Tennis Anyone?

If we are slow to respond to any Sassy emails this morning it is because we are taking the morning off to play tennis! I am not sure if playing tennis is the correct term to use though since I am basically going to be learning to play the game. I have always been athletic but I never had a chance to really learn tennis despite the fact that (a) my Dad always told me it was a sport I should learn because it is social and you can play it even as you get older and (b) my mother-in-law was a champion tennis player when she was young.

I am praying the John McEnroe in me does not come out today because I tend to get frustrated very easily if I am not learning something fast enough when it comes to new sports. While I may be athletic I am still a girly girl so when I was invited to go play tennis one of the first questions I had was “What am I going to wear?”. Since I don’t know if I will take to tennis I will be playing today in my normal yoga pants and tank top but the inspiration board above is what I really wish I was wearing. If today goes well maybe I will treat myself to a tennis outfit like this one. I am not sure I can justify the Chanel racket though – but a girl can dream!
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