17 February, 2021
Best Online Fitness Classes
Best Online Fitness Classes
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The Best Online Fitness Classes For Your At-Home Workout

17 February, 2021
Best Online Fitness Classes

From a sweaty cardio session to a gentle recovery stretch, here are the best online fitness classes to try now!

Whether you’re trying to further your fitness progress or simply looking for a new habit, it’s time to get moving. Apart from endorphin production (the chemical that makes you happier), regular moderate-intensity exercise is also known for giving us an immunity boost. Guaranteed to be just as intense as your regular studio workouts, we’ve rounded up the best online fitness classes you can take from the comfort of your living room.

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Online Fitness Classes: Paid
Online Fitness Classes With Free Trials
Online Fitness Classes: Free

Best Online Classes HKORE Health Fitness updated


Best for: Strength training, yoga, barre and kettlebell

For those with a busy schedule, H-Kore’s on-demand classes are here to help you get moving at any time, from anywhere. From kettlebell training to a calming yoga class and barre, there’s a variety of training programmes to choose from (we recommend opting for the seven-day unlimited pass if you’re unsure of where to start!). If you’d like to train privately with a personalised training programme, H-Kore also offers private training sessions for you to target specific fitness goals.

How much: Live stream classes are $50; Kettlebell Max classes are $100; individual personal training sessions are $500; group personal training sessions are $800; seven-day unlimited pass is $200 (includes full access to on-demand videos) 
Class type: Live stream and on-demand
: 2441 9000central@h-kore.comh-kore.com

XYZ Indoor Cycling Studio

Best for: Challenging indoor cycling workouts

Led by all your favourite XYZ trainers, the spin studio’s on-air classes are guaranteed to get your muscles pumping and sweat dripping. Whether you’re hoping to warm up before heading back to the cave, or simply looking to (finally) use that exercise bike you bought months ago, sign up now to get cycling!

How much: Unlimited access passes start at $500 per month
Class type: Live stream and on-demand
: xyzonair@youarexyz.comonair.youarexyz.com


Best for: Intense workouts with a blend of cardio and strength training

Barry’s at-home live exercises are perfect for those who are not afraid to push their limits. If you’re up for a challenge, Barry’s offers paid online classes for you to target specific muscle groups. Even though the famous Barry’s workout is known for its intensity (rumour has it you can burn up to 1,000 calories per session), the workout sessions are fun and engaging – they’re often over before you even know it! Classes are based in the UK, so all times and dates on the booking page are displayed in Greenwich Mean Time.

How much: Classes start from £12
Class type: Live stream
: www.barrys.com/booking-international

Paid Online Fitness Classes With Free Trials

Best Online Classes Flye FItness Health Fitness

FLYE Fitness

Best for: Cardio-based dance workouts

Put your dancing shoes on because FLYE Fitness is here with some killer mixes! Featuring tunes from around the world, FLYE’s dance cardio and HIIT classes allow you to host energetic (and socially distanced) dance parties at home. These classes are perfect if you’re looking to lower body fat and improve your cardiovascular system. Even better, the 12-week programme comes with a Program Guide and tools for you to easily track your fitness progress.

How much: Unlimited access to classes is $298.88 per month; head here for your free seven-day trial
Class type: Live stream and on-demand
6656 1607info@flyefitnessasia.com, flyefitness.uscreen.io/join

PURE Fitness & Yoga

Best for: An all-rounded fitness training program

As one of the leading fitness studios in Hong Kong, PURE Fitness is here to offer a variety of online classes suitable for every taste and ability. With 220 classes to choose from every week, rest assured there’s something for everyone. If you’re new to PURE, don’t miss the PURECAST seven-day trial offer, which includes a selection of live-streamed yoga and fitness classes, along with expert talks.

How much: $188 for two weeks of PURECAST subscription
Class types: Live stream and on-demand
: www.pure-fitness.com/hongkong

Best Online Classes F45 TST Health Fitness


Best for: High-energy workout sessions

Known for its motivating instructors and high-energy workout sessions, F45 TST is here with an online training programme to train muscles you didn’t even know existed. Before each session you’ll receive daily motivational quotes and fun facts to help you get mentally prepared. The best part? If you find the movements too easy or intense, you can easily modify them to suit your fitness level.

How much: Membership starts from $658 per week; head here for your free trial
Class type: Live stream
: f45training.hk/tsimshatsui

Alo Moves

Best for: Yoga, HIIT and daily meditations

Join the Alo community and sign up for some fun (and seriously aesthetic) online fitness classes. Classes are sorted by time, style and skill level, making it perfect for those who know exactly what kind of training they’re looking for. From sculpting your body or improving your flexibility, you’ll witness your body and mind transform as you continue to do those bicycle crunches and chaturangas with Alo’s instructors.

How much: Monthly membership is USD$20; yearly membership is USD$199 per year; head here for your 14-day free trial
Class type: On-demand
: www.alomoves.com


Best for: Yoga, meditation and Pilates

From a five-minute mindfulness stretch to an hour-long Pilates session, Glo is perfect for Hong Kongers who are trying to fit fitness into their busy schedules. Apart from single lessons, you’ll also find expert-led fitness courses to guide you through a handstand or basic breath-work. Although there are over 4,000 classes to choose from, the website will generate personalised recommendations based on your fitness level and preferences.

How much: Monthly membership is USD$18; head here for your free trial
Class type: On-demand
: www.glo.com

Free Online Fitness Classes

Best Online Classes Lululemon Health Fitness


Best for: Yoga and Pilates

Time to show off those cute Align High-Rise leggings because Lululemon is here with a series of free online fitnesses classes on its website and YouTube. For those in need of a mid-day stretch, check out the 15-minute desk stretches class to relax those muscles while you take a break from work; or, if you’re looking to build some leg muscles, try out the 20-minute power yoga class. Time to whip out those yoga blocks and get ready for that downward facing dog.

How much: Free
Class type: On-demand 
: 8009 06220, gec@lululemon.com.hk, www.lululemon.com.hk

Orangetheory Fitness

Best for: Cardio and bodyweight exercises

Looking for a workout that’ll leave you with the good kind of muscle pain the next morning? From body endurance to agility training, Orangetheory Fitness offers a variety of free 50-minute workout classes online, so you can workout wherever you are!

How much: Free
Class type: On-demand 
: www.orangetheory.com

Nike Training Club

Best for: Tailor-made fitness training and nutritional plans

Trying to build a personalised fitness program (and some muscles)? From 28-day workout plans to a quick 15-minute stretch, NTC offers programs for everyone, including fitness veterans and workout newbies. This app is also great for those who are interested in learning proper recovery techniques and nutritional knowledge.

How much: Free
Class type: On-demand 
: www.nike.com/ntc-app

Featured image courtesy of Getty, image 1 courtesy of H-Kore via Facebook, image 2 courtesy of FLYE Fitness via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of F45 Training via Facebook, image 4 courtesy of Lululemon via Facebook. 

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