10 True Crime Podcasts We Love

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Dirty John

Although Dirty John may be the least gruesome podcast on this list, the thrill of this story lies in its relatability (because who hasn’t forayed into the world of online dating these days?). The show chronicles the life of Debra Newell, a successful interior designer, and her relationship with the duplicitous John Meehan. Expect plot twists so good they belong on a TV show. It’s no wonder Bravo decided to adapt it into a series late last year!

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In The Dark

If you’re more interested in the police examination of murders as opposed to the crimes themselves, you have to listen to In The Dark. Showcasing investigative journalism at its very best, this podcast tackles crime-solving accountability head on, drawing attention to systemic law enforcement failures. There have been two seasons of the show so far: the first centred upon the kidnapping and murder of Jacob Wetterling and the ensuing investigation, and the second following the case of Curtis Flowers who has been tried six times for multiple murders. I highly recommend this one for any fans of Serial.

3 / 10

Missing And Murdered: Finding Cleo

In my humble opinion, the best true crime podcasts are the ones which start with an unsolved mystery. The element of the unknown, matched with the resulting investigative process, is an alluring duo which never fails to pull me in. And Missing And Murdered: Finding Cleo ticks all those boxes. The show delves into the case of a young indigenous girl named Cleo who was taken from her family by social services in 1974 to be adopted into a white family in Canada. Her family say that Cleo was ultimately raped and murdered while trying to hitchhike her way back home, but for decades their desperate attempts to find out what really happened have been swept under the rug. Until now.

4 / 10

My Favorite Murder

As one of the original pioneers of true crime podcasts, My Favorite Murder has become somewhat of a cult classic. Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the show brings a light-hearted twist to all things murder. Each episode consists of a candid chat where the girls share and discuss (you guessed it) their favourite murders. Though some critics dislike their loose interpretations of the facts, dates and pronunciations, I personally think it adds to the charm of it all. Make sure to check out the “Hometown” editions where listeners write in and share their real-life “murderino” experiences!

5 / 10

Not Another True Crime Podcast

True crime for the millennial generation, Not Another True Crime Podcast puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on the genre. Produced by Betches Media, hosts Sara Levine, Danny Murphy and Casey Balsham make each episode feel like one big gossip session, complete with wine of course! Though hardcore “true crimers” may dismiss this show as frivolous, the podcast’s excellent coverage of contemporary crime scandals (e.g. The Bling Ring and scammer Anna Delvey) make it worthy of a listen.

6 / 10

The Last Podcast On The Left

If you like a hefty dose of conspiracy theories and UFOs with your murder, The Last Podcast On The Left is for you. Hosted by comedians and long-time friends Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, this show balances in-depth research with comic impressions for a true crime podcast like no other. A little bit crude at times and definitely scary, this one is not for the faint of heart!

7 / 10

The Teacher's Pet

Widely touted to be in the same league as Serial, Australian-based podcast The Teacher’s Pet does not disappoint. The story begins with the 1982 disappearance of Lynette Dawson, wife of Chris Dawson, a former star football player, and mother of two. As the investigation goes on, dark truths are revealed, including the revelation of Chris’ underage schoolgirl lover.

8 / 10

To Live And Die In LA

Even if you don’t keep up to date with the world of true crime podcasts, chances are you’ll have at least heard of this viral hit. To Live And Die In LA follows the disappearance of aspiring actress, Adea Shabani, who went missing without a trace from her apartment complex near Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame. Host Neil Strauss investigates the case in real time, reporting on developments as and when they happen. If you weren’t sold on the allure of true crime podcasts before, I promise this will be the one that makes you think twice.

9 / 10

Unheard: The Fred And Rose West Tapes

Yes, the Fred and Rose West murders have been covered extensively over the years. But, as demonstrated by this podcast, there’s still new ground to cover. Based on the old interview tapes of Howard Sounes, a journalist and writer who actually covered the murders when the story broke in 1994, Unheard: The Fred And Rose West Tapes delivers new insights on the horrific crimes of the Wests, with a particular focus on the personal stories of their victims.

10 / 10

Up And Vanished

When aspiring filmmaker and musician Payne Lindsay decided to take on the biggest cold case in the state of Georgia’s history, many critics dismissed the amateur and his podcast as child’s play. But boy, how wrong they were. Up And Vanished’s first season, centred upon the disappearance of local beauty queen Tara Grinstead, ultimately resulted in two arrests following twelve years of dead ends. Now that, people, is the power of podcasting.

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