9 October, 2020
where to get CBD in hk - skincare, coffee, tablets and more
where to get CBD in hk - skincare, coffee, tablets and more
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Your Guide To CBD: Quick Facts, Where To Buy It & More

9 October, 2020
where to get CBD in hk - skincare, coffee, tablets and more

Looking to learn more about CBD in HK? Is it legal? How does it work? Where can you buy it? Here’s everything you need to know.

If you’re interested in exploring natural cures to things like anxiety or inflammation, this plant-powered adaptogen could be exactly what you’re looking for. Cannabinoid products have been gaining popularity as more people experience the benefits of natural products. CBD is one of the 104 known compounds in the cannabinoids group. What’s more, CBD doesn’t have any dependence potential, so there’s no way to “overdose” and it won’t make you “high” (more on this below).

Whether you’re keen to take the plunge and try a few CBD drops in your coffee and CBD cream on your skin, or simply looking to learn more about it first, we’ve put together an ultimate guide to all things CBD in Hong Kong.

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CBD Overview
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Quick Facts

where to buy cbd in hk

How does CBD work?

CBD works through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in our body to generate encocannabinoids and process phytocannabinoids. This helps us return to homeostasis (which is the stable norm we’re constantly ebbing and flowing from). CBD combines with the body to adjust our stress response. It’s known as an adaptogen because it adapts uniquely to you.

What does it help with?

CBD is said to have therapeutic effects, like helping ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s also used for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidising and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. For many, this results in better sleep, soothed muscle tensions and a sense of calm or focus. Though some people barely feel anything from it!

Is CBD safe?

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers CBD a safe, non-toxic and non-addictive substance.

Is CBD legal in Hong Kong?

CBD is legal in Hong Kong. It is not prohibited under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance or Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance. Local CBD sellers have to register for a license to prove their products are THC free (Cap. 138, Laws of Hong Kong).

What’s the difference between CBD, THC, Hemp and Cannabis?

CBD is one of the 104 known compounds in the cannabinoids group. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. This means that CBD won’t make you “high”. The oil is made from different parts of a mature hemp plant (everything from its stalks to its flowers), whilst hemp oil comes from only the seed. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or THC.

Are there different types of CBD?

There are three main types of CBD:

  • Full Spectrum CBD, which can contain a trace amount of THC (0.2-1%)
  • Broad Spectrum CBD, which contains no THC but does contain other compounds
  • CBD Isolate, which contains only the CBD compound.

This information should be provided on a product label, but because many CBD products are marketed as dietary supplements, there is no clear regulation.

How is it used?

For optimal effect, people use CBD daily, as a form of supplement, instead of treating it as medication. As a plant extract, CBD can create a synergistic effect when combined with extracts from other botanicals or herbs. For example, the sense of pain relief and anti-inflammation can be heightened when it’s combined with an ingredient like turmeric.

Does dosage matter?

Different metabolisms and needs mean different dosages are required, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. As a general rule of thumb however, at a lower dose (5-20mg) CBD promotes focus and clarity, while a higher dose (25-50mg) is more sedating and gives a sense of calm and relaxation.

Where To Buy CBD In HK

Below we’ve listed where to find trusted CBD products in Hong Kong. Quality CBD products come packaged with clear ingredients that will leave you feeling comfortable and educated in your decisions.


Gentle Bro

Gentle Bro is a Hong Kong lifestyle brand offering premium CBD wellness products to people who are looking for natural relief for health issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. The Gentle Bro CBD collection includes edible supplements (including gummies), topical ointments, creams and even dog treats. All products are made in the USA and third-party lab tested. With holistic wellness in mind, the collection is made with broad spectrum CBD oil. This means that the entire spectrum of cannabinoids found in cannabis is preserved, except for the psychoactive compound THC, which is removed during the manufacturing processes using proprietary technology (so it’s legal and you won’t get high!).

Sassy Perk Pink

Use the code GBXSASSY to enjoy 10% off at checkout.

Gentle Bro9480 7254, info@gentlebro.com.hk, www.gentlebro.com.hk

where to buy cbd in hk - cubed


Cubed offers reliable, affordable and high quality CBD products that are formulated specifically for Hong Kongers with sensitive skin and wellbeing needs. The comprehensive product lines target both the physical and mental. Whether you’re looking for relaxing CBD drops, eczema body butter or a daily lotion for sensitive skin, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for here. Aligning with Cubed’s principle: Real People, Real Journeys, Real Results – the brand shows comments and reviews with before-and-after photos from customers. What’s more, all of their products are made with USA-grown hemp, manufactured in an FDA lab and thoroughly tested by SGS & Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme. We’ll let the progress and quality speak for itself!

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Enter the code sassy upon any purchase at checkout to receive a free CBD Drops tester (valued at $216) or a Spot Treatment tester (valued at $300).

Cubed, cubedhk.com, www.instagram.com/cubedcbdhk

where to buy cbd in hk - heavens please

Heavens Please

Heavens Please is a cannabinoids and botanical shop with a curated selection of organic products focusing on holistic wellness. The aim is to help you create a sustainable, balanced lifestyle with natural ways of healing. It also focuses on educating the public, gradually lifting the stigma around cannabis . Team Sassy tested products from Heavens Please last year, and we were very impressed with the transparency of ingredients and the quality of the products. The brand offers CBD, hemp and natural products from Hong Kong and around the world. Get 15% off with the promo code MOTHERHEMP. Browse the offerings online (or visit their stockists) and pick from items like hemp Ivy Honey, CBD Chocolate, CBD Coffee, and more!

Heavens Please, hello@heavensplease.com, www.heavensplease.com

oto cbd hk- where to buy cbd in hk


This award-winning British CBD brand has just hit Hong Kong, and it’s on a mission to help people unlock the power of CBD. Meaning ‘sound’ in Japanese, OTO represents the space between sound and silence. The products work to help with stress, anxiety, sleep, pain, and even treat skin problems such as redness, dryness, psoriasis, and eczema. The proof’s in the product: “83% of OTO customers say that daily use of OTO  helped reduce stress and anxiety”. From 30% CBD pillow mist to roll-on Focus oil, each product is thoughtfully put together with wellness in mind. In Hong Kong, OTO is currently stocked at Kapok and online.

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As a bonus to our readers, OTO is offering 10% off. Simply use the code SASSY10 at checkout to redeem.

OTO, info@otocbd.com, www.hk.otocbd.com

CBD Hong Kong

CBD Hong Kong

Boasting the largest range of strengths available in the city, CBD Hong Kong is a go-to for both CBD newbies and experienced consumers alike. The dedicated online store carries high quality CBD products from top US brand cbdMD, in a variety of forms (including oil tinctures, gummies and topical creams) that have been third-party tested at ISO-certified labs. CBD Hong Kong even has a selection of veterinarian-formulated products for pets (because our four-legged friends can get stressed too!). For those new to the plant-powered adaptogen, the website also provides a number of useful resources and articles on its benefits and usage. CBD Hong Kong ships directly to your home and offers free one to two-day shipping on all Hong Kong orders. Need we say more?

Sassy Perk Pink

Sassy readers can enjoy 10% off their first order using the code SASSYCBD.

CBD Hong Kong, hello@cbd-hongkong.com, www.cbd-hongkong.com



This leading European CBD brand was founded by three childhood friends who had been using CBD products for several years but couldn’t find a product on the market that met their demands in terms of quality, taste and authenticity. From this, SWISS FX was born – a product made from only the highest quality, organically grown hemp extract (harvested by hand no less!). What’s more, SWISS FX CBD oil is cold pressed, vegan and gluten free. Each batch is checked, certified and subjected to the strictest quality controls by an independent laboratory, guaranteeing you the cream of the crop. You’ll be glad to know that SWISS FX products are readily stocked in its newly opened Hong Kong office so you won’t need to worry about long shipping times or customs delays.

SWISS FX, 20/F, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 800 931 329, support@swissfx.hk, www.swissfx.hk

CBD Stores: Calmed & Co.

Calmed & Co.

As someone who has personally experienced emotional distress, insomnia and depression, Calmed & Co. founder Gianne is well versed with the calming effects of CBD. It didn’t take her long after discovering the plant-powered adaptogen to start her very own CBD business in Hong Kong. Calmed & Co. offers an aesthetically packaged line of CBD products ranging from gummies to capsules and oils. Each serving is packed with a high dose of at least 15mg of CBD, promising an instantaneous effect, and the products come in a variety of concentrations to suit different needs. With a focus on improving well-being, all of Calmed & Co.’s products are GMP certified, vegan, cruelty free and contain high quality, USDA approved ingredients.

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For orders of over $500, receive free shipping and $50 off using the code ENJOY50.

Calmed & Co., 5740 4240, hey@calmednco.com, www.calmednco.com, www.facebook.com/calmednco, www.instagram.com/calmednco

Kool for Men

Kool for Men

Don’t be fooled by the name – though Kool for Men’s products were designed with males in mind, the innovative lifestyle brand has won itself a legion of female devotees thanks to its range of clean, conscious grooming and wellness products. The formulated CBD offerings in particular are on our radar, with everything from tincture drops, vegan gummies, sprays, soft gels, cutting-edge topical wellness patches and relief rubs that help with needs such as energy and focus, sleep support, immunity boosting, pain relief and more. Rest assured, all products have been thoughtfully designed by expert doctors, nutritionists and scientists, and feature formulas with up to 3,000mg of CBD. The cherry on top? Kool for Men’s focus on sustainability and social responsibility. All products are created with organic and vegan ingredients where possible, and a portion of proceeds from the Extra Strength Relief Rub and Water Soluble Nano CBD Drops goes to children-focused charity GO Campaign.

Sassy Perk Pink

Use the code SASSY15 to enjoy 15% off at Kool for Men.

Kool for Men, koolformen.com, www.facebook.com/koolformen, www.instagram.com/koolformen

found - Where to buy CBD in hk


Found is the first dedicated CBD shop and cafe in all of Asia! You’ll find it tucked away in Sheung Wan’s Po Hing Fong neighbourhood. Found offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality CBD and hemp-derived products. The cafe side of Found has just launched, showcasing a full cafe menu with CBD-infused food and drinks – everything from coffee, tea, juices and kombucha to chocolates, bread, pastries and more. Brands at Found include: Felix & Company, providing edible and topical CBD products (with natural botanicals), and Life CBD, offering CBD powder and liquid pure isolate.

Found, Unit A, G/F, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan Hong Kong, 5288 2281hi@found.hk, found.hk, www.instagram.com/found_in_hk

joyce beauty cbd - where to buy

JOYCE Beauty

Skincare ingredients and CBD go hand-in-hand at Joyce Beauty. Though it was initially launched as a limited time offer, the overwhelmingly positive response to these products means they’re here to stay for the long term. Joyce Beauty stocks three chic, luxury brands with CBD offerings. Natureofthings champions calming, minimalist products and offers full spectrum CBD in relieving body balms and floral bath formulas. Saint Jane focuses on botanical beauty – think clean, antioxidant-rich CBD lip glosses. And last but not least there’s Treaty, best known for its Calm formula (oral drops that combine broad spectrum hemp extract, rose, linden and basil); a couple of drops under the tongue promise to calm even the most stressful situations. 

JOYCE Beauty, various locations across Hong Kong, www.joyce.com/beauty

nosh hk - cbd food and snacks

Coffee, Beer & More

CBD and hemp oil are hitting cafes and restaurants are all over Hong Kong. Below are some of our favourites:


This local meal plan delivery business has launched a line of CBD-infused add-ons. We love the CBD-Infused Lemon Coconut & Chia Seed energy balls! CBD-Infused Greek Salad Dressing, CBD-Infused Mango & Berry Chia Seed Pudding and CBD-Infused Mixed Berry Fresh Lemonade are all coming soon too! Each item contains 15mg of broad-spectrum CBD and are available exclusively as add-ons items to meal plans.

NOSHwww.nosh.hk – CBD items available with meal plans

Elephant Grounds

CBD and brunch? Tried and trusted, Elephant Grounds offers Life CBD across all locations. A couple of drops to balance out that caffeine kick could be just what you need each morning.

Elephant Grounds, various locations across Hong Kong, www.elephantgrounds.com

Winstons Coffee

Winstons classic cold brew is mixed with non-alcoholic cocktail bitters to create a delicious homemade concoction. Each drink contains 25mg of cannabidiol from OTO CBD, plus a spice blend including bitter orange, bergamot, lemongrass, liquorice, cinnamon, cacao and cardamom. The result? Tangy, bitter flavour, with a fruity edge.

Winstons Coffee, various locations across Hong Kong, 2559 5078, www.winstonscoffee.com


This local juice bar offers organic CBD-infused açaí bowls, smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Customise your order by adding in 10 or 20mg of Life CBD. As if an açaí bowl wasn’t already tempting enough…

BE-JUICED, 45 Peel Street, Central, 2668 6231, www.bejuiced-hk.com


Get Cubed CBD oil dropped into your flat white or espresso at this quaint cafe. CBD drops are available to add to any coffee – for free! It also offers cold brew coffee bags with 300mg CBD drops (for $500) so you can brew your very own at home.

Elixir, 9 Mee Lun Street, Sheung Wan, 6083 0915, www.facebook.com/cure.everything

HEA by Young Master

Launched by Young Master, this CBD beer line works to promote mental and physical wellness. Each can of HEA Pale Ale has 60mg of CBD, with 5% alcohol concentration. Currently sold on Young Master’s website in cans of four ($160), twelve ($460) and twenty four ($888).

Young Master Brewery, G/F Sungib Industrial Centre, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, 2783 8907, www.youngmasterales.com

Oh CBD Beer

This artsy local brand specialises in CBD Beer. You’ll find quirky designs, 20mg of CBD and 3.5% alcohol concentration in both the Session IPA and Kush Ipa bottles. Order yours online or keep an eye out for the pop-ups.

Oh CBD Beer, www.instagram.com/ohcbdbeerhk

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