7 May, 2024
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shaded hikes main image
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The Best Shaded Hikes In Hong Kong

7 May, 2024
shaded hikes main image

If shaded hikes in Hong Kong are what you’re after, we’ve rounded up the best in-shade trails and treks to keep you out of the sun.

Though Hong Kong has a wealth of hiking trails to offer, sometimes the heat can be too much to bear, making even the shortest of hikes feel like a trek. Fortunately, our city is made up of both concrete and real jungle with plenty of shaded hiking trails to keep you cool. So if the prospect of finishing your hike drenched in sweat (or real pools) doesn’t appeal to you, why not have a go at these shaded hikes that give you all the beauty of Hong Kong’s landscape, minus the scorching heat?

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shaded hikes the peak circle walk

The Peak Circle Walk — Stunning 360° views on Hong Kong Island

Famed for its breathtaking skyline, the sprawling mass of Hong Kong can only really be appreciated from above, which is more than feasible given the city’s mountainous terrain. Victoria Peak or The Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and provides a stunning view of Victoria Harbour. The path itself is sheltered by plenty of trees so you should be able to come out of the hike looking fresh, not flushed! For all night owls, the trail can also be enjoyed in the evenings, when the panorama of Hong Kong comes alive with dazzling luminosity.

Getting there: For the scenic route up, take the Peak Tram, which can be accessed via the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus. This is a short walk away from Exit J2 of Central MTR Station. Another option would be bus number 15 via Central Exchange Square or minibus 1 from Hong Kong MTR Station, both of which terminate at the Peak.
Trail Distance: 3.5km
Hike Duration: Around 1.5 hours
Getting home: The trail is a loop and will take you back to the starting point near the Peak Tower; so you can return home the same way you arrived. Alternatively, there are also taxis situated in the public transport terminus.

shaded hikes blacks link

Blacks Link — Gradual uphill and downhill path near Central

The Blacks Link trail links Wan Chai Gap with Wong Nai Chung Gap. The trail itself is made up of a long uphill path, which then gradually descends again. The hike offers beautiful views of Ocean Park, Happy Valley Racecourse and Central — all whilst being sheltered from the penetrating rays! Towards the beginning of the path are some very stunning houses (just in case admiring expensive property is your thing). If you have extra energy left, at the end of the trail, there’s a playground with a pagoda and a kiosk selling snacks. All in all, a perfect way to spend a Sunday with family and friends!

Getting there: Take a taxi there from Central, which would take around 15 minutes. Simply tell the taxi driver to go to Blacks Link (布力徑/Bo Lik Ging in Cantonese) — you should be able to recognise the start of the hike by signposts saying “Black’s Link”. The hike itself is very easy; simply follow the signs directing you towards Wan Chai Gap.
Trail Distance: 3.5km
Hike Duration: 1 hour
Getting home: Simply hail a taxi back to Central or wherever it is you need to go. It might be easiest to head to Central first and then take the bus or MTR back home.

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shaded hikes mount high west trail

Mount High West — Leg-Burning shaded hike in Kennedy Town

Ready to tackle a hike that’ll reward you with some of the city’s most jaw-dropping views? Set your sights on Mount High West, an alternative to Victoria Peak that delivers sweeping vistas of western Victoria Harbour, Lamma Island, and even Tai Mo Shan. Now, this shaded trail is a bit of a leg-burner, with roughly 2,000 steps to conquer, but trust us — the payoff is well worth the effort. Plus, it’s a family and pet-friendly trek, so the whole gang can get in on the action. Winding through the lush, densely forested Lung Fu Shan Country Park, this hike has a way of making you feel like you’ve escaped the city altogether.

Sassy Tip: Visit on a clear day (low pollution levels) without the dreaded Hong Kong smog, so you can fully take in those breathtaking 360-degree panoramas at the summit.

Getting there: From Kennedy Town MTR Station, Exit B, simply head right and follow Rock Hill Street until you reach the corner before Sands Street. There, you’ll find an elevator and a short flight of steps, leading you to the start of the trail.
Trail Distance: 3km
Hike Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Getting home: To return, you can either continue towards the Peak Galleria via the Morning Trail or retrace the 2,000 steps back down to Kennedy Town or Shek Tong Tsui via the Treacherous Trail.

shaded hikes Sir Cecil's Ride

Sir Cecil’s Ride — Easy shaded trail in Tai Tam

This hike starts at Mount Butler Road and ends at the Braemar Hill shopping centre. While the shaded trail is not difficult, it consists of some steps and rocky segments, so packing enough water is worth it, even though it’s a short hike. At the end of the trail are several restaurants and a coffee shop — plenty of incentive to get you moving!

Getting there: Take minibus 24M from Admiralty, which pretty much takes you to the start of the trail.
Trail Distance: 3km
Hike Duration: 45 minutes
Getting home: At the end of the trail is a bus terminus with various options for returning to the city. There is also the option of taking a taxi to the nearest MTR station, Quarry Bay, and then heading home by train.

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shaded hikes tai po kau nature reserve

Tai Po Kau Nature Walk — Guided hike through a lush jungle in Tai Po

If your navigational skills are a bit rusty, why not try this guided nature walk in Tai Po Kau? Tai Po Kau is as close as a city like Hong Kong will get to an actual jungle. Nestled in the forests of New Territories, it’s a nature reserve home to hundreds of species of wildlife and an excellent excuse to get away from the commotion of urban life. Of course, if you would like to enjoy this shaded hike for free, there are several walks you can take — the shortest being 3 kilometres and the longest being 10 kilometres. Signs and an information board mark the route so there’s no danger of getting lost.

Getting there: If you are following the guided nature walk, the package includes pickup and drop off from University MTR Station (East Rail Line). Otherwise, you can take bus 72 from either Sha Tin or Tai Po Market East Rail stations. Alternatively, a taxi from Tai Po Market or University East Rail stations costs around $40.
Trail Distance: 3km to 10km depending on the trail taken
Hike Duration: If taking the guided tour, a total of 4 hours. Otherwise, it depends on the trail you take.
Getting home: At the end of the walk is a bus station with several options for return travel. Most buses will take you to Tai Po Market East Rail Station, where you can take the train back. There are also taxis available that can take you directly to your desired location.

shaded hikes Razor Hill

Razor Hill — Moss-covered path to the top

Lace up your hiking boots, because Razor Hill is calling your name. This scenic, shaded trail tucked away in the Eastern New Territories is the perfect quick workout. At just 3 kilometres from start to finish, the hike is an easily doable adventure, even for beginners. But don’t mistake its compact size for a lack of rewards — as you ascend the steep, moss-covered path towards the summit, you’ll be treated to views of Sai Kung, HKUST, and the waters of Tseung Kwan O. And for those seeking an extra sense of accomplishment, tack on the trek up to the Little Hawaii Waterfall once you reach the trailhead.

Getting there: Take the Kwun Tong line to Diamond Hill MTR Station (Exit C1), then board bus 91 to Clear Water Bay. Once you reach the Pik Uk stop along Clear Water Bay Road, make your way to Razor Hill Road (Pik Tsui Road), which is easily identifiable by the nearby petrol station.
Trail Distance: 3km
Hike Duration: 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether you hike up to the Little Hawaii Waterfall
Getting home: Retrace your steps back to the cross junction, then turn right and follow the steps down to Tseung Kwan O village. From there, head to the closest Po Lam MTR station to make your way back home.

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shaded hikes tai lam forest paths

Tai Lam Forest Paths — Picnic spots and butterfly garden

Starting and ending at Tai Lam Country Park (Yuen Long), this hike requires you to retrace your steps back to your starting point. Luckily, this means you can hike for as short or as long as you want. However, we would recommend at least getting to the top of the hill, where you can admire the view of Ting Kau Bridge. This hike has a butterfly garden and several picnic areas, so bring your friends and pack some snacks to munch on.

Be warned though, this path is made up of plenty of hills, so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to complete this hike after a strenuous leg day. But if you are looking to escape from Hong Kong for a day and experience the beauty of the New Territories, this is the one.

Getting there: Head to Yuen Long MTR West Rail Station and take a taxi to Sham Tseng, Lung Yue Road. There should be a big signpost for the Tai Lam Nature Trail. Alternatively, if you have your own car, set your GPS for Tai Lam Country Park — there are several parking spots by the BBQ pits.
Trail Distance: 3km to 10km depending on what you feel like!
Hike Duration: 1 to 3 hours depending on how long you walk for
Getting home: Get back the same way you came; by taxi to Yuen Long MTR station or to your desired location.

shaded hikes Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls

Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls — Trek to refreshing mountain waterfalls

If you’re seeking the ultimate hike, the Ng Tung Chai trail has your name written all over it. Located in Lam Tsuen Valley, this dependable shaded hike is perfect for escaping the Hong Kong sun. As you wind your way through the landscape, you’ll be treated to a series of waterfalls where you can take refreshing dips between each leg-burning uphill section. And trust us – you’ll need those cooling breaks, as this hike involves some serious climbing, with steep, uneven steps and boulders galore. Along the way, prepare to be stunned by the raw natural beauty of the bamboo-flanked paths and panoramic views of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest peak. Just be sure to come prepared with plenty of snacks, water and sturdy footwear – this challenging adventure has no pit stops for refuelling.

Getting there: Take the Tuen Ma Rail line to Kam Sheung Road Station (Exit C), and head towards the bus stops. From there, board bus 64K towards Tai Po Market Station and alight at Ngau Len Wo bus stop.
Trail Distance: 12km
Duration: 6 hours
Getting home: Either descend via Tai Mo Shan Road, being cautious of the cars, or take the paved trail through the forest. Both routes will lead you to the Rotary Club Campsite, where your hike ends. From there, continue down the road next to the kiosk to reach Route Twisk, where you can catch a taxi to Tsuen Wan or Kam Sheung Road MTR stations. Alternatively, you can take bus 51M to Tsuen Wan and then transfer to the MTR.

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Editor’s Note: “The Best Shaded Hikes In Hong Kong” was most recently updated in May 2024 by Catherine Pun. With thanks to Debbie Ng for her contribution.

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