9 February, 2024
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“I Gave Myself The Perfect Date” How To Take Yourself Out

9 February, 2024

Ever felt sheepish taking yourself out to a nice dinner or going to the movies, and sat it out because you were scared of what others would think? Taking yourself out is a bold step but one we highly recommend — here’s how Team Sassy does it…

When was the last time you dated yourself? It’s easy to get caught up swiping online, being present with our romantic partner and building a support system with friends, and while that’s all still important, going on solo dates is key to recharging yourself and finding new ways to show yourself love and care. When dating someone, you shower them with compliments, spend quality time together, buy them nice gifts and go the extra mile — but how often do you do that for yourself?

A solo date is still intimidating (getting butterflies from taking yourself out?) which is why we’re guiding you through the process and sharing the solo dates we’ve done ourselves!

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How To Give Yourself The Perfect Date

1To Start – Make A List Of Things That Make You Happy

Contrary to what you might think, the initial step is quite simple. Start by making a list of things that would make you happy — see the image above for what I did for myself! And then narrow it down to what you really feel like doing (hence the ticks). This can range from a long-lost hobby, your favourite comfort activity or something new you’d like to try (perhaps a creative workshop?). 

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2Prepare Like You Would For A Date With Someone Else

You know how you set a time and day and you start picking which outfit to wear before a date? Do the same, but this time for yourself! You don’t need to skimp on the build-up and excitement, wear something you know makes you feel good, add the perfume and accessories, get ready like how you would for a date with another person.

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3Be Fully Present In The Moment

It’s only natural to feel like all eyes are on you and that you’re getting judged for being alone, but do not reach for your phone as a mode of escape! Be present in the moment, observe your surroundings and think back to how the very moment is making you feel — one of the greatest mindfulness exercises if you ask us!

Just like how you’d find it rude if someone was on their phone the entire date, be present, but this time for yourself.

10 Solo Date Ideas Tried & Tested By Team Sassy

Take Yourself On An Indulgent Solo Staycation

Home away from home but make it “luxury” (in all honesty, not cleaning up the room is a luxury no matter where!). Pamper yourself in one of the many Hong Kong hotels that won’t disappoint, some of our personal favourites for staycations include The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel, Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The St. Regis Hong Kong, which just earned its Triple Five-Star Award from the Forbes Travel Guide 2024 (just saying).

“I went for a dip in the pool, gave myself a bubble bath and went all out on the breakfast buffet! But the most empowering part was going for a walk at night, especially at a neighbourhood completely new to me – it gave me the sense that I can take on anything” — Kiran Naz, Partnerships Manager

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Roam Around The Flower Market, You Can Buy Yourself Flowers 🌸

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new plant or a bunch of flowers (but best believe you will!), walking around the flower market is free therapy and when you go on your own, you can go at your desired pace.

“It’s so pleasing to the senses to just hop from shop to shop but the best part for me is fangirling over my own bouquet for the rest of the week” — Nicole Moraleda, Executive Editor

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Book A Relaxing Massage Or Facial At A Spa

We all hold so much on our shoulders and there’s no better way to let loose than booking yourself a massage or facial. It helps that you’re pretty much forced to be off your phone during the treatment!

“One of my resolutions for this year is to take better care of my skin and just before my birthday, I wanted to treat myself to a nice facial. So I booked Aesop and let me tell you, it was amazing to not think about anything! I felt completely relaxed and it felt so rewarding to do something to take care of myself. And the best part, I left the room glowing inside out!” — Fashila Kanakka, Editor

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Take Yourself To Dinner

Every month, Hong Kong’s food scene welcomes a new restaurant, a new chef and plenty of new menus, so there’s always room to sample something different. And that’s not to say we don’t have our favourite comfort food restaurants and cheap Michelin-recommended eats. Just check out our Eat & Drink guides and you’ll find plenty of ideas!

“I regularly take myself to dinner but this one time I went out of my way and got ready and went to Pici. When you go for dinner by yourself, you’re more aware of your surroundings, you pay more attention to the small details in the whole experience and you can strike up conversations with the friendly waiters!” — Kiran Naz

Explore A “New” Neighbourhood

We all have our favourite neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, each one filled with hidden gems, unique finds, soul-filling cafes and picturesque roads. Check out our collection of neighbourhood guides and bookmark your next expedition!

“Usually, I’ll start with a morning coffee and a reflection or drawing session, accompanied by saying”hi” to some furry friends in my neighbourhood, then walking or swimming in nature – photographing trees inspires me the most – and a lovely sunset stroll to end it.” — Joy Lee, Graphic Designer

Have A Slow Day Exploring The City On The Ferry Or Tram

No, it’s not just tourists who can’t get enough of our beloved ding dings and the Star Ferry, locals love them just as much! Plus, a ride only costs a couple of dollars so literally, cheap thrills!

“I simply can’t get enough of trams and ferries in Hong Kong (the day they stop running will be the day I leave the 852!) – in such a fast-paced city, I think we all need to take a step back and slow down. For me, it helps me clear my mind and take a breather.” — Fashila Kanakka, Editor

Go Museum Or Gallery Hopping

Art is subjective and the art you resonate with, may not resonate with everyone, so when you go solo gallery hopping, you truly have the choice to explore the ones you’ve had on your list. Plus, Hong Kong has plenty of museums and art galleries with rotating art shows, meaning you’re always spoilt for choice.

“Last year for my birthday, I picked up a day pass and took myself to West Kowloon Cultural District, and spent the entire day (and I mean hours!) at M+ Museum. I started with the Special Exhibition, then roamed around the other gallery halls and ended with a peek at the shops (there’s more than one) and my first-ever CURATOR art print coffee.” — Sakina Abidi, Former Editor

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Go Alone To Hong Kong Disneyland

Or any amusement park in Hong Kong, but going to the Happiest Place on Earth by yourself shows how happy you actually are with yourself (got pretty deep real quick)! 

“You never realise how afraid you are of being alone until you go to a theme park, which is supposed to be a happy place. Going on rides by yourself can be scary, and you feel intimidated because you think others are staring at you, but really, no one cares!” — Kiran Naz

Go Cafe Hopping

Very different to restaurant or bar hopping, cafes offer a heartwarming reset! Maybe it’s the coffee, the woodsy elements, the friendly staff — or just the whole experience in itself.

“I used to write about new cafe openings in Hong Kong and so I started making a list of ones I want to take myself to. Some of these cafes were quite out of the way but I still did it anyway. I’d always get a cup of coffee, an indulgent pastry or pancake (the joy of not having to share!) and snap a couple photos (I tried to have a cafe IG but that failed, oh well), and sometimes I worked from my laptop, but paused every now and then to watch people walking by on the street – just me having a flâneuse moment!” — Fashila Kanakka

Or Simply, Stay Home & Do Your Favourite Activity

Don’t we all love this one! Picture us rushing home like we have five children to feed, but it’s really to snuggle in our warm blanket, light up a candle or two, change into pyjamas and stream our favourite movies or TV shows — okay be right back, going to do just that!

“Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab some popcorn, light a candle and watch your favourite movie or show – a great way to unwind when you don’t feel like being out and about. A lazy girl’s dream!” — Najuka Redkar, Editor 

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Main image courtesy of Kiran Naz, image 1, 4 and 8 courtesy of Fashila Kanakka, image 2 courtesy of Karolina Grabowska via Pexels, image 3 courtesy of Nicole Moraleda, image 5 courtesy of Joy Lee, image 6 courtesy of Sakina Abidi, image 7 courtesy of Kiran Naz, image 9 courtesy of Najuka Redkar.

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