7 November, 2014

10 First Date Don’ts: Kaitlin Kapur tells us what not to do on a date!

7 November, 2014

It’s finally happened. That hot guy you always see during lunch hour has worked up the courage to ask you on a date. You’re excited, but also a bit nervous about making conversation with basically a complete stranger for an hour. (Social media stalking doesn’t count!). Within a short period of time, you’re supposed to make a fabulous impression while simultaneously deciding if he’s really worth your time. The most important thing is to have fun, relax and smile, but if things start to go south (and we don’t mean in a sexy kind of way), remember these 10 First Date Don’ts.b35ac1f1884a6fcec389b87721c669a1

1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations
Could the person sitting across from you be your future life partner? Theoretically yes, but first dates are really just to determine if you want to see each other for a second date. With high hopes come big disappointments, so instead aim only for an enjoyable night out –anything more is a bonus.

2. Don’t freeze over
No one wants to come on too strong, but going too far in the opposite direction can be equally problematic. People like people who like them, so leave the ice queen act in your freezer at home. Being on time, dressing up, and asking/answering questions with energy and genuine enthusiasm are ways to show your date you care, without going overboard.

3. Don’t leave your purse at home
While the majority of men will pay on a first date, they don’t want to feel that the woman expects them to pay. When the check comes, grab your purse and ask if you can contribute. The vast majority will appreciate the offer but decline, at which point you can thank him sincerely. If he allows you to split the bill, it’s doubtful he’s interested in anything serious with you.


4. Don’t drink too much
Yes the conversation is flowing, the atmosphere electric and you are having an awesome time, but nobody wants the ‘OMG’ moment the next morning when you try to piece together what happened. Always make sure there’s a bottle of water and wine at the table.

5. Don’t make him snooze
Keep up to date on current events, from politics to pop culture. Contrary to popular belief, controversial topics make for great first date conversation. You and your date may not agree on Occupy Central or the salaries of the Kardashian Family, but if you can disagree respectfully, you’ll be sure to learn things about each other that are infinitely more interesting than your shared love of Char Siu Bao. While it is great you can show passion in topics, we would advise against standing up, waving your arms and asking the rest of the bar if they agree with you. Save that for the second date!

6. Don’t wear anything you can’t breathe in
You may want to wow your date in a killer dress, but if you can’t sit down, breath or eat in it, you’re going to look uncomfortable. Shoe-horning yourself into a pair of Spanx isn’t going to be practical either. If you’re comfortable you won’t fidget – or faint.


7. Don’t be glued to your phone
You’d be irritated if he spent the evening on his phone right? For safety, you should let a friend know who you are meeting and where, and if you REALLY need to text to say whether he’s hot or not, do so discreetly at the washrooms. Manners are everything!

8. Don’t give your whole life story
While fascinating, he doesn’t need it all in one sitting. Hold. It. Back.

9. Don’t take it all off
You might think he’ll like you more once he see’s your bedroom moves, but he’ll be thinking he might as well as he won’t see you again! The best things come to those who wait so until you know exactly where you stand, then you can choose when to lie down.

10. Don’t forget your manners
Nothing kills a date mood more than someone yelling at the waitress, sending food back for the forth time and generally having no decorum. If things go wrong, put on a happy face and smile… through your teeth.


We know there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a first date so we hope that you and yours hit it off and these tips come in handy. If there isn’t any chemistry, fear not, we’ve all been there and whether you plot an exit strategy or dodge a follow up date we wish you well in your escape!

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