10 December, 2015

Manicures and Eyelash Extensions at Carte Blanche in TST!

10 December, 2015

A Japanese style salon that’s perfect for all your holiday beauty needs!

Conveniently located near K11 (MTR N1 exit in TST),  Carte Blanche is easy to find. As soon as I walked in, the friendly staff showed me to a seat and offered me a selection of tea along with some nail art booklets to browse. I was looking forward to my manicure at this Japanese style salon, and I went for one of their monthly special designs in black and white. The best thing about Carte Blanche? They’re all about convenience so can do two beauty treatments at the same time (talk about efficient!). That meant that I could also try out their special eyelash extensions…

After choosing my manicure style, I was led into a room where the lash expert, Chika, introduced me to the various lash designs I could choose from. I felt truly pampered as they started to work away on my manicure and lash extensions at the same time!


This was the first time I’d tried lash extensions and whilst I was really excited to get them, I also didn’t want them to look super fake. I ended up choosing the level up from the “natural look” and opted for the ‘J’ curls over the ‘C’ curls. They warned me not to open my eyes during the process, and I ended up getting a nice, relaxing 45-minute nap in as they worked away on my lashes. When it was over (and I managed to wake up!), I couldn’t believe the lashes I was looking at in the mirror were mine. They were so well done and looked totally natural but more enhanced – I couldn’t stop batting my lashes!

Conveniently the manicure was nearly finished as my lashes were complete, and I moved back to the manicure tables and Joby (the talented manicurist) quickly finished off the rest of my nails. While I waited for the soft gel to dry off, I had a nice chat with Joby and found out the white colour I chose was one of the hardest soft gel colours to paint… oops! But that didn’t affect her skill, as I walked away with a beautifully painted set of nails. For the next few days I received so many compliments for both my lashes and nails, and I’ll definitely return for a top up!

French small stone

In under an hour and a half I managed to give both my nails and lashes a makeover. I am now so ready for those holiday festivities! The eyelash extensions cost between $700 – $1,200, and the soft gel mani costs $650. It’s not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for – a premium experience and highly skilled beauty therapists, and the best part is both my hair and nails are very much in tact after three full weeks! Until December 15, Carte Blanche is also offering special promotions for lashes and nails, so make sure you check them out ASAP and don’t forget to try out the hair salon too. You can get all glam-med up in one swift go!

Carte Blanche1/F & 2/F Mody House, 30 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2739 1966 (Nail and Lashes), 2739-1960 (Hair), www.carteblanche-hk.com

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