21 December, 2022
Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On
Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On
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10 Unique And Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong

21 December, 2022
Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On

From squid fishing to Insta-worthy sunflower fields, don’t miss these unique things to do in Hong Kong.

Think you’ve seen and done it all in Hong Kong? Think again. Our city may be small, but it boasts a plethora of quirky and unusual encounters, including squid fishing, cemetery tours and more. So, what are you waiting for? Skip the brunch and junk this coming weekend and embark on one of these unique things to do in Hong Kong instead (a number of these are definitely Insta-worthy). Who knows, in doing so you might just get to know our home in a whole new light.

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Harbour Secrets Murder Mystery Games

Gather your friends and transform your usual dinner party into a thrilling murder mystery with Harbour Secrets! Games include traditional role-play murder mysteries where each guest plays a specific character (for groups of 8-25) and immersive detective games with plenty of twists and turns (great for larger groups of 25+). Their latest storyline will take you to the glitz and glam theme of the Roaring 1920s. Or try their new adventurous city scavenger hunts around Hong Kong where you look for clues to solve a crime (for groups of 1-6). Book Harbour Secrets events for your next party: it will be an evening to die for!

Sassy Perk Pink

Use code WhodunnitSASSY to get 10% off bookings for Neon Nights, Roaring House or Cityscape. Valid until Saturday, 1 April, 2023.

Harbour Secrets, 6469 6807, [email protected], Faceboook: Harbour Secrets, Instagram: @harboursecrets, www.harboursecrets.com

Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: Alpaca Farm

Pet And Feed Alpacas

Alpacas in Hong Kong? If you haven’t heard already, we do in fact have them! The four at Go Green Organic Farm hail from Australia and are absolutely adorable. When we visited, we saw the staff attend to them well and with care. Entry into the farm costs $150 for adults and an extra $80 per person to enter the alpaca enclosure and feed them.

Sassy Tip: Go Green Organic Farm is also known for its pineapples grown on-site, so be sure to sample some fresh pineapple and try the homemade pineapple ice-cream while you’re there!

Go Green Organic Farm, Sze Tai Shek, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong, 5579 2178www.gogreenlife.com.hk

Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: Cup Noodle Museum Hong Kong

CUPNOODLES Museum Hong Kong

Japan may be a little out of reach right now, but at least Hong Kong now has its own CUPNOODLES MUSEUM! You can design your cup and fill it with your favourite soup base and toppings. With four soup bases and 12 different toppings to choose from, there is a total of 5,460 possible flavour combinations!

CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong, Shop 26-35, 2/F, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3406 6600, www.cupnoodles-museum.com.hk

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Take A Selfie With Sunflowers At San Tin Farm

Looking for a new photo opportunity? Head over to San Tin Sunflower Farm in Yuen Long, which is known for opening up its Insta-worthy flower farm every summer for the public to enjoy. The blooms here are sourced from Japan and the Netherlands, and can grow to be up to 10 feet tall! Entry into the farm is $10, while access to the flower field is $60.

San Tin Farm, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong, 9252 4348, www.facebook.com/SanTinSunflowerFarmHongKong

Spend The Evening Squid Fishing

Believe it or not, squid fishing is a popular pastime for many locals in Hong Kong. It’s a great way to while away an evening with friends, complete with sea breeze and relaxed ocean vibes. As well as sorting out the boat and fishing equipment, the team at Sea-E-O Boating will cook your freshly caught spoils onboard straight away so you can have a seafood feast before you head back to shore.

Sea-E-O Boating, 5489 4061, www.sea-e-o.hk

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Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: A La Carte Cemetery Tour

Walk With Ghosts In This Happy Valley Cemeteries Tour

Calling all true crime and history buffs, this one’s for you. In this eccentric tour by Hong Kong A La Carte, guests will have the chance to visit several cemeteries across Happy Valley in order to learn a little more about the famous names who made Hong Kong the city it is today. Expect plenty of fascinating anecdotes and facts along the way covering Hong Kong’s rich history, from the Opium Wars all the way to the Handover. Head here to book your tour.

Hong Kong A La Carte, 2798 9828, www.hkalacarte.com

Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: Saiyuen

Spend The Night At Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Stretched over 11 acres of land on the southwestern tip of Cheung Chau is Saiyuen Adventure Park, a unique destination offering themed camping facilities and plenty of outdoor activities. Take a step out of your comfort zone and take on the challenging tree top canopy course, or try your hand at cooking in the wild. As for sleeping arrangements, look beyond the typical tent and stay the night in a bubble dome, Native American-style teepee, Mongolian Ger, tree cocoon or African safari tent.

Saiyuen Adventure Park, DD CC Lot 12, Sai Wan, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, 2981 1010, WhatsApp: 5532 1993www.saiyuen.com

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Harvest A Pearl And Make Your Own Jewellery

They don’t call Hong Kong the Pearl of the Orient for nothing. In fact, situated just minutes away from Hebe Haven in Sai Kung is the Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association, Hong Kong’s only pearl farm. Here you can discover the 4,000-year-old history of pearls and join a three-hour pearl accessory making workshop ($720) where you can learn how to shuck, harvest and grade your own pearl before turning it into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Head here to book.

Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association, Ma Nam Way, Sai Kung, 6978 8050, en.hkpearlca.com

Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: Mahjong Workshop

Join A Mahjong Class For Beginners

Known for running off-the-beaten-path cultural and foodie tours around the city, Humid with a Chance of Fishballs Tours also hosts beginner mahjong lessons! Get ready to learn how to “pong”, “chow” and “sik-wu” with private lessons on both Hong Kong/Cantonese-style mahjong and Taiwanese-style mahjong, which run over the course of two lessons (2.5 hours each lesson).

Humid with a Chance of Fishballs Tours, WhatsApp: 3916 7664www.humidwithachanceoffishballs.com

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Unique Thing To Do In Hong Kong Whats On: Qi Pao Rental And Photoshoot

Qi Pao Rental And Photography

Celebrate Hong Kong’s heritage and pretend you’re in the set of an old Hong Kong film with a qi pao and cheongsam rental that comes with a photoshoot and a walking tour all under two hours! The rental is inclusive of hairstyling, handbags and accessories, you just need to bring yourself (and some shoes and makeup if needed!). The walking tour will take you around Lascar Row, Man Mo Temple, Ladder Street and more photo-friendly spots in the vicinity.

Book your photoshoots and qi pao rentals here.

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Editor’s Note: “Unique And Unusual Things To Do In Hong Kong” was originally published by Jess Ng and most recently updated in December 2o22 by Fashila Kanakka.

Main image courtesy of Getty, image 1 courtesy of 有機薈低碳農莊 Go Green Organic Farm via Facebook, image 2 courtesy of CUPNOODLES Museum Hong Kong, image 3 courtesy of Hong Kong A La Carte, image 4 courtesy of Saiyuen 長洲西園 via Facebook, image 5 courtesy of Humid with a Chance of Fishballs via Facebook, image 6 courtesy of Klook. Harbour Secrets Murder Mystery Games image courtesy of Anna Koustas Photography

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