Top 10 WiFi Spots on Hong Kong Island

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Elephant Grounds

A locally-grown micro coffee roaster best known for their independently-roasted coffee and delectable range of handcrafted ice creams, Elephant Grounds started off small as a tiny counter at the back of WOAW lifestyle store on Gough Street, and has now grown into a network of five cafes across the city, with four on Hong Kong island alone.

WiFi signal: Good.
Power: Power sockets available at Star Street, Causeway Bay, and Mid Levels locations.
Coffee, bites, and more: One drink that sets Elephant Grounds apart from the rest is its Bulletproof Coffee, a mix of grass-fed butter, brain octane oil, milk, and a shot of espresso, which delivers a slow-burning seven-hour caffeine hit. But what we really, really love about Elephant Grounds is its ice cream sandwiches, which are made with in-house ice cream and come in amazing flavour combinations like blood orange ice cream and macadamia nut cookies and cereal milk ice cream and graham cracker cookies. They switch up the flavours quite often though so make sure you check their Instagram beforehand to see what they have on offer.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Pretty friendly by Hong Kong standards.
Noise level: Usually quiet enough.
Other: Outdoor seating is available at the Causeway Bay location.

Elephant Grounds  Multiple locations across Hong Kong, Tel: 2562 6700

Hours: Differ according to location.

2 / 10


A short walk away from Sheung Wan MTR Exit A2, Why50 is a relaxing little spot to sit down and type away for hours on your laptop. Despite its incredibly convenient location, it rarely gets too busy and is always nice and chilled.

WiFi signal: Good.
Power: Power sockets are accessible from most seats.
Coffee, bites, and more: We get really excited whenever we visit Why50 because of  its amazing range of breakfasts and lunch sets. Aside from carnivore-pleasers like the Mr. Cubano sandwich (pulled pork, ham and cheese), vegan options like the “50” Bowl (sweet potato, kale, chickpeas, quinoa) are also available. As for coffee and drinks, they have a nice variety of classic and speciality coffees, teas, and juices.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Decent.
Noise level: Usually quiet.
Other: Grab one of its yummy muffins or pastries to-go if you’re in a rush!

Why 50  27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Tel6532 4161

Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am – 6pm

3 / 10

Dolce 88

Nestled to the side of the JW Marriott in Pacific Place is the stylish little Dolce 88 coffee bar. All seating is bar style, so you can work in a casual yet sophisticated setting.

WiFi Signal: Excellent
Power: Power sockets are available.
Coffees, bites, and more: The menu contains the usual slew of caffeinated beverages. A small selection of sandwiches (including a nice San Daniele ham, arugula and gorgonzola combination) is available. Croissants, a few types of cookies, macarons and bottled sugary drinks are also on offer.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Friendly and thoughtful. They’ve often closed the draughty door for us and non-intrusively filled our teacups with more hot water.
Crowds: A steady stream flows in during the day for pick-ups and quick meetings, but we haven’t had any issues finding a seat.
Noise level: The attached JW Marriott lobby plays lobby-music and has a pianist performing at tea-time. Dolce 88 usually seems to play whatever is popular on the radio, so be prepared for a dual soundtrack!
Other: If you need a break from work, there’s an eclectic selection of coffee-table books, newspapers and magazines available. Let’s not forget the chess-set on the counter too! We doubt anybody has played a full game, but hey, it’s there if you want it!

Dolce 88  Lobby, JW Marriott Hotel, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, Tel: 2810 8366

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 9pm

4 / 10


Le Gouter Bernardaud (or LGB) has a few locations around town (see here for all locations). On Hong Kong side, you’ll find one kiosk in ifc, one cafe in Cityplaza in Tai Koo and another cafe tucked into the back of LHT Tower (the building that houses the Gap store on Queen’s Road Central).

WiFi signal: Excellent
Power: Out of all locations, there is only one socket at the Tai Koo cafe, so you’ll have to pray that nobody is hogging it by the time you get there.
Coffees, bites, and more: They have everything from beautifully infused teas (try the ‘Fleur’ which has orange blossom, jasmine, and rose notes) to excellent coffee. We recommend the ‘Gibraltar’, an espresso topped up with milk that is perfectly heated at 40 Celsius. LGB has a vast selection of sweet French treats such as macarons, financiers and madeleines. If you’re looking for something more substantial, try their lunch items or high tea sets.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Friendly. They remembered our orders after a few visits!
Crowds: All its locations get crowded at lunchtime. If you’re chilling at a table in the morning, you might get asked to cap your time because of lunch reservations.
Noise level: Tolerable, though some of the tables are quite close together. You might find it annoying to be forced to listen to someone’s business pitch, interview, or zealous chatter. Then again, others might think the same of you!
Other: Magazines like Tatler, TimeOut and Crave are available for your perusal. We like the picture of historic Hong Kong in the LHT Tower location.

LGB Cafe  Multiple locations across Hong Kong, Tel: 2522 4000

Hours: Differ according to location.

5 / 10

Holly Brown

This reliable coffee spot is a great place for knuckling down and getting your work done. You can stay for hours undisturbed, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a gelato!

WiFi signal: Good. They turn WiFi off between 12-2pm – we imagine it’s to deter lingerers.
Power: Power sockets are available.
Coffees, bites, and more: Holly Brown offers a regular range of caffeinated drinks, but has siphon coffees as well. They are known for roasting their own beans (you can pick up a packet while you’re there to brew at home). Lunch items exist a-plenty but never look appetising in their pre-cooked-not-sure-how-long-it’s-been-there ways. We’re yet to try them…
Water: Tap water is available on a side counter.
Service: After you pick up your order, it doesn’t really matter what service is like here, as they tend to leave customers alone. The gelato counter has been known to be backed up or appear confused.
Crowds: Always crowded with folks grabbing a quick coffee, setting up meetings, or nabbing a gelato.
Noise level: Tolerable. It’s better upstairs if you’re seeking a quiet spot.
Other: If you sit near the sizeable gelato counter, one of two things is bound to happen. You will cave and end up eating some, or get nauseous from the saccharine smell. Warning – the cream coloured leather couches at the Stanley Street location are starting to look positively gnarly. Choose a wooden chair instead if you aren’t there for too long.

Holly Brown  G/F, 22 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2869 9008

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7:30am – 10pm, Sunday: 9am – 7pm

6 / 10

JW Marriott Lobby Lounge

Conveniently attached to Pacific Place 1 and 2 is the JW Marriott. The relaxed Lobby Lounge is the perfect spot for meetings. You can linger before or after polishing your notes or checking emails…

WiFi signal: Excellent.
Power: Unavailable.
Coffees, bites, and more: Besides coffee, The Lounge also offers an extensive list of classic Chinese teas, organic teas, and healing tea blends. They serve a delectable range of snacks and desserts (salted caramel tarts!) as well, perfect for when you’re feeling peckish.
Water: Hot water is available upon request.
Service: This is a nice hotel and the service is on par. They will seat you with a smile but beware; you might have to wave your arms around to get the bill.
Noise level: Quiet – great for those who work best in a calm spot.
Other: We like the airy feel of the lobby lounge, with floor to ceiling windows looking out on to Queensway.

The Lounge (JW Marriott Hotel)  Lobby, JW Marriott Hotel, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong, Tel: 2810 8366

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 12am, Friday & Saturday: 8am – 1am

7 / 10


Whether you’re in Sheung Wan, Stanley, Central, Sai Ying Pun or Tai Hang, Classified is a fail-safe option for a cuppa. The atmosphere is great for unwinding too.

WiFi signal: Good.
Power: Sockets available at most locations, including Sai Ying Pun, Exchange Square, Tai Hang, Stanley, and Happy Valley.
Coffees, bites, and more: Classified’s coffee is nothing to write home about. That being said, sometimes an average but consistent cappuccino does the trick if the space and ambiance fills in the rest. We also like to stock up on some good cheese from their decent selection on our way out.
Water: Tap water is available on the sideboard.
Service: We find New World Tower (Central) restaurant friendliest.
Noise level: If you’re at a communal table at lunchtime, be prepared for disturbances. Afternoons on weekdays are a good bet for some quiet time at their large wooden tables.
Other: They like to up the air conditioner in the New World Tower location (probably not its fault but the building’s…). Other locations are open to the road, so people-watch but be prepared to be chilly in winter months and too hot in summer.

Classified  Multiple locations across Hong Kong, Tel: 2567 3454

Hours: Differ according to location.

8 / 10

Brunch Club and Supper

Brunch Club and Supper has two locations – one on Peel Street and another on Leighton Road in Causeway Bay. Both are relaxed and welcoming, with books and magazines scattered around.

WiFi signal: Excellent at the Leighton Road location, but flaky at the Peel Street location.
Power: Sockets available at both Peel Street and Leighton Road locations.
Coffees, bites, and more: Per the name, they serve brunch and supper. They also do lunch, breakfast and your in-between snacks. Come here for their salads, crepes, lunch sets, or just for a drink, but don’t expect to be wowed by anything.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Generally good but the Peel Street location staff seem frazzled on weekends.
Noise level: Usually quiet. You’ll find lots of people working quietly on laptops in both locations almost any day of the week.
Other: We like the open-air pebbled patio behind the Peel Street location, and the airy feel of the Leighton Road branch.

Brunch Club & Supper  Multiple locations across Hong Kong, Tel: 2890 2125

Hours: Differ according to location.

9 / 10

Opendoor Café + Courtyard

Tucked behind the overpass heading from Eastern Street to Sun Yat Sen Park in Sai Ying Pun is the adorable Opendoor Café. This is an art exhibit space, workspace and coffee shop all rolled into one.

WiFi signal: Excellent.
Power: USB charging ports and power sockets are available at every table.
Coffees, bites, and more: We love their excellent seasonal dark hot chocolate topped with orange rind. All their drinks can be made with soy or even almond milk, which is a welcome addition. They also have a small selection of health food items tucked into a corner. From protein and multigrain bars to nut butter packets and kale chips, you’ll find some healthy options here. Lunch items include curried quinoa salad and not-so-healthy options like buttery meat pies. The choice is yours!
Water: Tap water is available on the sideboard.
Service: Friendly.
Noise level: It’s never fully occupied because of the off-the-beaten-path location. This means it’s usually nice and quiet.
Other: Don’t forget to look around you – the exhibited art changes frequently and is hung up on walls everywhere. It’s also available for sale if you like the look of it! The courtyard in the back is a nice plus but it’s tiny. They also do workshops (e.g. coffee brewing or latte art) and have a small book-sharing shelf towards the back.

Opendoor Café + Courtyard  120 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, Tel: 3460 3880

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm, Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

10 / 10

Agnès B. Café

The colourful floor tiles, big windows, and abundant flora (courtesy of the in-store florist) add a je ne sais quoi to this French-inspired café. This chain has several other locations all over Hong Kong (see here).

WiFi signal: Excellent
Power: Two power sockets are available.
Coffees, bites, and more: Sandwiches, salads, croissants, and pretty pastries are all available. Each pastry even has a name! ‘Aimee’ (mascarpone and raspberry), ‘Marthe’ (earl grey and chocolate), and Carla (mango and vanilla) are just a few of the sweet treats on offer. There is also a full section of coffees and Mariages Freres teas.
Water: Tap water is available upon request.
Service: Friendly.
Noise level: Usually quiet.
Other: There are a few little tables outside if you’d rather get some fresh air (um, as fresh as you can within meters of Central!).

Agnès B. CaféG/F, Chung San House, 8 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: 2563 9393

Hours: Differ according to location.

Editors note: This article was originally published on 22 April, 2014 by Sai and updated on 21 June 2018 by Rachel Au

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