26 April, 2023
Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor
Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor
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Top Candle Shops In Hong Kong: Scented Candles, Diffusers & More

26 April, 2023
Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor

If you’re like us and have a shelf stocked full of scented candles, hop on board. These Hong Kong candle shops and home fragrance stores are wick-ed!

Did you know that our sense of smell is strongly linked to our mood (you know that feeling of walking past a stranger with really good perfume)? That’s one of the many reasons we’re hoarders of scented candles and home diffusers — they instantly lighten up the scene (metaphorically and literally!). That said, shopping for candles can be a tad bit overwhelming with all the endless choices available, so we’ve tried and tested all of the following local and international candle brands in Hong Kong. Call us candle connoisseurs, if you will!

Sassy Tip: Know your candles! Compared to paraffin wax, soy wax and beeswax burn for longer and emit less soot (it’s more eco-friendly!), they also don’t drip as much (keeping your surface clean and tidy) nor release toxins, making it safer to inhale.

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Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: The Blomstre

The Blomstre – Handcrafted soy wax candles, fragrance sprays and essential oils

Affordable, toxin-free candles locally made by a husband and wife duo. The Blomstre aims to spotlight modern Filipino artisanal heritage and its beautifully packaged Hong Kong Centric Soy Candles make the perfect Hong Kong souvenirs!

The Blomstrevarious stockists across Hong Kong, theblomstre.com

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Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: The Wax Can

The Wax Can – Eccentric scented candles that each come with a Spotify playlist

Looking for an unconventional scent that’s also reminiscent of Hong Kong? The Wax Can has everything from Tuen Mun Ferry Pier to School Picnic In Fall (so nostalgic for Hong Kong-raised kids!) and Iced Lemon Tea. The fun doesn’t stop there — shop its collection of linen sprays and have your room smelling like bubble tea!

The Wax Can, various stockists across Hong Kong, 6318 4902, thewaxcan.com

Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: Diptyque

diptyque – The perfect candle and home fragrance option for gifting or spoiling yourself

Founded in 1961, this luxury French brand has stood the test of time with its range of fragrances, scented candles, home scents and body care. The best part? Its iconic packaging can be reused as a home decor item (we personally love using it as a mini vase!). 

diptyquevarious locations across Hong Kong, www.diptyqueparis.com

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Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: The Woodco

Woodco – Homegrown candle shop with coconut and soy wax candles

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Woodco’s candles come in three different (but all practical and long-lasting) sizes and we love its compact collection of scents that make shopping here a breeze. Once your calming companion has run out, you can bring in empty candle holders and have the scent of your choice refilled to the brim (how thoughtful is that?)!

Woodco, various stockists across Hong Kong, www.thisiswoodco.com

The Candle Company – Luxurious yet affordable candles and candle refills

The candles here start as low as $50 for its travel-size collection and its glorious four-wick candles are such a steal! Can’t get enough? Get its annual candle subscription that spoils you with a year’s supply of beeswax-scented jar candles (meaning one new scent each month)!

The Candle Company, 11 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2545 0099, www.candles.hk

Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: BeCandle

BeCandle – Local candle shop also stocking aroma incense and room sprays

Proudly and locally batched in Sai Kung, BeCandle’s small batch scented candles actually fill the room with its scent. We often get lost trying to pick just one to bring home so opt to buy multiple of its travel-size candles (they last longer than you’d expect!).

Sassy Tip: You can subscribe to BeCandle’s refill plan for door-to-door delivery of a whole new batch of candles (any containers welcome).

BeCandle, various stockists across Hong Kong, 6696 9839www.becandle.com.hk

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Carroll&Chan – Eco-friendly candles with a Hong Kong twist

A favourite of ours for both eco-friendly candles and matching reed diffusers, Carroll&Chan is a fantastic local brand to know for all things home fragrance. All of its 100 percent beeswax candles are made by hand in Hong Kong and if that wasn’t enough, the packaging is plastic-free and features original artwork created by local designers!

Carroll&Chan, various stockists across Hong Kong, www.carrollandchan.com

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The Hubble Studio – Skin-safe candles that double as a massage oil

Ever heard of skincare candles before? Handmade and hand-poured in Hong Kong, the candles triple as a massage oil, body balm and scented candle. You can scrape the wax and directly apply to your skin or burn it for 30 minutes and cool for a couple of minutes and use it as a massage oil. Do note that it’s not safe to use on the face.

The Hubble Studiowww.thehubblestudio.com

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Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: Rituals

Rituals – A go-to candles and home fragrance store in Hong Kong

From its packaging to its luxurious scents and collections, Rituals just screams opulence but you’ll be surprised to find its affordable price tag! A staple across many Hong Kong homes, shop its range of heavenly scented candles, room sprays and fragrance sticks – all of which are perfect for gifting as well.

Rituals, various locations across Hong Kong, www.rituals.com

Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: Thorn & Burrow

Thorn & Burrow – Shop a wide range of candle collections from across the globe

We’d (and we have!) spend an entire afternoon at Thorn & Burrow browsing its extensive range of scented candles sourced from fragrance brands across the globe. After sniffing through its entire collection, we took home the Kin Candle, Eco Candle and Hygge Candle, all of which were loved by anyone that came over (just FYI!).

Thorn & Burrow, 1/F, 30 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 9840 3886 

Thorn & Burrow, 1/F, 22 Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong (inside Live Zero Bulk Foods), 9848 8437, www.thornandburrow.com

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Yankee Candle – Shop candle scents like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Yankee Candle is arguably one of the most widely-recognised brands in the world. Who hasn’t liked an aesthetic influencer flat lay on Instagram featuring the candle in all its glory? In addition to candles, there’s also a selection of room sprays, diffusers and car fresheners to get your hands on!

Yankee Candle, various locations across Hong Kong at Purely, hk.purelyfragrances.com

Candle Shops Hong Kong Home Fragrance Home & Decor: Bath & Body Works

More Candle Shops And Home Fragrance Stores In Hong Kong

  • Aesop – Long-lasting room sprays and candles that linger for hours. www.aesop.com
  • Bath & Body Works – A wide range of scented candles. Think sweet, citrusy, woody and everything in between. www.bathandbodyworks.hk
  • Castelbel – A range of deluxe home (and body!) fragrances hand-crafted in Portugal. www.castelbel.hk
  • The Floristry – Shop all-natural room sprays, hand-poured soy wax candles and decorative pillar candles. www.the-floristry.com
  • IKEA – Fuss-free and affordable tea candles, candle holders and more. www.ikea.com.hk
  • Indigo Living – Affordably-priced candles crafted specially from a blend of mineral and botanical waxes to achieve that perfect burn. www.indigo-living.com
  • Jo Malone – Lust-worthy candles, body lotion, room sprays, diffusers and more. www.jomalone.com.hk
  • kapok – Spotlighting independent international candle brands as well as local candle brands. www.ka-pok.com
  • Le Labo – Fresh hand-blended bottle, complete with a personalised, apothecary-inspired label just for you. www.lelabofragrances.com

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Main image courtesy of Ellie Ellien via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of The BLOMSTRE via Facebook, image 2 courtesy of The Wax Can via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of diptyque via Facebook, image 4 courtesy of Woodco candles via Facebook, image 5 courtesy of BeCandle via Facebook, image 6 courtesy of Rituals, image 7 courtesy of Thorn and Burrow via Facebook, image 8 courtesy of Bath & Body Works Hong Kong via Facebook

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