7 March, 2024
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7 Essential Health Check-Ups Every Woman Should Schedule

7 March, 2024

You may go for regular Pap Smears but what other check-ups should you really be doing?

“I’ve done my routine Pap Smear, I can now put my feet up,” – quite a literal figure of speech! While it is important to schedule your regular appointments with your gynaecologists, there’s more to women’s health than Pap Smears. Whether you’re sexually active or not, these are health check-ups to look into as we age to maintain a healthy life. 

On that note, health check-ups, especially concerning women’s sexual organs should not be a hush hush topic (nothing embarrassing at all), and we all have questions and different concerns. The key is to detect any potential issues early to receive the most effective treatment and valuable guidance. 

Ahead, we get the expert advice from doctors at Matilda International Hospital for a comprehensive list of check-ups women should do at different ages, and how often they should have them done. Plus, enjoy a special discount when you bring along a friend, sister or your mother (one way to celebrate the women in your life, perhaps?). 

A Breakdown Of Health Check-Ups For Women: At What Age, Tests’ Significance And How Often To Get Them Done

Health Check-Ups In Your 20s

  • Cervical screening – Anyone who’s had sexual experience should do it regularly (cytology)
  • Mammogram screening – For carriers of confirmed BRCA1/2 gene mutations, with strong family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer or history of receiving chest radiation therapy before age of 30

Health Check-Ups In Your 30s

  • Cervical screening by cytology – Anyone who’s had sexual experience should do this test every 3 years after two consecutive normal annual screenings
  • HPV test – Every 5 years
  • Mammogram screening – Every 2 years (with family history of only one first-degree female relative with breast cancer diagnosed at age ≤50 OR two diagnosed at age >50)

Health Check-Ups From 40s to 60s

  • Breast ultrasound – Using detailed images of the breast tissue to aid in the diagnosis of breast abnormalities or to provide guidance for procedures such as biopsies, recommended to do once a year
  • Tumor markers CA125 – Measures the levels of cancer antigen 125, which can be elevated in certain cancers, particularly ovarian cancer, recommended to do once a year 
  • Lap test: Hormone FSH, E2, LH – To assess ovarian function and aid in the evaluation of fertility and reproductive health, recommended to do once a year 
  • Bone Dexa Scan – uses low-dose X-rays to measure bone mineral density and assess the risk of osteoporosis or fractures, recommended to do once a year (especially as you near menopause)
  • Mammogram – Once every 2 years 

Preparing For Your Health Check-Up

It’s completely normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed about health check-ups but it’s crucial to not shrug off thinking, “I don’t need to do it”. Preparing for a health check involves noting your medical history, bringing identification documents and wearing comfortable clothing.

Also, go in with a clear-cut range of topics to discuss with your doctor, including disease screening, weight management, chronic condition management, mental health, safe sex and birth control. Also communicate your medical family history (to determine the risk level of breast cancer). 

Your doctor will then recommend any wellness advice, immunisation, and information on menopause and family medical history for comprehensive care.

Caring For Each Other Package At Matilda International Hospital

If you’re looking for a thorough and convenient health check-up in Hong Kong, don’t miss out on Matilda’s “Caring For Each Other” health package. Get 15% off on all health assessments when two or more people get their health check-up on the same day. This package is valid until Saturday, 31 August, 2024. 

Do note that the above for reference only, everyone’s health condition varies, so please consult with your doctor before making any decisions.

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