26 February, 2020
beat boredom top tips lifestyle
beat boredom top tips lifestyle

18 Ways To Beat Boredom When You’re Stuck At Home

26 February, 2020
beat boredom top tips lifestyle

There’s no reason to be bored if you find yourself with extra time on your hands!

There have been times recently when we’ve found ourselves stuck indoors more than we would choose, especially with many companies implementing work from home policies during the coronavirus outbreak. This got us thinking about what we could do to help alleviate cabin fever because, let’s face it, Hong Kong flats aren’t the biggest. So, after a quick brainstorming session in the Sassy office, we realised there are plenty of productive ways to beat boredom and keep ourselves busy within the comfort of our own four walls. Here’s our top 18 to try out the next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, or are stuck at home due to circumstances outside your control!

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beat boredom top tips reading lifestyle

  • It’s no secret that Sassy HQ is full of bookworms, so days of uninterrupted reading is our ideal way to beat boredom. Ask your friends for inspiration or if you still haven’t managed to get through some of last year’s most popular reads, now is the time!
  • There’s no time like the present to learn some new skills that will help you in both your professional and personal life. Get yourself a free trial of LinkedIn Learning and take your pick from a wide range of business (which includes Excel tips and critical thinking), technology (think HTML training or Blockchain basics) and creative courses (including Graphic Design tricks and InDesign Secrets). Udemy is also a good one to check out, you can purchase online courses in things as diverse as doing an entire MBA, to photography masterclasses and even instructions on how to master the harmonica!
  • Talking of new skills, why not try your hand at learning a new language? We love Duolingo’s free language learning resources. You can unlock rewards as you go to help keep you motivated and, if you get your friends to sign up too, you can chart your progress against each other. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to spur you on! Also don’t forget to check out our guide to where to learn Cantonese and Mandarin in Hong Kong.
  • It’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby, whether you’re keen to take up the ukulele (you can pick one up from any Tom Lee Music store for under $400), or check out some of the free online tutorials from Skillshare, like this one on Hand Lettering. You don’t even need any specialist tools to get started – a sharpie or thick markers will do nicely!
  • Invite some friends over to play some cards (you can easily buy a deck from your nearest 7-Eleven). It’s a great way to interact without having to go out and spend money. And you can play solo, or with multiple players. Follow this link for some gaming inspiration.
  • Take Yale’s popular “The Science of Well-Being” course, designed to increase both our happiness and productivity (that’s something we can get on board with!). We haven’t tried this one ourselves yet, but it’s had rave reviews so we definitely plan on giving it a go soon.beat boredom top tips diy terrarium lifestyle
  • When you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, there are plenty of fun DIY projects you can attempt at home. Alway fancied a macrame plant hanger or a mini terrarium…now’s your chance to get busy!
  • On the subject of DIY projects, why not pay a visit to Live Zero’s Bulk Beauty store and stock up on some essential oils and ingredients to make your own salt scrubs, face masks and body butters. Then reward yourself for all your hard work by treating yourself to a home spa experience!
  • At times where we feel a bit “stuck” in the city, there’s nothing like planning your next quick escape (in painstaking detail!). Whether you have a bucket-list festival on your list or prefer to adopt an eco approach, we have a ton of travel guides to inspire. Plus, don’t forget to reference our handy guide to how to best plan your annual leave around Hong Kong’s public holidays.
  • Speaking of travel, if you’re a keen photographer and spend trips away keenly snapping the scenery and local way of life, then it’s likely you have a vast collection of digital images saved on your laptop. If these could do with some sorting through (we’re guilty as charged), why not use this time to organise your photos properly and free up some space on your laptop by deleting the ones you have duplicates of and just keeping your favourites!
  • Stay-at-home days are also an ideal time to try out a new recipe. Our Cook Like a Pro articles walk you through recipes from some of our favourite HK restaurants. Think Three Blind Mice, Uma Nota, TokyoLima and more. Or, if sugar calls, whip up some no-bake sweet treats, perfect for small HK apartments.
  • While we’re talking about cooking, get ahead with some meal prep. You’ll feel very virtuous when you realise how much money you’ll save by not eating out every day.
  • When you’re cooped up indoors, it can be easy to forget that movement actually makes us feel good. Maybe not whilst we’re in the middle of it, but definitely afterwards! Like with everything, starting can be the hardest part. This 5-minute morning yoga tutorial is a good place to begin.beat boredom top tips yoga tutorial lifestyle
  • Ok we get that tidying up may not be the most exciting way to beat boredom, but it will certainly give you a real sense of accomplishment afterwards. So channel your inner Marie Kondo and get tackling that wardrobe and drawers you’ve been vowing to sort out for months! And don’t forget to check out our guide to donation resources in Hong Kong so your second-hand items get a new lease of life and a new owner, as well as our tips on how to style your wardrobe when you’re short on space.
  • Just want to chill out? Download the Calm app, which is a favourite with Team Sassy for meditation. We also highly recommend the “sleepy stories” read by Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey. If you want more meditation inspiration, read our guide to 5 Simple Practices To Try At Home.
  • If you’re looking for a tried-and-tested fallback, there’s always Netflix! Check out our monthly guide to the best new releases, you’re bound to find something you want to binge-watch!
  • Or watch a Ted talk or two. If you sign up for an account you’ll be sent recommendations based on what interests you, or just take a look at what’s currently trending and the Editors’ picks section for inspiration.
  • We’ve already mentioned reading as a good way to alleviate boredom, so if articles are more your thing than books, we’ve plenty of longer reads to satisfy your curiosity. Here’s just a few pieces to get you started.

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