26 January, 2017
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Dating in Hong Kong: Ideas for Any Occasion

26 January, 2017
neon heart on the wall

Date Night Inspiration for all Budgets!


Every girl (or guy’s!) idea of a perfect date is different. Whether you prefer over-the-top romance, chilled back vibes, or something totally out there and unique, an amazing date is hard to come by and not something anyone’s going to be forgetting in a hurry.

So if you’re looking to suite and boot for a special occasion or just on the hunt for a couple of great first date ideas, we asked the girls in the Sassy office for their top picks…

First Dates:

yumcha hong kong

Ah, the first date… something you’re either over excited for or completely dreading (with no middle ground!). Whether you’re doing the planning or the one who’s being wooed, why not try one of our fun first date ideas; you never know what it may lead to…

Take a class…

A class for a first date is a great way to break the ice and cover up any potentially awkward situations. HK has so many on offer, from cooking to dancing and just about everything in between, but we love the sound of the Private Dim Sum Cooking Class at Yum Cha. I mean, who doesn’t love dim sum!? So even if the date itself is a flop, you can at least come away with a full belly and a new skill!

Alternatively, flex your creative muscles and try out a workshop with The Crafties. They offer all sorts, from jewellery making to leather work and even crochet. Check out their website or Facebook page for upcoming events!

Or for something a little more chilled…

Sometimes first dates are nerve wracking enough without the added pressures of showing off your skills! So, if you’re looking for a more laid back vibe with some low-key romance; why not book tickets to a rooftop cinema? Bond over your mutual love of a good old action flick, or get soppy watching a rom-com; HK always has loads on offer, so check out Hush Up to see what’s coming up.

Living in the 852, another option for a super chilled first date can always be a trip the beach! Head down to your favourite spot with a couple of cold drinks, throw a barbecue and take a sunset stroll. The way to a girls heart can be that easy!

Special Occasion Dates:

champagne and breakfast

So you’ve gotten past the first date, the second’s been and gone, and now you’re a couple of years down the line and struggling to think of new and exciting things to do for those special occasions… ringing any wedding bells? Whether it’s for a big birthday, an anniversary or a celebration, we’ve got you covered with some amazing ideas to really wow your S.O!

Try a staycation…

If you’ve run out of holiday days or just don’t have the time to take a whole week out of your busy schedules, a staycation is a great way to feel like you’ve escaped the madness of the city and gotten a little alone time, without the hassle of actually having to leave Honkers!

HK has many amazing hotels to choose from, so it’s not hard to enjoy a luxury getaway right on your doorstep. Some of our top picks here at Sassy are the Mandarin Oriental’s Weekend Retreat or the Island Shangri-La, but wherever you choose to go, make sure to spend some serious time in the spa (a must for any staycation!).

For the more outdoorsy types, how about sleeping under the stars with your loved one and organise a camping weekend (try Lantau or Tai Long Wan) for a totally secluded and different kind of escape.

And with Macau just a ferry ride away, book into a hotel for a night and enjoy some time away from it all, with an evening out (be sure to check out a show whilst you’re there!) Alternatively, you can just hop over the water for a day trip and be back in the 852 by nighttime (another one of the many perks of this magical city of ours!) Check out our post for plenty of other fun ideas for what to do in Macau.

Take a peek at some of our other fave staycations here!

Unique Dinner Ideas:

There’s often nothing better than a truly amazing dinner out, but again, with busy schedules (and the ease of foodpanda!) it’s easy to fall into a routine, with many less than memorable meals eaten in a hurry; so a special occasion is the perfect time to try somewhere truly memorable.

Hutong view

Hutong serves up amazing Chinese food, has an incredible view of the Hong Kong skyline and beautiful décor, so it’s definitely somewhere to go for a special night out. It’s one of our favourite picks for brunch, but in the evening the place really comes alive, set-back against the glittery lights of HK reflected onto the sea – it makes for a really special view! Take the Aqua Luna from Central to TST before your meal and enjoy a drink on the water for an extra, unique treat.

Alternatively (if your home is big enough!) why not hire your very own private chef to come and cook for you? Invisible Kitchen is an amazing option for a unique evening in, giving you the full VIP experience and creating a memorable evening for you both. Team it with an at home massage from Xi Shi Wellbeing for an incredible pamper-sesh, leaving you both relaxed and de-stressed.

Or Blow the budget…

aerial view of hong kong

Alternatively, really go all out and blow the budget with a once-in-a-lifetime Helicopter Tour of Honkers. See the city we all know and love from a totally new perspective, for an incredible and unforgettable treat. (Just make sure your S.O. isn’t afraid of heights!)

Something totally different…

In our quest for perfect date ideas, we also couldn’t help but throw a couple of wacky suggestions into the mix. So for a first date, a special occasion or just for something different to do on your Friday night, check out some of our interesting picks…

bubble football

Bubble Football (or Soccer to some of you!) is a must try. It’s essentially a game of football, but you play wearing bubble suits, so that you can tackle and bump into each other, making any falls (somewhat) cushioned! There’s even some Bubble Football speed dating events out there, so keep your eyes peeled, girls, for a date with a real difference!

Or for a unique dining out experience, be sure to try out Alchemy – a restaurant offering up delicious food and cocktails with a twist – you’re immersed in total darkness! A must try for foodies wanted to try something new, or for an out there first date; it’s what inside that counts after all, isn’t it?

Phew! That’s quite a lot of dates to get through, girls, but if you’re in need of some extra inspo, check out some more of our unique date ideas in our post here!

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