13 July, 2021
Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Youni
Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Youni
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10 Fuss-Free Healthy Meal Delivery Options In Hong Kong

13 July, 2021
Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Youni

These fuss-free healthy meal delivery options are packed with nutrition, personalised for your dietary needs and delivered straight to your door.

Tired of trying every recipe under $100, and losing the motivation to cook each evening? Trust us when we say you’ll have no regrets in turning to the professionals to whip up nutritious, tasty meal plans. The meals can be completely tailor-made to meet your health and fitness goals – plus, they’re as delicious as they look. Keep the fridge fully stocked and take a bite out of one of Hong Kong’s best healthy meal delivery services

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Healthy Meal Delivery In Hong Kong

Healthy Meal Plans: NOSH


Effort becomes a thing of the past when you subscribe to NOSH’s nutritionist-approved meal plans, with breakfast, lunch, dinner (and a snack!) all delivered to your door before 9am in 100% biodegradable packaging. Whether your goal is to maintain a balanced diet, build muscle, get lean or gain weight, NOSH has a wide range of specially-designed menus, free of artificial additives and preservatives, for you to choose from (with options catering to vegetarian and ketogenic diets). Not sure which plan is best for you? NOSH’s nutritionist partner is just a call away!

How much: Prices start from $154.30/day (Western Menu); $136.30/day (Veggie Menu); $256.50/day (Keto); $182/day (Flexitarian – a new mostly vegetarian menu with some animal products in moderation)

Sample menu: (Balanced Diet, Western Menu) Breakfast – Steak & Chives Scrambled Eggs with Seared Mushrooms; Lunch – Truffle Chicken, Rosemary Potatoes & Broccolini; Dinner – Za’atar Spiced Salmon with Cumin Roasted Cauliflower & Herb Couscous; Snack – Coconut Truffle.

Sassy Perk Pink

Enjoy 15% off your first purchase by using the code SASSYNOSH at checkout. Offer valid until Friday, 31 December, 2021.

NOSH, 2388 1999, hello@nosh.hk, www.nosh.hk, www.facebook.com/nosh.hk

Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Bain Marie

Bain Marie

Designed and created by Bain Marie’s resident chef and nutritionist, the meals that come out of this kitchen are packed with as many nutrients as they are with flavour, with options covering balanced, light, high-energy and vegetarian diets. Best of all, the meals are cooked and delivered in reusable glass jars, making them both good for your health and the planet!

How much: Prices start from $306/day (Full Day Meal Plan)

Sample menu: (Balanced Diet) Breakfast – Omelet with Organic Eggs, Mushroom and Chives, and Fruit Salad; Lunch – Thai Soup, Cod Fish with Vegetables and a Chocolate Cookie; Dinner – Green Salad, Creamy Tarragon Chicken with Polenta and Fruit Salad; Snack – Dry Fruits and a Chocolate Energy Ball.

Bain Marie, 6465 1069, bainmariehk.com

Food Folk

This local brand offers nutritious and delicious meals (and healthy snacks!) for Hongkongers on the go. The menu masterminds at Food Folk believe that “food should be nourishing to our bodies and to the planet” and pride themselves in using fresh, sustainable ingredients to craft ready-to-heat meals.

How much: Prices start from $75/meal (Healthy-To-Home Meal Plan)

Sample menu: (Healthy-To-Home Meal Plan) Breakfast – Homemade Yogurt and Blueberry Compote, and Wholewheat Waffles; Lunch – Chicken Hummus Wrap; Dinner – Kerala Fish Curry.

Food Folk, 3594 6111, hello@foodfolk.hk, www.foodfolk.hk

Paleo Taste

Paleo Taste offers 30-day plans (each altered to calorie intake), for a plethora of “unprocessed and uncomplicated” protein-rich dishes. Conscious of overcommitting? Opt for a Lunch-Only subscription, or order meals on an individual basis.

How much: Prices start from $2,750 (1,000Kcal Breakfast + Lunch – Paleo 21 Days Meal Plan); $180/2 days (Paleo Everyday Lunch or Dinner)

Sample menu: (2,000Kcal Meal Plan Paleo 30 Day) Breakfast – Chicken Cobb Salad; Lunch – Beef Casserole; Dinner – Coconut Fish Curry with Broccoli Rice.

Paleo Taste, 5441 3000, www.paleotaste.com.hk

Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Youni


With calorie-controlled meal plan options for those looking to lose weight, build muscle or maintain a balanced diet, the team at Youni understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a menu. As such, Youni’s chefs create more than 80 different healthy meals each month, featuring five different cuisines that keep your tastebuds happy.

How much: Prices start from $65/meal (Get Lean); $70/meal (Healthy Balance); $80/meal (Build Muscle)

Sample menu: Breakfast – Breakfast Burrito with Tomato Salsa and Corn Salad; Lunch – Grilled Mix Seafood with Mango Chilli Lime Salsa, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables and Steamed Potatoes with Garlic; Homemade Lean Beef Meat Balls with Healthy Pasta, Basil Tomato Sauce and Steamed Greens.

Youni, hello@youni.com.hk, www.youni.com.hk

Nutrition Kitchen

Created by certified trainers, Nutrition Kitchen’s plans follow a high-protein and low-carb focus, matched to your activity levels and goals. You don’t need to be an expert to decode the benefits, the macronutrient information of each meal is clearly communicated. 

How much: Five-day packages start from $830-$1,635 (depending on the number of meals desired per day)

Sample menu: (Regular Meal Plan) Breakfast – Italian Sausage Crumble Caprese Frittata with Sliced Tomatoes and Fior Di Latte; Lunch – Fajita Marinated Chicken with Roasted Rainbow Peppers  and Spanish Rice Pilaf; Dinner – Balinese Marinated Barramundi with Coconut Rice.

Nutrition Kitchen, 5192 1292, info@nutritionkitchenhk.com, www.nutritionkitchenhk.com


Big on snacking? Eatology offers two healthy snacks daily, along with up to three meals. With subscriptions ranging from Gluten Free Low-Carb, Vegetarian & Plant Based, Ketogenic Light and Paleo, you’re bound to find a menu that aligns with your needs.

How much: Prices start from $368/day (Lighter Delights/Gluten-Free Low Carb/Vegetarian/Vegan/Paleo/Asian/Mediterranean); $380/day (Ketogenic Diet Light); $529/day (Optimal Performance)

Sample menu: (Balanced Living) Breakfast – Huevos Rancheros; First Snack – Carrot Apple Salad; Lunch – Grass-Fed Beef Burger with Homemade Ketchup and Potato; Second Snack – Cheesy Pasta Pie; Dinner – Sous Vide Halibut Fillet with Salsa Verde and Sicilian Caponata.

Eatology, 2368 8331, contact@eatologyasia.com, www.eatologyasia.com

Healthy Meal Delivery Hong Kong: Mealthy


Mealthy is on a mission to provide the ultimate solution to food-prep flexibility, delivering frozen meals twice a week. The two plans are targeted towards fat loss or muscle gain. Tailor your plan further, with Vegan, Standard, and Low-Carb options readily available.

How much: Prices start from $1,700/2 weeks (Swallow Scheme); $1,900/2 weeks (Eagle Scheme)

Sample menu: Lunch – Grilled Halibut Fillet, Roasted Mushrooms and Baked Sweet Potato; Dinner – Stir-Fried Ground Beef with Onion, Baked Bell Peppers and Mixed Rice.

Mealthy, 9565 7765, info@mealthy.com.hk, www.mealthy.com.hk


Ultimate Performance’s EatUP has worked closely with its personal trailers and in-house professional chef to develop healthy, balanced and delicious meals. The meals are prepared three times a week to ensure optimal freshness, and to cover you from Monday through to Sunday with a tasty selection of breakfasts and mains.

How much: Prices start from $183.30/day

Sample menu: Breakfast – Chicken Avocado ‘Wrap’; Lunch – Beef Ragu; Dinner – Parmesan Herb Crusted Salmon

EatUP, eatuphongkong.com

Easy Food

Easy Food offers a variety of meals plans including Low-Carb, Ketonic and Healthy lunch boxes. From field to kitchen, its sourcing team works tirelessly to ensure that both premium and sustainable ingredients make it into every box delivered.

How much: Prices start from $80/meal (Balanced Diet); $85/meal (Low Carbs/Paleo); $160/2 meals (Keto)

Sample menu: Breakfast – Chorizo and Spinach Omelet, Snack – Pizza Slice; Lunch – Grilled Coconut Lime Chicken with Broccoli; Snack – Grilled Chicken Salad Bowl; Dinner – Vietnamese Ginger Beef with Roasted Eggplant and Beans.

Easy Food, 5600 0421, sale@easyfood.com.hk, easyfood.com.hk

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in November 2017 by Lexi Davey and was most recently updated in July 2021. With thanks to Emma Lascelles for her contribution.


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