15 July, 2022
Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong
Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong

Tattoo Shops, Studios & Parlours In Hong Kong

15 July, 2022
Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong

From favourites like Hello Tattoo to Freedom Tattoo, here’s our list of trusted tattoo shops in Hong Kong. Getting a tattoo definitely requires a string of thoughts and if you’re looking for some ink-spiration, we’ve got you covered — pun intended!

Let’s face it, once you’ve got your first tattoo, you’ll probably walk out of the studio planning another. Whilst a reputable (and sparkling clean!) tattoo parlour is important, you should always find a tattoo style that you love (remember it’s permanent!), and then an experienced and talented tattoo artist to match. If you’re a first-timer, there are quite a few pointers you need to prepare for (read on to the bottom part!). And if you’re planning on getting inked, save this post for trusted tattoo shops in Hong Kong.

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Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Blackout Tattoo

Blackout Tattoo – Spotless and clean tattoo shop to get inked in comfort!

The artists at Blackout Tattoo identify themselves as germaphobes so you can expect a spotless studio with extra measures taken to prevent infection (whether it be from the tattoo or COVID-19!). Some of the Team Sassy members have personally been inked by the legend himself, Rob Kelly who’s known for his gentle touch, striking colours and wicked sense of humour.

Blackout Tattoo, 102 Hing Tai Commercial Building, 114 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 9247 3522, www.blackout-tattoo.com

Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong The Company Tattoo

The Company Tattoo – Traditional American tattoo, portraits, florals and piercings

Go bold or go home — or well, go to The Company Tattoo if you’re looking for striking thick lines in particular. The growing group of tattoo artists at this studio are all experienced (with one apprentice!) and whether you want floral patterns, detailed portraits or fun geometrics, you can expect your desired design to match the real deal to the T! They also offer piercing services at The Company Tattoo so you’ll be walking out of this tattoo studio feeling like a total badass.

The Company Tattoo, Shop B, 3/F, 581 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 9629 9535, www.facebook.com/thecompanytattoohk

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Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong The Dragons Lair Tattoo

The Dragons Lair Tattoo – Tattoo shop offering vegan and organic ink

For starters, this parlour uses vegan tattoo ink that offers the best and brightest result whilst remaining skin-friendly and organic. It’s also meticulous about hygiene and only uses disposable needles, gloves, razors and ink cups. UK artist Jonny D was the former apprentice of old-school master and Hong Kong tattooing legend Jimmy Ho (so you are literally in trusted hands!). And tattoo artist, Evita is an expert in Japanese traditional style and colourful cartoon and anime tattoos.

The Dragons Lair Tattoo, 5/F, 83 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2337 7969, www.dragonslairtattoohk.com

Freedom Tattoo – Founded by celebrity tattoo artist, Gabe Shum

We might not know exactly when we’re planning on getting a tattoo but we’ve been saving designs from Freedom Tattoo nonetheless! From cute and quirky designs with fine lines to detailed designers and floral patterns in colour, the imagination runs wild here. Also, founder Gabe Shum is a celebrity artist himself with clientele including David Beckham and Lebron James (um, yes we’re sold!). Book an appointment at this spacious studio to see his (needle) magic yourself!

Freedom Tattoo, Room B3A, 10/F, Luen Ming Hing Factory Building, 36 Mok Cheong Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 5333 3151, www.freedomtattoo.hk

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Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Fridays Tattoo

Friday’s Tattoo – American and Japanese tattoo designs

If you’re going to get inked, make the ambience count as well! From the flashy neon sign at the storefront to the eclectic collection of wall art and more, Friday’s Tattoo is the place to go. We’re warning you ahead — you’ll have a hard time picking which tattoo artist to go for, they’re all equally talented with an amazing portfolio of tattoo styles and designs (maybe we’re just indecisive). You can expect both American and Japanese tattoo designs and opt for going mono or multicolour. Plus, the artists are all so relaxed and calm that it’ll definitely brush off on you!

Friday’s Tattoo, 9A, G/F, Lei Ha Court, 13-15 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 5595 0130, www.fridaystattoohk.com

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Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Hello Tattoo

Hello Tattoo – Fine line portraits, florals and Japanese tattoo designs

The aesthetic, the colours, its Sailor Moon designs — where do we even begin? From playful corgi cartoons to simple floral designs, Hello Tattoo will definitely not disappoint. This was one of the very first tattoo studios to offer watercolour tattoos and you can also get Japanese designs, old-school, American traditional and more. We also hear that the studio is very Insta-worthy, so don’t forget to snap a pic or two while you’re getting inked!

Sassy Tip: Since the studio is located in the busy Kwun Tong industrial area, it might take some time to find the right place. We suggest leaving the house a bit earlier if you have an appointment, or grab a friend who knows their way around Hong Kong!

Hello Tattoo Hong Kong, Unit S, 11/F, Block 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 460-470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, WhatsApp: 6644 8114, www.hongkong-tattoo.com

Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Meiyee Tattoo

Meiyee Tattoos – Delicate and colourful ink work

A cat-lover herself, Meiyee is your go-to artist if you’re looking for a classic watercolour tattoo of your pet (or a unicorn!). Apart from animal designs, Meiyee also works on illustrations featuring her delicate line work. Her creative colour arrangements will make you feel like a fairytale princess!

Meiyee Tattoos, studio address provided upon contact (private studio in Sai Kung), 9735 6962, www.facebook.com/meiyeetattoos

Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Star Crossed Tattoo

Star Crossed Tattoo – Traditional Japanese and American tattoos

If you’re going to get inked, you need to know about this gem at Sun Street. From traditional Japanese tattoos by Ross to traditional old-school American-style tattoos by Rika and fine line, ornamental, delicate tattoos by Yahel, the different tattoo artists here each possess their own style so take your time to browse around the website before picking who to go for (they all do an amazing job!).

Starcrossed Tattoo, 1/F, 1 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 3427 3820, www.starcrossedtattoo.com

Soul Canvas Ink – Realistic portraits of animals and people

Resident tattoo artist, Kin Liu specialises in realistic portraits of people and animals (so go on, make room for Grandma on your arm, or your beloved pet or even Al Pacino!). Given the high attention to detail, the prices here may be slightly expensive but it’s worth every penny if a realistic portrait is what you’re looking for. Liu’s 13 years of experience come with many words of wisdom: his advice for those looking for a tattoo is, “Be clear with what you want, but after that, you have to trust your artist.” 

Soul Canvas Ink, Unit 6B, Lee Man Commercial Building, 105-107 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 9326 8420, www.soulcanvasink.com

Zink Tattoo – Detailed and realistic portrait tattoos

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Zink Tattoo is owned by Zac Wong, an award-winning tattoo artist with 13 years of experience, and his wife Vivi. If you take a look at his portfolio, you’ll find some jaw-dropping black-and-white portraits that look like they came straight out of a photograph. So if you’re thinking of getting a portrait of that special someone on your arm, check this studio out on Instagram or make an appointment here (no walk-ins).

Zink Tattoo, 3/F, 30A Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2986 8810, www.zinktattooshop.com

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Tattoo Shops And Studios Hong Kong Meiyee Tattoo

What To Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

  • Stay hydrated and get a meal beforehand, as low blood sugar could affect the process
  • Depending on your design, it could take hours to complete your tattoo
  • Yes, it is painful! Some of the more sensitive areas on our body include the sides of your torso, around your rib-cage, armbands and inner thighs 
  • Your friends may experience pain in different areas than you (and of course, everyone has a different pain tolerance) so don’t fully depend on others’ experience
  • Be meticulous about the aftercare and make sure you have loose and light clothing in your closet already
  • Fresh tattoos will take up to two weeks to heal and during this time you can’t go swimming and must avoid direct sunlight and avoid long showers or baths

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Editor’s Note: “Tattoo Shops, Studios & Parlours In Hong Kong” was first published in October 2019 by Béatrice Hug and was most recently updated in July 2022 by Fashila Kanakka.

Main image courtesy of Sabrina May via Unsplash, image 1 courtesy of @blackouttattoohk via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of The Company Tattoo HK via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of The Dragons Lair Tattoo (HK) via Facebook, image 4 courtesy of @freedomtattoohk via Instagram, image 5 courtesy of Fridays Tattoo HK via Facebook, image 6 courtesy of Hello Tattoo via Facebook, image 7 courtesy of Meiyee Tattoos via Facebook, image 8 courtesy of Star Crossed Tattoo via Facebook, image 9 courtesy of Meiyee Tattoos via Facebook.

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