Best Apps For Meditation, Mindfulness & Mental Health

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Best for: Night Owls

Award-winning Calm aims to make the world a happier and healthier place. The app has been downloaded over 50 million times, boasts 700,000+ 5-star reviews and has even been crowned the “world’s happiest app”. There are a huge variety of guided and unguided meditations available on the app, but what we really love is Calm’s commitment to helping us catch better zzz’s. Choose between sleep casts, nature sounds and ASMR content, or settle down to one of the many bedtime stories. There’s even one read to you by Matthew McConaughey – sweet dreams!

Cost: Free basic version; Premium version at $543 per year
Find it here: Apple Store and Google Play

2 / 10

10% Happier

Best for: Skeptics

Once named “Least Annoying Meditation App”, here’s an option that will help you sleep better, find relaxation and, well, be 10% happier. Based on the book by the same name, 10% Happier is perfect for the skeptic who isn’t sure about the life-changing power of meditation. Browse the library of over 500 guided sessions on topics ranging from anxiety and stress to parenting and sleep, and find out more about the science behind mindfulness through interviews with notable meditation practitioners.

Cost: Free basic version; Premium version at $768 per year
Where To Find: 
Apple Store and Google Play

3 / 10


Best for: Beginners

Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps out there. Between its soothing guided meditations, cute animations and user-friendly interface, it’s a great option if you’re just starting your meditation journey. Headspace offers hundreds of guided sessions as well as short explanatory videos. There’s a meditation for everything from mindful parenting, managing loneliness and mental fitness to addressing a lack of motivation, insomnia and even a fear of flying. At over $700 a year it’s not cheap, but you don’t have to commit straight away – the free version includes a guided 10-day beginners course, and you can get a great feel for the app on their YouTube account.

Cost: Free basic version; Premium version usually at $743 per year, currently 40% off!
Find it here: Apple Store and Google Play

4 / 10


Best for: (Mental) Fitness Fanatics

Mindshine promises short-term hacks for long-term, positive mind-set change. Commit to one of the month-long training plans to truly master your mental fitness. Whether your goal is to become more resilient, boost your confidence, spark your creativity or even become a better athlete, Mindshine’s science-based programmes take just 10 minutes every day and feature fun, simple science-based exercises that encourage you to dig a little deeper. If you need extra motivation, the fun graphics and pleasing colour scheme make this app a joy to return to on a daily basis.

Cost: Free
Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

5 / 10


Best for: Individualists

Created by meditation teachers and therapists, Aura offers individualised content thanks to its clever AI-algorithm. The app begins by asking you how you’re feeling, and will suggest personalised content based on your answer. Meditations are just three, seven or 10-minutes long, which means you can find a little inner peace and harmony anytime, anywhere. With its incredible range of nature and sleep soundscapes, this is also one app that’s worth enjoying with a good set of headphones!

Cost: $736 per year
Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

6 / 10


Best for: Data-driven people

Happify is your science-backed fast-track to a good mood. Aiming to improve overall well-being and happiness, the makers of this app use innovative technology and science to empower us to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Wondering how that works? From engaging games and activity suggestions to gratitude prompts and more, Happify encourages you to train your brain just like you would train any other muscle in your body. The best part? Its free!

Cost: Free
Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

7 / 10

Simple Habit

Best for: Busy bees

Simple Habit is all about achieving quietude in as little as five minutes, which means it’s the perfect app for busy schedules. But short doesn’t always mean generalised: to get an idea of the sheer variety of meditation topics available on Simple Habit, just browse the website. Whether you’re going through a breakup, have a big event coming up or are looking to approach sex with a more mindful attitude, there’s a five-minute meditation for it.

Cost: Free for a month; Premium version at $770 per year
Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

8 / 10


Best for: Journalers

The makers of Moodfit believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mental wellbeing, which is why they’ve developed an app that offers easily customisable tools and trackers. Ever wonder how work calls, walking the dog or meeting new people impacts your mood? Are you taking medication or going to therapy and want to keep track of how this is affecting you? Run your own experiments by tracking custom variables and keep a record of what works best for you. In addition, you’ll find gratitude practices, sleep exercises and breathing techniques as well as weekly reviews to help you recognise trends.

Cost: Free
Where To Find: Apple Store

9 / 10

Smiling Mind

Best for: Educators

Smiling Mind is an Australian not-for-profit with a goal to help make future generations happier and healthier through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Working from the knowledge that half of all mental illness has its onset by the age of 12, a large part of the app’s offering if focused towards kids. Educators will find value in the detailed mindfulness curriculums designed to be used in classrooms: Whether you’re teaching Primary Year 1 or Secondary Year 10-12, you’ll find 20 modules and 60+ session plans available on the app. In addition to its incredible classroom content, Smiling Mind also offers meditations for families, work, relationships, sport, commuting and sleep. And – crikey! – it’s completely free.

Cost: Free
Where To Find: Apple Store

10 / 10


Best for: Social butterflies

Like many mindfulness and mental health apps, Sanvello offers guided meditations and progress trackers. But what really makes this app stand out is its community aspect: users can share their own experiences and connect with others in safe and supportive chat groups, which are categorised by topics such as ‘Work Stress’, ‘COVID-19 Caregivers’, ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and many more. If chat groups aren’t your cup of tea, Sanvello also offers 1-on-1 or group messaging and video sessions with professional therapists to help cheer you on in your journey towards mental wellbeing.

Cost: Free basic version; Premium version usually at $426 per year, but currently free!
Where To Find: Apple Store and Google Play

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