1 December, 2017
Christmas Dining In Featured Image
Christmas Dining In Featured Image
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Sassy’s Ultimate Christmas Dining In Guide 2017

1 December, 2017
Christmas Dining In Featured Image

Your Christmas catering sorted!


There’s nothing quite like a cosy Christmas at home. Your apartment is decked out, cards stand proudly on the windowsill, and the presents are unwrapped. All that’s left to do is eat! Once that last advent calendar pocket has been popped open, we’ll be more than ready for the fragrance of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing to fill the kitchen. If you’re not planning on dining out this year, there are plenty of Christmas menu options in Hong Kong. Whether you’re keen to roast your own or order in, we’ve rounded up all of the best places to get the job done. Because, let’s be honest, we can all use a helping hand when it comes to planning a festive feast!

Order In
Make Your Own

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Order In

Honestbee Featured turkey


Whether you’re looking to do the cooking or plan on ordering in a full Christmas feast for your family, honestbee has got you covered. This handy online store provides a one-stop shop for everything we could possibly need this season. Featuring more than 50,000 grocery items (from fresh veggies and meats to fine wine!) all you have to do is take your pick. Partners include Feather & Bone, Alioli, GREAT Food Hall, Watson’s Wine, TESCO and Mr Simms! If you’re after honey glazed ham, roasted chicken or turkey (cooked and raw options are available) or desserts like bread & butter pudding, your Christmas feast is only a click away. Simply take your pick between ordering a full Christmas meal or selected ready-made items. Either way, it’s a stress-free solution for festive dinner parties.

sassy perk

As a special bonus for Sassy readers, honestbee is offering $150 off when new users spend over $600. Use the code “SASSYXMAS1” at checkout to redeem. Existing customers can use the code “SASSYXMAS2” to get $50 off any order. Valid throughout December 2017.

For more details click here. Prices range, depending on what you’re looking for!

Invisible Kitchen dining in

Invisible Kitchen

We’ve personally hired Invisible Kitchen for parties, and we can say from experience that Chef Tom Burney and his team go above and beyond what’s necessary to make yours a special occasion. The staff work tirelessly, ensuring every glass is filled, every plate attended to and every guest satisfied. But the ‘wow’ factor comes from the food itself. Chef Tom handcrafts a menu to suit your desires, keeping within a specific budget – and the food is nothing less than divine! Invisible kitchen’s Christmas party menus also offer something for every budget. The Essential Christmas party menu ($225 per person, minimum 15 people), the Classic Christmas party menu ($275 per person, minimum 20 people), The Deluxe Christmas party menu ($350 per person, minimum 20 people) or the splash-out Premium Christmas Party menu ($500 per head, min 20 people). All meals are delivered hot in self-serve trays with disposable utensils.

For more details, click here. Party package deliveries are available until 1 January, 2018.

Main St. Deli at The Langham

If you’re looking for the classic Christmas dinner experience made easy, Main St. Deli at Langham has got you covered! The Turkey-To-Go combo offers a quality roasted turkey from the US, complete with apple, sage and cornbread stuffing, creamy pumpkin soup with the most incredible (we tasted them!) honey roasted sweet potatoes. You can also opt to have the turkey pre-sliced, which, depending on your carving skills, just might save the day.

For more details, click here. Prices range from $2,138 for 6-10 people, $3,588 for 16-20 people. Additional sides and servings available at an additional charge. You might want to add on an order of gravy and stuffing!

Woolly Pig Concepts

Woolly Pig Group offers a Christmas Turkey Takeaway Set for you to easily pick up and enjoy. The set features a smoked/roasted 8-pound free-range turkey with chestnut and sage stuffing, butternut squash and a homemade caramel pecan pie! If you change your mind and choose to dine out, Woolly Pig’s festive lunch and dinner menus are available at 12,000 Francs, Big Sur or Bathers.

Available for pre-order till 15 December and to pick-up between 23 to 25 December at one of their multiple locations: Bathers (Lantau Island), Big Sur (Soho) and Madam S’ate (Elements). Takeaway set priced at $1,850, pre-order by emailing [email protected]
For more details, click here.

Frites Christmas


Whether you’re preparing a Christmas gathering at home or at the office, FRITES’ special takeaway Christmas menu has you covered. Enjoy a hearty and traditional meal with Turkey Ballontine and Christmas Brioche Pudding for just $200 per person.

For more details, click here. Pre-order 48 hours in advance in order to enjoy the set between 4 to 25 December.


Bring the spirit of Christmas into your home with HABITŪ’s seasonal special take-away menu. The seven-course Luxury Menu will be sure to satisfy vegetarians and carnivores. With Sweet Potato Beet Wellington, Baby Back Ribs, Halibut Fillet, Caviar Carbonara and lots more, this is a surprising one-stop-shop for dining in this season.

For more details, click here. Prices range from $980 for a single 5kg Roasted Turkey (cooked upon request) to $2,988 for the Luxury Menu of 8 to 10 people. Available from Monday, 4 December.

Aberdeen Street Social christmas

Aberdeen Street Social

Take your main course up a notch with Aberdeen Street Social’s highlight dish – a Beef Wellington with roasted potatoes and carrots, shallots braised in port and red wine sauce, giving you maximum praise for minimal effort! Hosting a light dinner to give your body some breathing room? Opt for Aberdeen Street Social’s palatable mini mince pies are baked fresh using French butter, spices and raisins. Don’t forget to make the most of the $50 mulled wine if you’re dining in!

For more details, click here or email [email protected]. Mini mince pies in packs of six for $88, dinner meal for $350 per person (serving two).


This season, Maximal Concept’s south side restaurant, Limewood, will be offering holiday set menus for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Residents living around Repulse and Stanley can head down to The Pulse to order a semi-deboned free range hunter valley turkey with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, turkey gravy, and a caramelised passionfruit tart to top it off. Known for its quality dishes, Limewood will ensure that you are treated to a savoury festive feast!

For more details on Limewood, click here. Available from 23 November to 25 December.

Cafe Bar 8

Cafe Bar on 8, Two Macdonnell

For those living around Mid-Levels, don’t worry about having to head down into Central for a Christmas pick-me-up, as Cafe Bar on 8 offers a customised celebratory menu just for you! Savour a cosy meal in the comfort of your own home, with traditional delights including turkey, honey gammon ham, Asian dishes such as sashimi and more. Complement the meal with sweet treats and alcoholic beverages while you’re at it.

For more details, click here. Prices range from $198 per person for lunch and $238 per person for dinner with an additional $198 for free flow of drinks. Available for self pick-up or delivery.

Mandarin Oriental

Choose from a range of festive buffets or set menus featuring traditional and seasonal cuisines and leave your celebration in the hands of this top-notch hotel. Mandarin Oriental delivers Christmas right to your doorstep with its perfectly roasted turkey and ham, served with all the traditional trimmings and accompanied by decadent desserts. There’s no classier way to honour the festive occasion!

For more details, click here. Place order before Monday, 18 December for delivery until Tuesday, 26 December.

208 Christmas dining

208 Duecento Otto

Hoping for an Italian Christmas? 208 provides you with dishes such as the Rolled Roast Porchetta accompanied with the restaurant’s beloved Prosecco Potatoes that can easily serve eight to 10 people. Those with a sweet tooth will love the liquor-laden fruity twist of a Christmas Zuppa Inglese or the Panettone Pudding, serving six to eight people.

For more details, click here. Prices range from $200 to $2,500. Orders must be placed five days in advance and close on Wednesday, 20 December, with pick up available until Christmas Eve.


Over at Blue expect the Hunter Valley turkey once again, but this time with creamed corn, maple roasted pumpkin, homemade sausages and apple stuffing instead! You will also have the choice of cranberry sauce or gravy and can enjoy a maple chocolate pecan tart for dessert. Known for sourcing the finest ingredients and specially prepared meats, you can rest assured to leave your Christmas meal in the hands of Blue’s professional and dedicated team!

For more details on Blue, click here. Available from Thursday, 23 November to Monday, 25 December.

Make Your Own

Feather & Bone thanksgiving turkey

Feather & Bone

Feather & Bone is our pick if you’re cooking for a crowd this year. The free-range, whole turkey feeds eight to 10 people and you can order online. For a full feast, you can also build your own Christmas meal, complete with creamy, buttery mashed potatoes and rich Christmas pudding!

For more details, click here. Prices range from $1,000 for a 4 to 5kg full turkey.

Bones & Blades

Short on time but really want to cook your own bird? Bones & Blades’ KellyBronze turkey cooks within two hours (which is fast for a turkey!). These special, free-range birds have a natural diet, giving them a richer flavour than the standard turkey. You can also get your stuffing in store – fingers crossed it involves Bones & Blades’ amazing sausage! Stock is limited, so first come, first served!

For more details, click here. Prices range from $1,299 for a turkey (a deposit of $600 is required upon placing your order).

Pacific Gourmet

If you’re a planner and have the freezer space, Pacific Gourmet’s Australian frozen whole turkey will make sure you’re set for Christmas Day. If, like us, you can’t spare the freezer space, you can also order it defrosted. As an added bonus, it comes with a self-basting marinade, so you can spend less time with your face in the oven!

For more details, click here. Prices range from $780 for about 5kg and $994 for about 7kg frozen or defrosted turkey.

Featured image courtesy of www.honestlywtf.com, sourced via Pinterest.
Image #1 courtesy of honestbee, image #2 courtesy of Invisible Kitchen, image #3 courtesy of FRITES, image #4 courtesy of Aberdeen Street Social, image #5 courtesy of Cafe Bar 8, image #6 courtesy of 208 Duecento Otto, image #7 courtesy of Feather & Bone


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