21 November, 2022
Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Wan Chai Green Trail
Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Wan Chai Green Trail
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6 Short Hiking Trails In Hong Kong: Easy Hikes Under Two Hours

21 November, 2022
Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Wan Chai Green Trail

Check out these short hiking trails in Hong Kong, that are easy enough to complete in under two hours.

Hong Kong is a hiker’s paradise and even the more skeptical among us should experience what all the fuss is about. Love hiking but don’t have the time to commit a full 4+ hours to it? Or perhaps you’re new to Hong Kong’s trails and keen for a quick taste of the best hiking spots in the city? Well, there’s no better way to get into hiking than starting off with something short and sweet.

Although all under two hours, these six short hiking trails have immense payoffs – astounding nature and beauty without having to work too hard for it. The length also makes this list perfect for beginners or hiking aficionados who want to take it a little easier. For more hike options, we’ve got a list of shaded trailsdog-friendly hikeshistoric trailshikes to get you to the beach and more. Some of the hiking trails are easily accessible, while others take you far away from the madness of the city. Take your pick!

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Pineapple Mountain Hong Kong Hike

Pineapple Mountain Hike (Por Lo Shan)

Dubbed Hong Kong’s “mini Grand Canyon” and named after our favourite sugar-crusted pineapple buns for its bumpy, golden terrain, this hiking trail is popular among tourists and locals alike, so it’s good to go on a weekday if you wish to avoid crowds.

Though this is a relatively short hike, the trail involves a bit of a steep, uphill climb and the ground you’ll be walking on is, for the most part, uneven and gravelly. Just before the trail starts to descend, you’ll reach the canyon-like valley of eroded rock. This is definitely the time to whip out your camera, but take caution near the sharp and slippery edges (safety before Instagram!). On a clear day, you should be able to also see Tuen Mun, Castle Peak and Shenzhen across the water.

How to get there: Take the Tuen Ma line to Siu Hong MTR station, then switch to the light rail and take route 505 to Leung King station. From there it’s about a five-minute walk across the tracks to Leung King Plaza where the trail begins.
Distance of hiking trail: 6km
Duration of hiking trail: 2 hours
Getting home: Go back the way you came or follow the road down to Ha Pak Nai village and take minibus 33 to Tin Shui Wan MTR station.

Sassy Tip: Parts of the hiking trail are located nearby the Tsing Shan Firing Range, which is sometimes used for military exercises. Best to check the firing practice schedule before setting off to be on the safe side.

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Sharp Island

Sharp Island Hike

Sharp Island is a wonderful place to explore on foot and hang out for the day. The hiking trail starts at Hap Mun Beach which is a rather pristine and secluded Hong Kong shoreline. If the weather is warm, it’s worth taking a dip at the start of your journey (changing rooms are available).

The route is easy to follow and begins near the picnic site area on the beach. The path takes you to the top of Hak Shan Teng Hill where you can take in breathtaking views of the sea and endless greenery.

The route then brings you down to Kiu Tsui Beach so you’ll have yet another chance to go for a cooling dip. This is where a little magic happens… if you reach this point at low tide (try to reach that stage of the hike at 3pm when the tide tends to be at its lowest), a tombolo of sand and stone presents itself and acts like a bridge that connects to Kiu Tau Islet.

If you’re able to cross, more gorgeous views await you on the islet, but don’t linger too long or you may find yourself in a mini castaway situation!

How to get there: From Diamond Hill MTR Exit C2 take bus 92 to Sai Kung Town. Take a small ferry (kaito) at Sai Kung Pier which brings you to Hap Mun Bay in around 15 minutes.
Distance of hiking trail: 3km-3.5km
Duration of hiking trail: 1.5 hours
Getting home: After crossing back across the tombolo and getting back to Kiu Tsui Beach from the islet, there is a pier from which you take a kaito that will bring you back to Sai Kung Pier.

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Peak Circle Walk

Peak Circle Walk

This is another convenient spot to get to if you’re on Hong Kong Island. The Peak Circle Walk is perfect for those who want to get moving but aren’t looking for anything strenuous. The reward of spectacular views usually entails a very arduous hike, but this mild and leisurely hike will provide you with stunning panoramas of Victoria Harbour, without really having to break a sweat!

The start of the circuit is near Peak Tower on Lugard Road and along the very well-paved and flat path you’ll be shaded by lush overhanging trees. You’ll come across Lugard Road lookout and the expansive views of the Hong Kong skyline. Lugard will eventually link up to Harlech Road and the hiking trail comes full circle as you end up near the Peak Tower once again.

As a bonus, you end up at the Peak, with plenty of options for a quick bite and drink or two.

How to get there: At Central MTR station, take Exit J2 and head over to lower Peak Tram on Garden Road. Take the lovely tram ride up to reach the Peak or take bus 15 from Exchange Square.
Distance of hiking trail: 3.5km
Duration of hiking trail: 1-1.5 hours
Getting home: Take another relaxing ride on the tram or catch bus 15 to get back to Central

Sassy Tip: The circuit gives you the chance to veer off into other hikes as well (although keep in mind they will probably take longer than two hours). You can make your way to Mount High West, Lung Fu Shan Country Park or have a gander at historic Pinewood Battery by turning right at the intersection of Lugard and Harlech.

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Wan Chai Green Trail

Wan Chai Green Trail

This hiking trail is super easy to access. The starting point is so convenient that it’s an excellent option for unwinding and de-stressing after a long day at work. The hike is also an ideal choice if you’re not great with directions and maps, as the clear signage throughout means that you can’t get lost.

The trail begins on the corner of Wan Chai Gap Road and at the start there is a resource centre (closed on Tuesdays) where you can familiarise yourself better with the trail, read useful info and check out any points of interest and detours.

The Wan Chai hiking trail is surprisingly tough at the get-go as it starts with a steep incline that will get some legs burning! The route leads to Kennedy Road where there will be more steps to conquer. From here, surroundings become more serene with sweeping views of green. The trail junctions with Bowen Road and continues uphill. The incline ends at Wong Nai Chung Gap Park.

From there, you can head home or continue hiking on Blacks Link Path. To really extend your walking expedition, follow signs to Aberdeen Reservoir Road to reach Aberdeen Harbour.

How to get there: From Central MTR, Wan Chai MTR station is only a couple stops away. You can get off at MTR Wan Chai Exit A3 or take the 6, 10 or 15 bus and get off at Wan Chai Market
Distance of hiking trail: 1.5km
Duration of hiking trail: 1 hour
Getting home: Bus 15 back to Wan Chai

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain Hike (Kam Shan Country Park)

Fancy a hike with added adventure? Look no further than the hiking trails around Monkey Mountain where you’re bound to encounter macaque monkeys. Just remember that these cheeky creatures are wild, so be sure to adhere to all the warning signs and do not touch or feed the animals, as they may become aggressive.

There are various trails to take: Kam Shan Family Walk is a short hike and well-marked, taking you around Kowloon Reservoir, while Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail is an easy-to-find hike that is scenic with awesome views of Kowloon Peninsula. Maclehose Stage 6 and Wilson Stage 6 are slightly longer but still relatively painless!

How to get there: For any of these hiking trails around Monkey Mountain, take either bus 72 or bus 81 and get off at the Shek Lei Pui Reservoir stop
Distance of hiking trail: Kam Shan Family Walk: 1km; Eagle’s Nest Nature trail: 3.5km; Maclehose Stage 6: 4.6km; Wilson Stage 6: 5.5km
Duration of hiking trail: Kam Shan Family Walk: 30 minutes; Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail: 1.5 hours; Maclehose Stage 6: 1.5 hours; Wilson Stage 6: Almost 2 hours
Getting home: Take buses 72 or 81

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Short Hiking Trails Hong Kong: Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan Hike

On the eastern coast of Sai Kung stretches the beauty that is Tai Long Wan. The bay is arguably compromised of the four best beaches in Hong Kong (Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan and Tung Wan) because they boast unparalleled water and sand quality. Plus, because they are tricky to access, the beaches feel super private and unspoiled.

Depending on where you live, this can take over two hours, including the route to Sai Kung. You can also get there by boat and just hike a portion of the trail from one beach to another. Check out other ways to get to Tai Long Wan here. 

The views are genuinely incredible throughout the hiking trail, with turquoise waters and white sand sights you’d never expect to see in the city.

The hike starts at Sai Wan Pavilion (check out the information board) where you’ll then follow a well-marked path to Sai Wan via Chui Tung Au. Here’s your first chance to bask in the sun, have a swim or even go for a surf. When ready to carry on, continue up the hill past the beach (it’s actually part of MacLehose Trail Stage 2) and arrive at Ham Tin Wan.

Watch the surfers catching waves or rent a board and get in on the action yourself. If you have the time and energy, feel free to keep hiking past this point and follow paths to explore the other beaches.

How to get there: From Sai Kung Town, take a cab or catch the 29R minibus (find it outside the McDonald’s) to reach Sai Wan Pavilion.
Distance of hiking trail: 5km
Duration of hiking trail: 1.5 hours
Getting home: The best option is to hike back the way you came at your own pace, but if you wish to take a ferry from Ham Tin Wan to Sai Kung Pier, it needs to be arranged at Sai Kung Pier prior to setting off on the hike.

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Editor’s Note: “5 Short Hiking Trails In Hong Kong: Easy Hikes Under Two Hours” was most recently updated in November 2022 by Team Sassy. With thanks to Catherine Leng and Tania Shroff for their contribution.


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