Love Hair: Our Favourite Eco-Hair Salon in Central

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I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited Love Hair, and after eventually finding the right ’99 Wellington Street’ (as a lucky number, there are quite a few 99 Wellington Streets with this address!), I was surprised to find a light, bright space in a old Chinese building. Big windows and soft, natural colours instantly make you feel calm, and I loved the decor details like the reclaimed wood shelving, eco-flooring and scattering of plants.

Love Hair differs from many other Hong Kong salons as it focuses on using more natural products and reducing its carbon footprint as a business. So not only are the products healthier for your hair (we’re talking ammonia, PPD, paraben, sulphate, sodium chloride and cruelty free) but the salon also uses locally filtered water, recycles all glass, metal, plastic and paper, has eco-water taps in the shampoo basins and even serves wine from sustainable farms!

And it’s not just the eco-conscious approach that make this salon different. The team are seriously talented and there is a feeling of community, with regular staff training sessions so everyone can stay on top of the trends.

I was lucky enough to stop by for a dry styling session before I attended a charity gala, and even though I was in a rush, Toni and her team managed to give me the perfect look (those dreamy soft curls that I can never achieve myself with my straight hair!). These quick dry styling sessions are affordable and are ideal for a post-work refresh before dinner, or as an easy solution for that big event when you want something more special. I’m completely sold when it comes to this little gem of a salon and would recommend any of my friends to try it out!


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Despite my very best attempts, humidity and my hair have never been the best of friends. Sadly, my love for the balmy HK climate is dampened by my perpetually curly/frizzy/who knows what the heck is going on there hair. So when Love Hair offered up a potential solution to all of this, I was more than eager to give it a go!

The bhave smoothe keratin therapy has taken Australia by storm and has now, luckily for us, made its way over to HK shores. Unlike the harsh chemical straightening treatments I have always avoided, it does not reconstruct the hair but the natural keratin protein claims to leave it feeling silky smooth and much more manageable.

The treatment first involves a wash and blow dry, with the smoothe system serum then ‘painted’ onto the hair in layers. The serum is then left on for around 80 minutes to allow for the keratin to bind with the hair, before it is then washed again. Then follows another blow dry and full straightening of the hair, as heat is needed to activate the smoothing qualities of the keratin. I was pleasantly surprised to see how smooth my hair was after just the blow dry, and I left the salon armed with aftercare shampoo and conditioner and the instruction to not wash my hair for 48 hours.

I deliberately didn’t have too much planned over the course of the next couple of days, as the treatment does leave your hair feeling like it needs a good clean. Once my 48 hours was up, I washed, blow-dried and straightened my hair as normal, though it was clear that my hair was already much easier to style. Now my hair not only stays smooth and frizz-free on the muggiest of days, but it feels so much healthier than it did before the treatment.

Depending on hair type and if cared for properly the treatment can last up to five months! At $2,400 per treatment, it’s well worth the cost considering the huge improvements I’ve seen already. The bhave treatment is an absolute must for those of us wanting to kick frizz to the curb… Rosie: 1, Humidity: 0.

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I first heard about Love Hair after seeing a friend’s awesome ombre colouring and thought I had to try it for myself! I went in with some blonde highlights that just weren’t doing it for me anymore and decided to go all dark. Toni (my stylist and the owner) was amazing and helped me picked out a great colour that would cover up the blonde and also compliment my skin tone.

The whole environment of the salon was completely relaxed and the head massage during the shampooing was out of this world! After all was said and done, I was so happy with the final colour and how glossy it made my hair look! I have been back twice since and am completely hooked.

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