5 July, 2016
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A Little Help From YOR Health with Supplements & Shakes

5 July, 2016

An energy boost to help you through the day


Between boozy brunches and late nights romping around LKF, this city can often leave you feeling tired, run down and in need of a major refresh! Eating healthy and living a fit lifestyle is definitely not easy as most of us are on the go 24/7. Sometimes it’s just easier (and more satisfying!) to have that kebab for dinner after a long day at work and skip the gym for a spot on the sofa. If you are anything like me, convenience is key when trying to start a new routine and YOR Health Supplements are there to help!

I was introduced to the YOR Health supplement line back in February; right around the time my New Year’s Resolution fell to the wayside. I was looking for a new kickstart that would provide me with energy to get through my busy days, but that was convenient at the same time.


YOR Health has a simple philosphy, “You are what you absorb”. With 30 years of research and clinical application, the brand only uses the highest quality ingredients from the best local and global resources. The products can also be tailored to help achieve your end goal. Whether it is weight loss or increased energy, YOR Health has a product to help!

My goal was a combination of weight loss and increased energy so the products I used were the YOR Shake, YOR Supergreens. YOR Digest Ultra and YOR Berry Blast. On the whole, all the products worked well together and provided an overall energised feeling that lasted all day long.

My favourite product had to be the YOR Shake. I typically find most protein shakes to be undrinkable unless you throw tons of fruit or yoghurt in the mix. These shakes tasted great and kept me full throughout the morning. They were such an easy breakfast option and I would honestly wake up looking forward to having chocolaty shake! I also started having them after really tough workouts and since they are low in calories but high in protein, they were the perfect post workout snack! One tip for the shakes – they taste best when blended with ice and cold water. Definitely invest in a small blender to make these shakes – you won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to get your hands on any of these healthy goodies and get your body back on track, simply click here and start ordering!


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