15 March, 2021
Cook Like A Pro: Brioche French Toast, Bakehouse
Cook Like A Pro: Brioche French Toast, Bakehouse

Cook Like A Pro: Brioche French Toast From Bakehouse

15 March, 2021
Cook Like A Pro: Brioche French Toast, Bakehouse

Skip the queue and enjoy Grégoire Michaud’s Brioche French Toast from the comfort of home.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now it’s about to be the most delicious too thanks to this indulgent Brioche French Toast recipe from Bakehouse’s Grégoire Michaud. Think thick-sliced buttery brioche enveloped in an eggy, creamy custard garnished with cinnamon, berries, maple syrup and jam. Not only does it look impressive (Sunday brunch ‘gram, check!), it’s also one of the easiest brunch dishes to put together. Low effort, high reward? Sign us up!

Ahead, Bakehouse’s Grégoire Michaud shares his recipe for Brioche French Toast. Rest assured, it’s Hong Kong-kitchen friendly and suitable for beginners!

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Grégoire Michaud

I grew up eating French toast for breakfast on a regular basis because it was never an option to discard old bread. We had it for breakfast, but also in its plain version as a side dish with our garden vegetable soup. Growing up in the countryside inspired a lot of my dishes and creations.

Grégoire Michaud

Back home we treat French toast as sweet or savoury – you can serve it without the sugar and add fried egg, bacon and maple syrup instead.

Cook Like A Pro: Brioche French Toast, Bakehouse

Brioche French Toast

Sassy Tip: No oven? No worries. Head down to Bakehouse to pick yourself up a fresh loaf of brioche.


For the brioche

25g sugar
250g butter
350g egg yolks (from approximately 19 eggs)
25g salt
145ml (or 150g) fresh milk
980g bread flour
25g instant dry yeast

For the French toast

30ml whole milk
150ml full fat cream
2 large eggs
A pinch of salt
Cinnamon and/or sugar (for serving)
Your choice of toppings (berries, maple syrup, jam etc.)


To make the brioche

  • Knead all ingredients together to form a smooth dough. The dough should be nicely extensible.
  • Let the dough rest for 1 hour in a covered container.
  • Shape dough into a long log and place in a rectangular mould.
  • Allow the dough to proof for about 45 minutes.
  • Apply egg wash to the top of the dough and score the top with a knife.
  • Bake for about 30 minutes at 185°C.

To make the French toast

  • Combine all ingredients into a well-mixed batter.
  • Cut brioche into slices (about an inch thick).
  • Prepare frying pan with a bit of butter and/or olive oil.
  • Dip a slice of brioche into the batter for about 10 seconds, holding it submerged.
  • Drain the excess liquid and fry the toast on low to medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes on each side until golden brown. Repeat for remaining brioche slices.
  • To serve, dust with cinnamon and/or sugar, and garnish with your choice of toppings.

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All images courtesy of Bakehouse.

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