3 May, 2024
Best Romance Movies Main Image
Best Romance Movies Main Image

Grab the Tissues! The Best Romance Movies Guaranteed to Make You Ugly Cry

3 May, 2024
Best Romance Movies Main Image

These complex best romance movies will make you ugly-cry as they challenge your beliefs about relationships and what it means to be human.

When it comes to onscreen romance, some movies are content to simply make your heart flutter with a picture-perfect fairy tale. But the truly great love stories are the ones that challenge your perceptions of relationships and the human experience. In our list of the best romance movies guaranteed to make you ugly-cry, we’ve curated the cinematic gems that transcend the surface-level trappings of “happily ever after”. These are the films that will have you questioning the very nature of love while simultaneously being swept away by its inimitable powerSo grab the tissues and get ready to have your heart shattered – and ultimately put back together again – by the most thought-provoking romance flicks cinema has to offer.

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In The Mood For Love best romance movies

In The Mood For Love – A cinematic masterpiece about forbidden romance

Prepare to be mesmerised by Wong Kar-wai’s achingly beautiful masterpiece, In The Mood For Love – considered one of the best romance movies ever made. This intoxicating drama set in 1960s Hong Kong will shatter your heart into a million pieces with its tragic tale of forbidden love. Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung are pure perfection as the neighbours who form a bond after discovering their respective spouses are having an affair. Every frame drips with exquisite cinematography, vibrant colors and stylised visuals. From Cheung’s figure-hugging cheongsams to the crackling tension, it’s a sensory overload of romantic longing.

Watch the trailer here

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind best romance movies

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind – A film with captivating performances

Also widely regarded as one of the best romance movies ever, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a whimsical yet devastating exploration of love, loss, and the desire to erase the past. When Joel (Jim Carrey, in a career-best performance) undergoes a procedure to wipe his ex-girlfriend Clementine (played by Kate Winslet) from his memory, he soon realises that the pain of heartbreak is linked to the joy of their shared memories. As the procedure unfolds, we’re swept up in the bittersweet dance of their relationship, from the initial spark to the slow unraveling. Director Michel Gondry’s inventive visuals elevate the film’s premise, creating a dreamlike landscape that mirrors the fragility of the human mind.

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Past Lives best romance movies

Past Lives – One of the best indie romance films

Get ready to have your heart completely shattered by Past Lives – the melancholic romance that will make you question every relationship decision you’ve ever made. Writer-director Celine Song takes you on an emotional exploration of love’s road not travelled when childhood sweethearts Nora and Hae Sung reconnect years later in NYC. The insane chemistry between Greta Lee and Teo Yoo is absolutely electric, making you ache for them to finally give in to their lingering feelings. But the tragic complication is that Nora is already married to another man, forcing her to grapple with the reality of choosing between her present life and the “what if” of her romantic past. With its tender moments, haunting score, and lingering question of whether true love is worth upending everything for, this beautifully crafted indie will completely demolish you.

Watch the trailer here

La La Land best romance movies

La La Land – A modern musical masterpiece

If your heart can handle the sweet, soul-stirring pain, then prepare to be swept away by the cinematic magic of La La Land. Director Damien Chazelle’s bittersweet ode to the City of Angels is a triumph of old-Hollywood charm and modern-day romanticism, following the star-crossed love story of struggling artist Mia (Emma Stone, radiant as ever) and jazz pianist Seb (a swoon-worthy Ryan Gosling). As the two pursue their creative passions in the sun-dappled landscape of Los Angeles, their connection ignites with a passion that seems to defy the harsh realities of chasing one’s dreams. But Chazelle isn’t interested in tidy happily-ever-afters – instead, he crafts a heartrending tale of how sometimes, the very things that draw us together can also tear us apart.

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Call Me By Your Name best romance movies

Call Me By Your Name – A tender ode to the force of first love

Topping virtually every “best romance movies” list since its 2017 release, Call Me By Your Name is an intoxicating exploration of first love that will leave you utterly dissolved. Director Luca Guadagnino brilliantly captures the euphoria and agonizing heartbreak of teenage Elio’s (an incredible Timothée Chalamet) all-consuming affair with his father’s grad student Oliver (Armie Hammer) against the dreamiest Italian backdrop. From the pair’s electrifying sexual tension to the heartbreakingly intimate moments they share, this sensual masterpiece lays bare the intense passion and profound impact of first love. Get ready to be a melted puddle as you witness their romance blossom amid the continental heat, only to have your heart shattered into pieces by the gut-punch of an ending.

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Her Best Romance Movies

Her – Explores themes of intimacy and isolation

In this stirring tale of modern love, Joaquin Phoenix captivates as Theodore, a lonely, recently divorced man who finds solace in an unlikely paramour – his advanced artificial intelligence operating system, Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Director Spike Jonze crafts a near-future world, all warm hues and retro-futuristic design, that serves as the backdrop for this moving exploration of the human need for connection. As Theodore and Samantha’s bond deepens, you’ll find yourself swept up in the vulnerability and poignancy of their unconventional relationship. Jonze’s script balances whimsy and heartache with an assured touch, delivering a love story that’s as thought-provoking as it is emotional. And the fact that this is where leading man Phoenix met his real-life wife, Rooney Mara, only adds an extra layer of transcendent romance to this unique modern love story.

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Hello Love Goodbye Best Romance Movies

Hello, Love, Goodbye – Cross-cultural romance set in Hong Kong

Another heart-wrenching romance that hits close to home, Hello, Love, Goodbye deserves a spot on any “best romance movies” list. This Filipino film from director Cathy Garcia-Molina pulls back the curtain on the harsh realities faced by overseas workers through the eyes of Joy (Kathryn Bernardo), a determined domestic helper, and Ethan (Alden Richards), a struggling bartender – both based in Hong Kong. As their love story blossoms against the city’s gritty backdrop, you’ll find yourself deeply invested in their impossible choice: pursue their dreams abroad at the expense of being away from family, or return home to loved ones but leave their ambitions behind? With raw performances that tug at the heartstrings and an authentic look at the sacrifices made by OFWs, this cross-cultural romance packs a massive emotional punch.

Watch the trailer here

Up Best Romance Movies

Up – A portrayal of lasting love among the best animated romance films

In just 10 minutes, Up manages to weave an entire lifetime of romance between Carl and Ellie, using nothing more than wordless montage. We watch them fall head-over-heels, build a life together, and face the heartbreak of unfulfilled dreams – all without a single spoken line of dialogue. But it’s in these quiet moments that the depth of their bond truly shines, a testament to the universality of love’s joys and sorrows. By the time the elderly, grief-stricken Carl embarks on an adventure, you’ll be a sobbing mess, mourning the loss of his soulmate even as you’re inspired by his resilience. Up may be an animated film, but its depiction of the lifelong love between two people is as real and relatable as they come.

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