Twilight Fashion

We’re not going to lie, when we finally saw Twilight after all the hype about Robert Pattinson, we totally “got it”, even though we’re a little out of the teenybopper demographic! I’ve since read all the Twilight series of books (and would definitely recommend them for long-haul plane trips as they’re a great combo of quite long, gripping and an easy read). Now I’m looking forward to the next movie!

We’re also noticing to see a bit of vampiric influence starting to creep into other fields. This gold necklace at the top by hip Brit designer Dominic Jones is actually rose thorns, but we think it looks a little like little vampire teeth.

Doo Wop’s special Twilight lip venom (for plumping your pout) is designed to be shaken up so that the stain and the gloss mix together to represent the mixing between the human and vampire worlds… um…. ok!

If you just fancy giving a little nod to the trend, we love these little “Baby Vamp Rings” from Bittersweets New York. They come as a pair, so you can give one to your vampire lover – almost like friendship rings from the old days. Bittersweets has tons of other cute and slightly goth-leaning pieces, like their earthworm necklace…ick!
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