3 March, 2023
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Sassy Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023, #EmbraceEquity

3 March, 2023

Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day!

As a company built by women and made up of a team of talented ladies, International Women’s Day is an occasion that’s close to our hearts. There’s nothing we love more than spotlighting all things female; be it showcasing incredible women and their achievements or championing causes that seek to challenge the status quo.


There’s a difference between equity and equality. Equality is about giving individuals equal access to resources or opportunities, the onus is on the individual, as to what they do with this. Equity on the other hand looks at the individual difference and gives people what they need to get everyone to the same level. In 2023, it’s becoming more obvious that equality is a great starting point, but isn’t enough. So what have we got lined up?

Hear from some of Hong Kong’s most successful businesswomen as they share their journey to success and how their brands embrace equity, learn how to close the gender pay gap and browse our pick of 10 inspiring books about women by women for a quality read. Embracing equity comes in all forms, including embracing sexualities and closing the orgasm gap. Having said that, let us celebrate the achievements, small and big, of women from all walks of life!

It’s time to take action and step towards a gender-equal world.


This special series in honour of International Women’s Day 2023 and contains editorial and sponsored posts celebrating women in Hong Kong. Main image courtesy of Sassy Media Group. Image 1 courtesy of Alexander Suhorucov via Pexels. Image 2 & 3 courtesy of Pexels. Image 4 courtesy of Netflix. Image 5 courtesy of LinguaBox. Image 6 courtesy of Joy Lee for Sassy Media Group. Image 7 courtesy of Sassy Media Group. Image 8 courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels. Image 9 courtesy of Sassy Media Group. Image 10 courtesy of Pexels.

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