16 December, 2011
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Sassy Review: Four Seasons Spa – Because It’s Christmas and You Deserve It

16 December, 2011

What if I told you that you could have chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and all sorts of other festive and wonderful treats, non-stop, for 3 hours? Not only would this indulgence have no calories but it would actually help you detox? “How?” I hear you screaming — by having it gently and relaxingly smothered on your body as part of the Four Seasons Spa’s “Festive Spell” Treatment. Being both a spa enthusiast and also possibly the biggest fan of Christmas in the world, the idea of a festive-themed pamper package lured me straight through the doors. And it was so good that I have replaced every other item on my Christmas list with this treatment in the hope that at least one person, if not more, will let me experience this 3 hours of heavenly bliss all over again. Who needs a new DVD when you can have a piece of heaven?

The only way to really explain just how incredible this treatment is, is to painstakingly describe every single luxurious step involved. But I warn you now, continue reading and you will have no choice but to either treat yourself or force your loved one to treat you. Heck, they can provide the treatment to couples so why not both indulge?! In my opinion this is a Christmas present that will stay with you long after the mulled wine hangover and mince pie belly fat has worn off!

Blissful Festive Step One: The Mulled Wine Bath

This may sound rather confusing but I can assure you there is no better way to start a treatment. After arriving early to relax in the fantastic facilities, I was escorted to my own private spa room, complete with balcony and harbour views. A spa bath, at just the right temperature, was awaiting my arrival, accompanied by two of my best friends; a glass of champagne and a plate of chocolate marshmallows. My therapist proceeded to pour a vile of orange infused red wine into the bath so that along with the steam, rose aromas of mulled wine and Christmas cheer. Being left to my own devices I submerged myself in this festive lagoon and allowed myself to soak away my stresses whilst sipping on my champagne. The smell, far from being sickly, made me smile and think of cold wintery days and the bath itself left my skin feeling silky smooth. As I lay in my bath, Jacuzzi bubbles gently streaming through, staring at views of the IFC, Kowloon and the harbour, I couldn’t help but feel smug thinking of the poor souls sitting at desks in IFC number one whilst unbeknownst to them, here I was, so close to them, yet a world apart.

Blissful Festive Step Two: The honey and sugar exfoliation

Nicole, my therapist poked her head round the door, and informed me that she was ready to start my exfoliation. She closed the blinds to evoke a more solitary atmosphere and I lay down on the spa bed. I could smell the exfoliating scrub before I felt it. Glorious scents of sweetness filled my nostrils. Nicole proceeded to apply the scrub, section by section, all over my body. Far from being briskly invigorating, as some scrubs are, the whole process was deeply relaxing. The slight friction created by the scrub was offset by her skilful massage like application which not only removed my dead skin, but all my stress and woes. To top it all off, wafts of Christmas continued to keep me in a festive mood. I actually started to dream that I was Christmas incarnated.

Blissful Festive Step Three: The Chocolate Wrap

This is surely every girl’s dream — being smothered in chocolate and shea butter. The wrap was so smooth on application that I felt like a velvety rich chocolate bar. Nicole’s magic touch continued to keep me in a trance like state of bliss whilst my nose received even more stimulation but this time with chocolatey goodness so divine I was tempted to lick myself! After applying the wrap all over and covering me in sheets, Nicole skilfully gave me an exceptional face massage. Unlike others I have had, where my face gets rubbed and prodded, this face massage was more like a subtle and discreet form of reflexology focusing on applying gentle force to various pressure points. And boy did it work. I must admit that when instructed to go into my private steam room for five minutes and then wash off the wrap, I almost tried eating some but luckily common sense kicked back in!

Blissful Festive Step Four: The cinnamon infused body massage

At this point I almost cried. Not just out of happiness, but in the knowledge that this was the final step of my very own winter wonderland experience. Nicole brought over the cinnamon and nutmeg oil and slowly but magnificently massaged it into all my tense and aching muscles. She had asked which areas I wanted focusing on and I insisted my knotty back and shoulders. She obviously knew her stuff as each knot was effectively massaged out of my system with soothing strokes. The whole experience is meant to be detoxifying as well as indulgent, so the stomach massage was intended to really work out some toxins. My back focus meant my stomach didn’t get the full attention it needed but I felt the benefit nonetheless.

After 3 hours, I honestly felt like a different person and never wanted to leave my Four Seasons spa cocoon. But luckily, lunch on their terrace, in the sunshine, overlooking the magnificent pool beckoned otherwise I fear I may have chained myself into the room. It may be pricey but if you were every going to indulge this Christmas, this is the way to do it. Just cut back on those unnecessary Gingerbread lattes and put the money towards this slice of heaven instead. I promise it will be the best thing you ever do.

A Festive Spell – available December 1-31, 2011 – HK$3,300 + 10% service charge

Four Seasons Spa, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, 3196 8888


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