle of a road to snap a picture-perfect shot? We wouldn’t recommend it… unless you’re at Chun Yeung Street Market! While it’s still to keep an eye out for any oncoming traffic, the tram is usually at a much slower pace on this road as it’s a bustling street market (still, shoot from a safe distance!). Along with tram shots, snaps of butchers and busy commuters encapsulate the neighbourhood of North Point.

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – North Point, Exit A3

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Take in the cultural side of Hong Kong where old meets new. Sampans are a disappearing scene in Hong Kong and while Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter is the more popular spot to catch them, the Causeway Bay spot past Fashion Walk is a little-known gem (well, until now!). Packed with yachts, fishing boats and sampans, the busy scene is also calming at the same time with everything feeling like it’s at a stand-still.

Editor’s Note: Do note that there is construction going on around the area at the moment so some spots may be off-limits.

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Causeway Bay, Exit E

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Instagram-Worthy Places In Kowloon

Hong Kong Cultural Arts Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui East

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui East

An oldie but goldie! You’ll be surprised to know how sparely crowded the Hong Kong Cultural Centre is despite being right by the harbour-side promenade. The fun geometrics will give you plenty of room to play around with light, and this one’s definitely going to pop on your Instagram feed!

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Tsim Sha Tsui East, Exit L6

Garden Hill, Sham Shui Po

A quick, urban hike but make it Insta-worthy! Garden Hill often does not fall in to your radar when it comes to a Kowloon hike (we can’t blame Lion Rock for taking the limelight!) but this short trail will surprise you. We’d suggest going on a weekday if you want shots along the way to the top – it’s a narrow flight of stairs.

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Sham Shui Po, Exit D2, walk all the way to the end of Kweilin Street

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instagram worthy places in hong kong kowloon walled city park

Kowloon Walled City Park, Kowloon City

A quaint, quiet historical park located in Kowloon City, chances are you’ve heard of the Kowloon Walled City Park but never made the effort to go (now you have all the more reason to!). With traditional pagodas, statues of the Chinese zodiac animals and ponds, this park is also significant to the locality of this district.

How to get there: Nearest MTR Station – Sun Wong Toi, Exit D3, walk all the way to the end of Nam Kok Road.

instagram worthy places in hong kong fa yuen street market

Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok

Located between Boundary Street and Dundas Street in Mong Kok, Fa Yuen Street has over 50 stores selling sport shoes – hence the nickname Sneaker Street. The real steal is to shoot this street from the overhead footbridge connecting Mong Kok to Mong Kok East. And fret not if it’s a rainy day, the puddles and reflective rainy ground definitely adds more character!

How to get there: Get off Mong Kok Exit B3 and go up the foot bridge that’s signposting Mong Kok East Station, there will be a flight of stairs descending to Fa Yuen Street.

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Lok Wah Estate, Ngau Tau Kok

Famed for its blue circular cut-outs, Lok Wah Estate may not be a new name in the Insta-game but it’s still worth a mention! As compared to other Instagrammable estates in Hong Kong, Lok Wah is one of the off-beaten ones which shies away many Instagrammers. To get the perfect shot, it’s worth making your journey on a sunny day as the shadows create stripes on the circular cut-outs!

How to get there: Hop on minibus route 22A near Exit A of Ngau Tau Kok MTR Station and alight at Lok Wah South Estate.

Instagram-Worthy Places In The New Territories

Pineapple Dam, Tsuen Wan

One question, how rare is it to see sky high trees in Hong Kong? While it’s no Amazon rainforest, the Pineapple Dam is no less of free nature therapy and also a great spot to shoot nature landscapes in Hong Kong. A brisk walk that’s suitable for people of all ages, one of the most ‘Grammed spots on the trail is the Shing Mun reservoir creek which is easy to spot as a separate set of stairs descending on the side of the trail.

How to get there: From Tsuen Wan MTR Exit E, walk over to Chung On Street and take minibus route 82, it’ll take you straight to the starting point of Pineapple Dam.

Sassy Tip: Go during high tide to snap an unseen photo of what Hong Kong has to offer!

instagram worthy places in hong kong tsing yi basketball court

Tsing Yi Estate Basketball Court

The newly-renovated rooftop basketball court is what everyone’s talking about! The Hennessey x NBA (their first-ever project of its kind in Asia), brought together local artists from HK Walls, the People’s Place and Hong Kong-based street artist TAXA. Get your drones ready for this one!

How to get there: From Tsing Yi Swimming Pool, walk through Tsing Yi Park to get to Tsing Yi Estate, it should roughly take 10 minutes to reach.

Shun Sum Yuen Farm, San Tin

An Instagram hotspot for the flora lovers, the sunflower field is loved for all the right reasons! Also, keep your eyes peeled for themed-installations around festival seasons where they also import flowers from Europe to add more colour to the farm (which means more shots for us!).

How to get there: Get off Exit G2 at Yuen Long Station and take KMB bus route 76K or minibus route 17 and get off at Shek Wu Wai. The farm is a five-minute walk away from here.

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Ping Yeung White Fields, Tai Po

If you’re very serious on venturing far and beyond to a little-known Insta-spot in Hong Kong, the trip to Ta Kwu Ling will be worth your time. While the vicinity itself is Insta-worthy everywhere you turn (low-rise houses at villages always get us!), the white fields at Ping Yeung will have everyone sliding into your DMs asking where the photo was taken! It goes without saying that the best shots are taken during golden hour where the white field gives off a warm hue.

How to get there: From Sheung Shui Station, take Exit A3 and head to towards the post office. Then take bus route 79K towards Ta Kwu Ling Police Station and get off at Ping Yuen Road. Walk past Ping Yeung village and continue along Ping Yeung Road to reach the pavilion with the white field.

Sassy Tip: Wear trousers or bring insect repellent if your skin easily gets irritated.

Rooster Ridge, Yuen Long

We’re wiling to break a sweat to be greeted by sweeping views (unless it’s boiling hot and humid out!), not only does it look lush on our feed, there’s a greater sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve conquered a summit. If you’d like to skip mainstream hikes that get crowded easily, we suggest tackling Rooster Ridge in the New Territories. On a clear day, you can see the skyline of Shenzhen, with Tai Mo Shan, Pat Sing Leng and even Castle Peak towering in the background. It’s quite a strenous trail with no shade and endless steps but the velvety texture of the ridge makes this one a unique spot.

How to get there: From Yuen Long Station Exit G1, walk to Long Yat Road for the Yuen Long Station (North) Public Transport Interchange. From here, take minibus 603 and alight at the basketball court at Fung Kat Heung Road, the starting point is a couple minutes away.

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Editor’s Note: “15 Underrated Instagram-Worthy Places In Hong Kong” was first published in April, 2019. Special thanks to Maple Ip for her contribution. 

Hero image courtesy of Sassy Media Group, image 1 courtesy of Joy Lee, image 2 courtesy of Maple Ip, image 3 courtesy of @wsphonetography via Instagram, image 4 courtesy of @rambler15 via Instagram, image 5 courtesy of @jsrpixel via Instagram, image 6 courtesy of Maple Ip, image 7 courtesy of @sundaybyshane via Instagram, image 8 & 9 courtesy of Fashila Kanakka, image 10 courtesy of @yogawithsherry via Instagram, image 11 courtesy of @y8naa via Instagram, image 12 courtesy of @hkwalls via Instagram, image 13 courtesy of @rcee_xandrahrain via Instagram, image 14 courtesy of @wpkxa via Instagram, image 15 courtesy of @daisy.wanderlust_ via Instagram.

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