21 May, 2024
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Top Self-Defence & Martial Arts Classes In Hong Kong: Muay Thai, Kung Fu & More

21 May, 2024
self defence main image

We’re hitting you with the best places to learn martial arts in Hong Kong, including self-defence classes, Muay Thai, Wing Chun kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, krav maga and more.

Why sign up for a martial arts class in Hong Kong? Martial arts and self-defence classes teach you new skills, provide a full-body workout and give you the confidence and strength to protect yourself. While we love a good pilates or yoga session, or something high-intensity like CrossFit or dance — it’s important to know how to defend yourself, a valuable skill (for all genders!) that is also a lot of fun to learn. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few styles of self-defence and martial arts, including krav maga, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Wing Chun kung fu and more…

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self defence IWKA Kung Fu Hong Kong

IWKA Kung Fu Hong Kong — Wing Chun and Taiji kung fu, tai chi

Whether you’re looking to learn how to defend yourself, improve your fitness or simply master a new art — IWKA Kung Fu’s beginner martial arts course for adults is a fun and effective option. Learn kung fu, specifically the Wing Chun and Taiji styles, alongside tai chi and chi gong.

IWKA Kung Fu Hong Kong, Unit 2B, 2/F, Kam Hong Building, 285 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2851 7755www.kungfuhongkong.com.hk

best martial arts self defence classes hong kong cheung do kwan korea taekwondo school

Cheung Do Kwan Korea Taekwondo — Taekwondo school in Hong Kong

Although taekwondo has earned a reputation as a competitive sport, this martial art was originally developed for self-defence. Characterised by punching and kicking, it’s great for blocking and defensive blows. One of the oldest Korean martial arts schools in Hong Kong, Cheung Do Kwan’s for-adults programme will give you a detailed explanation of taekwondo skills and concepts while providing a cardiovascular and strength workout!

Korea Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan (STT), various class locations, 6145 1614, www.hongkongtaekwondo.com

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International Krav Maga Federation — The world’s largest Krav Maga community

The International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) offers dynamic classes in Hong Kong, designed to equip you with practical skills to protect against any threat. Rooted in a military self-defence system, Krav Maga combines techniques from boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo, and karate. These no-nonsense classes focus on real-life applications, teaching you effective counters to punches, kicks, and more. Whether you’re navigating high-intensity warm-ups or learning how to respond in realistic scenarios, the IKMF ensures you gain confidence and the ability to defend yourself effectively.

International Krav Maga Federation (Tsim Sha Tsui), 16/F, Cheuk Nang Centre, 9 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
International Krav Maga Federation (Sheung Wan), 14/F, Connaught Harbourfront House, 35-36 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 5987 4565, www.kravmaga.com.hk

best martial arts self defence classes hong kong espada studio brazilian jiu jitsu mma muay thai women's

Espada Studio — Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA, and Muay Thai plus women-only courses

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a great form of self-defence as it focuses on grappling and ground fighting, both of which are realistic scenarios if you’re ever attacked. Espada Studio specialises in BJJ and MMA and even offers women-only courses.

Espada Studio, 4/F, So Hong Commercial Building, 41-47 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2885 1922, espada.hk

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best martial arts self defence classes hong kong taekwando systema wing chun kung fu brazilian jiu jitsu 2

GSF Academy — Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai and self-defence

Standing for grappling, striking and fitness, GSF Academy is one of the largest Brazilian jiu-jitsu, self-defence, and martial arts schools on the Island. Classes are taught by professional trainers with more than 10 years of coaching experience and include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, self-defence and even yoga!

GSF Academy, Unit 1002-03, 10/F, Tung Chai Building, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 3997 3547, www.gsfacademy.com

self defence Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon Chinese Kung Fu

Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon — Modern kung fu in Hong Kong

A modern Chinese martial art based on traditional Chinese kung fu, Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon is a boxing-like art that pulls traditional kicking and punching techniques together with tai chi (Taiji) and self-defence. Based in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, this academy will help you learn this form of kung fu in a pleasant environment, no matter your age.

Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon, various locations across Hong Kong, 2511 8787, www.hyylkmartialarts.com

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self defence Kowloon Jiujitsu

Kowloon Jiu Jitsu — Martial art fitness studio offering Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA and Judo

Kowloon Jiu Jitsu takes pride in providing a clean, safe environment for people of all ages and skill levels, offering six stages for jiu-jitsu: beginner, fundamentals, all-level classes, No-Gi, competition, and MMA. If your priority is self-defence, look to judo — a grappling martial art focused on lifting and throwing your opponent from a standing position. It involves no striking or kicking, simply capitalising on your opponent’s movement to force them down onto their backs.

Kowloon Jiu Jitsu, 2/F, Pacific Mansion, 172-174 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2668 8601, www.klnbjj.com

self defence Kru Muay Thai Hong Kong

Kru Muay Thai HK — Muay Thai boxing gym in Central

A top Muay Thai gym in Hong Kong, Kru Muay Thai HK focuses on the martial art form that combines fists, elbows, knees and shins (that’s why it’s called the art of eight limbs!). All coaches here are national champions from Thailand who can be referred to as “Kru”, the term for a master of Muay Thai. You can join one of the daily small group classes (eight people max) or opt for one-on-one personal training. There’s also a regular sparring class every Friday evening.

Kru Muay Thai HK, 14/F, Siu Ying Commercial Building, 153 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2638 8260www.krumuaythaihk.com

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Yip Man Martial Art Association — Wing Chun kung fu in Hong Kong

What better way to learn the historic art of Wing Chun than through the Yip Man Martial Art Association? First established with grandmaster Yip Man (yes, that Ip Man!) and his associates in the 1970s, it offers an effective and affordable way to learn the self-defence martial art.

Yip Man Martial Art Association (Alpha House), Unit A, 5/F, Alpha House, 27 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Yip Man Martial Art Association (Mirador Mansion), Unit F4, 3/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2723 2306, www.samlau-wingchun.com

Editor’s Note: “The Best Self-Defence & Martial Arts Classes In Hong Kong: Muay Thai, Kung Fu & More” was most recently updated by Catherine Pun in May 2024. With thanks to Danielle Roberts and Lydia Ching for her contribution.

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