29 December, 2021
2022 Annual Leave Hong Kong
2022 Annual Leave Hong Kong

Public Holidays In 2022: How to Maximise Your Annual Leave

29 December, 2021
2022 Annual Leave Hong Kong

When do Hong Kong’s public holidays fall in 2022, and how can you make the most of your annual leave?

We’ve been grounded for the majority of 2020 and 2021, and travel is still very much up in the air for 2022. We can’t predict what next year will look like for weekend getaways just yet, but while we keep our fingers crossed for a sense of normality to resume, we can plan ahead for how best to use our annual leave to holiday in Hong Kong.

Sure, we’d rather spend 10 days on a beach in Thailand or “whooshing” down snowy slopes in Japan, but for now, we’re looking at white sands in Sai Kung and long weekends at lavish hotels. Read on to discover our top tips for maximising your time off…

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2022 Annual Leave Hong Kong: Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

The streets are eerily quiet during Chinese Year, so make the most of fewer crowds, cooler weather and traditional festive happenings.

  • Get involved with Chinese New Year events! The annual Night Parade may not be going ahead in 2022, but you can still pay a visit to the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees, watch a fair few lion dances or shop for colourful fresh flowers at the markets.
  • Make the most of your time off and book in for a boozy brunch with friends – you’ll have plenty of time to sleep off the Prosecco.
  • Check into a hotel at the beginning of the week! By staying on the Monday night, you’ll avoid the public holiday staycation crowds.

Public holiday: Tuesday, 1 February to Thursday, 3 February
Book off: Monday, 31 January and Friday, 4 February
Annual leave days used: 2
Days of leave: 9

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Ching Ming Festival

If you book early, you may be able to swing yourself a pretty killer Airbnb for the long weekend! This beautiful two-bedroom property in Sai Kung is just begging for barbecues and lazy seaside dining.

Public holiday: Tuesday, 5 April
Book off: Monday, 4 April
Annual leave days used: 1
Days of leave: 4

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Good Friday, The Day Following Good Friday And Easter Monday

Can swing the time but not the extra cash for a long stay-cay? Living in Hong Kong, you know as well as we do that there is so much on offer here. In need of some inspiration? Why not schedule in the following for 10 days of adventure:

  • Always wanted to learn how to dive? Splash HK holds PADI-certified open-water courses which take three to four days to complete and will have you ready for tropical spots further afield in no time at all. Already hold a licence? Sharpen your skills with an Advanced or Rescue Diver course.
  • Train for Barclays’ Moontrekker event (often held in October) and take to the hills. These challenging hikes are a great place to start…
  • Take a group or private lesson at Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre, or try your hand at a three-day kitesurfing course with Hong Kong’s Kitesurfing Association. If it’s always been your dream to fly high, you can attain an entry-level paragliding license in as little as eight sessions with Paraglide HK.

Public holiday: Friday, 15 April, Saturday, 16 April and Monday, 18 April
Book off: Monday, 11 April to Thursday, 14 April or Tuesday, 19 April to Friday 22 April
Annual leave days used: 4
Days of leave: 10

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Sai Yuen Adventure Packages Hong Kong

The Day Following Labour Day And The Birthday Of The Buddha

Combine the Labour Day holiday with the Buddha’s Birthday to score yourself nine days of annual leave for the “price” of four. Why not spend a few days in the week camping in the great outdoors? Pitch a tent just metres from crystal clear waters in Tai Long Wan, or book a unique glamping experience in Saiyuen over on Cheung Chau. At Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park, you’ll get your pick of Mongolian yurts, teepees and stargazing domes, stocked with bedding and everything you need for a night or two away from the hustle and bustle.

Public holiday: Monday, May 2 and Monday, 9 May
Book off: Tuesday, 3 May to Friday, 6 May
Annual leave days used: 4
Days of leave: 10

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Tuen Ng Festival

We have our fingers crossed that neighbouring Macau will be open to us by this time. The moment it does, you know we’ll be crossing that Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge for a foodie trip (see our Macau foodie bucket list for all the must-try dishes), or to try our luck at the slot machines down the Cotai Strip.

Public holiday: Friday, 3 June
Book off: Monday, 30 May to Thursday, 2 June
Annual leave days used: 4
Days of leave: 9

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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Congratulations, you’ve made it through half the year! If there was ever a time to treat yourself, it’s now. Even if you just settle for a long weekend, you can easily book a luxury break at one of Hong Kong’s top hotels and unwind amongst crisp white sheets, giant bathtubs and the cool waters of hotel swimming pools.

Public holiday: Friday, 1 July
Annual leave days used: Monday, 27 June to Thursday, 30 June
Annual leave days used: 4
Days of leave: 9

2022 Annual Leave Hong Kong: Lunar New Year: Aberdeen Flair Houseboat

The Second Day Following The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

September brings with it some of the best weather we can hope for in Hong Kong. It’s cooling down and the sun is often shining, so why not make the most of a week off work and head to the beach! Pretend you’re in Thailand with a couple of cold beers and waterside eateries. Looking for something different? Book a houseboat for a few days and wake up to the sound of gently lapping waves.

Public holiday: Monday, 12 September
Book off: Tuesday, 13 September to Friday, 16 September
Annual leave days used: 4
Days of leave: 9

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National Day And Chung Yeung Festival

Only got a few days of leave left to spare? Take some time for yourself and experience a wellness staycation that’s sure to reset and recharge you for the remainder of the year. Keep your eye out for weekend retreats at top hotels, or browse Bliss Body Retreat’s upcoming schedule for four-day, three-night meditation and healing immersion programmes – perfect for those who truly wish to get away from it all.

Public holiday: Saturday, 1 October and Tuesday, 4 October
Book off: Monday, 3 October
Annual leave days used: 1
Days of leave: 4

Christmas 2022 And New Year 2023

We’ll be honest, at this point, we’re hoping to take to the skies and be thousands of miles away for Christmas next year. But if we’re still not there yet, we’re thankful to be living somewhere like Hong Kong where we can go from the concrete jungle to blissful beaches in minutes. We’ve got plenty more exploring to do

Public holiday: Monday, 26 December, Tuesday, 27 December and Monday, 2 January
Book off: Wednesday, 28 December to Friday, 30 December
Annual leave days used: 3
Days of leave: 10

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2015 by Lexi Davey and most recently updated in December 2021 by Team Sassy.


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