29 December, 2023
Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024
Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024
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2024 Public Holidays: How To Maximise Your Annual Leave

29 December, 2023
Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024

Looking to make the most of the Hong Kong public holidays in 2024? With travel definitely back on the cards, you’ll want to know exactly when to book your annual leave!

We’ve picked our word of the year and it is TRAVEL! So, to get set for the year of adventuring ahead, you’ll want to know how best to use your annual leave to maximise each and every weekend getaway. Whether you’re looking for a health retreat to reset and refresh or a city break that’s an easy direct flight away, here’s how to maximise your holiday time in 2024.

Read on to discover our top tips for maximising your time off…

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Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024

Hong Kong Public Holidays 2024

The Hong Kong 2024 public holidays are set out by the government each year. Saturday is considered a work day for many in Hong Kong, so when a public holiday falls on a Saturday there is no extra weekday given. A shame for those of us working Monday to Friday but we’ve got less public holidays falling on a Saturday this year compared to last year! However, when a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be given as a day off.

  • New Year’s Day: Monday, 1 January, 2024
  • Lunar New Year: Saturday, 10 to Tuesday, 13 February, 2024
  • Easter: Friday, 29 March to Monday, 1 April, 2024
  • Ching Ming Festival: Thursday, 4 April, 2024
  • Labour Day: Wednesday, 1 May, 2024
  • Buddha’s Birthday: Wednesday, 15 May, 2024
  • Dragon Boat Festival: Monday, 10 June, 2024
  • Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day: Monday, 1 July, 2024
  • The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival: Wednesday, 18 September, 2024
  • National Day: Tuesday, 1 October, 2024
  • Cheung Yeung Festival: Friday, 11 October, 2024
  • Christmas: Wednesday, 25 December and Thursday, 26 December, 2024

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Lunar New Year Public Holidays 2024

Chinese New Year will take place in mid-February this year. The streets are eerily quiet during Chinese Year, so make the most of fewer crowds, cooler weather and traditional festive happenings to get out and explore the city. And, if you take the rest of the week off work, you could enjoy a romantic getaway over Valentine’s Day.

Travelling over the Chinese New Year public holiday in 2024

  • Get your health back on track in 2024, by booking a health retreat in Asia.
  • Oh, how we’ve longed for the white sand beaches of Thailand! Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lanta are all stunning at this time of year.
  • Catch the Australian summer in all its glory.
  • Snow bunnies should hop over to hit the slopes in Hokkaido.

2024 Public holiday: Saturday, 10 to Tuesday, 13 February, 2024
Book off: Wednesday, 14 February to Friday, 16 February, 2024
Annual leave days used: 3
Days holiday: 9

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Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024

Ching Ming And Easter Public Holidays In 2024

With enough time to plan, we’re thinking April could be the perfect time to book a big overseas adventure!

Where to go for the Easter public holidays in 2024

  • Channel Indiana Jones as you explore the ancient wonders of Jordan.
  • Visit the New Zealand vineyards (just in time for the annual wine harvest!).
  • The heat of the blazing summer has passed making April a great time to book a South African safari.

Sassy Tip: Check the public holiday opening hours at your destination because some tourist providers in western destinations may close for the holiday.

2024 Public holiday: Friday, 29 March to Monday, 1 April (Easter); Thursday, 4 April, 2024 (Ching Ming)
Book off: Tuesday, 2, Wednesday, 3, and Friday, 5 April
Annual leave days used: 3
Days holiday: 10

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Labour Day Hong Kong Public Holiday 2024

Tack on a few extra days to turn your 2024 public holiday into a long weekend.

Long weekend destinations for the Labour Day public holiday

  • In Penang, Malaysia you can lie on a golden sand beach in the morning, wander historic streets and take in fabulous murals in the afternoon and finish your day feasting on street snacks!
  • Get your city fix by heading to bustling Busan, South Korea for some of the freshest seafood on the planet.
  • With warm, sunny days and less crowds, May is one of the best times of year to visit Bali.

2024 Public holiday: Wednesday, 1 May, 2024
Book off: Monday, 29 and Tuesday, 30 April, or Thursday, 2 and Friday, 3 May, 2024
Annual leave days used: 2
Days holiday: 5

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Maximise Annual Leave, Public Holidays 2024

Buddha’s Birthday Public Holiday 2024

We’ll let you in on a little secret, May is one of the best months of the year to travel! You’ll beat the crowds of July and August (not to mention the inflated prices and blazing heat) and tour providers are excited for the upcoming season (read – not exhausted!). 

Where to go for Buddha’s Birthday public holiday

  • Take in the dramatic cliffs and sparkling sea on a romantic coastal getaway to the Almafi Coast in Italy, before the summer crowds spoil your perfect Insta shots.
  • Catch a Broadway show, shop ’til you drop and immerse yourself in the pumping atmosphere of New York City.
  • If you’ve ever wondered about visiting outback Australia, May is the time to do it, the days are warm and not scorching, making it perfect to hike the desert dunes.

2024 Public holiday: Wednesday, 15 May, 2024
Book off: Monday, 13 and Tuesday, 14 May and Thursday, 16 and Friday, 17 May, 2024
Annual leave days used: 4
Days holiday: 9

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Dragon Boat Festival Public Holiday 2024

Kickstart your summer with a well-deserved June vacation. These are our top picks to make the most of your June public holidays in 2024.

Where to travel for the Dragon Boat Festival public holiday

  • Explore the lush jungles, see orangutans swinging from the trees and maybe even catch sea turtles hatching! It’s all within easy reach of Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo.
  • For a foodie adventure like no other book your tickets to Portugal and wine and dine your way through Porto and Lisbon.

2024 Public holiday: Monday, 10 June, 2024
Book off: Tuesday, 11 to Friday, 14 June, 2024
Annual leave days used: 4
Days holiday: 9

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The Day Following Mid-Autumn Festival Public Holiday 2024

This September public holiday comes just as we’re all in need of a bit of respite! These are our travel picks if you’re looking for a long-weekend escape.

Where to travel during the September public holidays 2024

  • Pop on over to Macau and explore our sister city.
  • Singapore is always an easy destination full of fun.

2024 Public holiday: Wednesday, 18 September, 2024
Book off: Monday, 16 and Tuesday, 17 September, or Thursday, 19 and Friday, 20 September, 2024
Annual leave days used: 2
Days holiday: 5

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National Day & Chung Yeung Festival Public Holiday 2024

Got a good amount of leave left to spare? Using up eight days of annual leave can yield you a solid two-week vacation. If not, October brings with it some of the best weather we can hope for in Hong Kong so take some time for yourself Hong Kong staycation and explore the city while the weather is more comfortable.

Quick getaways for the October public holidays in 2024

  • Catch the end of Oktoberfest in Munich which wraps up on Tuesday, 3 October.
  • Head on over to Kerala, India and explore the canals by houseboat.
  • Catch the autumn foliage in Japan.

2024 Public holiday: Tuesday, 1 October, 2024 (National Day); Friday, 11 October, 2024 (Chung Yeung Festival)
Book off: Monday, 30, and Wednesday, 2 to Friday, 4 October, and Monday, 7 to Thursday, 10 October, 2024
Annual leave days used: 8
Days holiday: 14

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2023 Public Holiday Dates Hong Kong: How To Use Your Annual Leave, Travel

Christmas & New Year 2024 Public Holidays

It’s hard to imagine reaching the end of another year, but wherever you decide to spend the last days of 2024, it’s sure to be fabulous!

2024 Public holiday: Wednesday, 25 December and Thursday, 26 December (Christmas); Wednesday, 1 January, 2025
Book off: Monday, 23, Tuesday, 24, Friday, 27, Monday, 30 and Tuesday, 31 December, 2024
Annual leave days used: 5
Days of leave: 12

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Editor’s Note: “Public Holidays In 2024: How to Maximise Your Annual Leave” was most recently updated in December 2023.

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