26 October, 2017
Christmas, Home & Decor

Where To Buy Your Christmas Tree In Hong Kong

26 October, 2017

Whether it’s a real or fake fir you’re looking for…


We totally forgive you for not thinking it’s coming towards ‘that’ time of year again. We skipped into the office today in a summer dress and sunglasses! But, it’s happening, Christmas IS coming  and we all know what that means; presents, champagne, parties and Christmas trees! A Christmas tree is guaranteed to make your home or office feel more Christmassy and quite frankly, the festive season doesn’t officially begin until you hang your first bauble.

Here at Sassy we believe your homes and office should be as fabulous as you are, so we’ve found the best places for you to buy your Christmas trees here in Hong KongHappy tinsel-ling…

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Where to Buy Your Christmas Tree in Hong Kong

Maven & DaSilva’s Creations

Looking for a fuss-free Christmas? Achieve the “wow” factor simply and easily, with Maven & DaSilva’s Creations Christmas trees and wreaths! With five themes available, ranging from traditional to contemporary, all of the trees come complete and beautifully decorated with ornaments, textured ribbons, bead garlands, crystals, a star topper and warm, white LED lights. Don’t have space for a six-foot tree? Maven even offer the cutest eighteen-inch mini trees, perfect for our cosy HK apartments.

Sassy perk: Use the code “Sassy2017” at the checkout for 5% off online orders

Maven, G/F, 37 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 6388 4398, www.mavenhk.com, www.dasilvacreations.com,6ft tree prices range
from $4,280 to $5,480; 24-inch wreaths cost $1,200; 18-inch mini trees cost
$388. All prices include cost of delivery. 

van der Bloom

van der Bloom offers Nobel Firs between three and six feet tall ($890-$1,620) with a 10% discount offer on orders for more than one tree. Can’t fit a tree? They also offer Christmas wreaths in various sizes ($250 to $550) and the standout product is their natural style wreath decorated with festive fresh and dried flowers ($680-$1,280). Order online via Van Der Bloom.

van der Bloom, G/F, 61 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, www.vanderbloom.com.hk, www.facebook.com/vanderBloomhk, www.instagram.com/vanderBloomhk/

Chun Hing Garden

Chun Hing Garden is a family-run business with over 20 years experience. Tree-wise, they specialise in sourcing Noble Firs (all imported from the US) and have a range of different styles within that variety. They also do seasonal decorations like poinsettias and wreaths as well as your basic plants and pots. Home delivery can also be arranged.

Chun Hing Garden, Yeung Long, New Territories Hong Kong, 2572 6430, www.chunhinggarden.com[email protected] 

Anglo Chinese Florist

With sixty years experience, Anglo Chinese Florists have become one of the most trusted and reliable plant and Christmas tree suppliers in Hong Kong. Prices are reasonable, and they also offer delivery AND removal of your tree! Check out their other Christmas decorations too!

Anglo Chinese Florist, 13 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2921 2986

Anglo Chinese Florist, Shop G7, 9 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2918 1698, www.anglochinese.com, $1,275  for 5-6′Noble Fir and $1,020 for 5-6′ Douglas Fir

Where To Buy Your Christmas Tree In Hong Kong


Want to save time and avoid carrying a tree on your back up the HK hills? Order online from xmastreeonline.hk and get your tree delivered straight to your door. All its trees are sourced from one of the most environmentally responsible farms in the US guaranteeing you quality and authenticity.

www.xmastreeonline.hk, [email protected], $1,188 for 5-6′ Noble Fir, $1,188 for 5-6′ Nordmann Fir


Japanese home furnishing store, Francfranc, has comfortable designs and stylish products that will decorate your home for any occasion. This Christmas, pick out a 1.5 metre tall Christmas tree that comes with a box of 50 ornaments and accessories. It saves you half the hassle and you’ll get all your Christmas baubles from one place! We love that the trees also come in two different colour options: lady pink and Christmas green. While you’re there, check out the wreaths, garlands and trinkets! The glitter snow domes will add just the perfect little touch. 

Francfranc, various locations across Hong Kong, www.francfranc.com

Sophie’s Christmas Trees

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Sophie’s guarantee that you and your family will have the best Christmas tree from Oregon in the United States. Its well-trained staff are sent abroad every year to ensure the trees that are transported are in top-notch condition. They have wreaths, poinsettias and three different types of Christmas trees available, so it won’t take you long before you have everything you need to get your house ready for the festivities!



Ellermann Flower Boutique

Ok, so you might not immediately think of the sophisticated Ellermann when you’re on the hunt for a big, bushy tree, but don’t forget to check them out for simply stunning wreaths and festive floral arrangements. They’re one of our favourite florists in Hong Kong and are the creme de la creme of flowers here so if you’re looking for the highest quality, then treat yourself to their lush Christmas offerings.

Ellermann Flower Boutique, Shop 109, Level One, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong, www.ellermanndesign.com

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Good old Ikea hey, love it or hate it, you can rely on it to provide you with plenty of Christmas cheer (and if that’s not what you are looking for just head straight to the pick ‘n’ mix candy at the end!). Choose from either a 4’-5’ or 6’-7’ real Scandinavian Fir (which are grown in sustainable eco-environments), all at well under $1,000. They also offer some artificial trees in-store.

Various locations, see the full list of stores here, www.ikea.com/hk/en

Japan Home Centre

A great choice if you are looking for artificial trees to avoid any mess and hassle (and that you can re-use every year). Prices are super low and decorations are plentiful.

Japan Home Centre, various locations, see the full list of stores here, www.japanhome.com.hk

The Flower Market

Spend hours walking around many Christmas trees, festive decorations, holiday plants, and more. Prices are more reasonable than some places on the island, and it’s a day out in itself!

Flower Market, Flower Market Road, Mongkok, Hong Kong, Open 7 -7pm daily

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Brighten Floriculture 

Brighten Floriculture is the shop to visit whenever you’re in the Flower Market! At Christmas time, it’s especially festive. If you live in an apartment, then one of the small potted Christmas trees is just what you need! It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but you can still decorate the branches with fairy lights and baubles. The poinsettias are also breathtaking and come in a range of sizes. Pick out a few Christmas gnomes to take home with you – they make for very adorable decorations!


P&F Garden

This local nursery has many years experience in the gardening game. Selling Christmas trees and poinsettias, plus all sorts of other festive plants and flowers.

P&F Garden, 50 Shui Choi Tin Village, Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong, 2812 0948, www.pnfgarden.silver.yp.com.hk

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Sarah Richard published on 16 November 2016, and was updated by Crystal Lau on 15 September 2017.


Happy tree shopping, girls! Don’t forget to check out all the local markets for trees too (Wan Chai market has some reasonably priced ones). And if you know of any other awesome spots to snap up trees, let us know at [email protected].

Featured images sourced via Pinterest, credited to Zanita

3 thoughts on “Where To Buy Your Christmas Tree In Hong Kong

  1. I have bought Christmas Trees from Chun Hing Garden almost every year. Sadly, they moved the tree selection to Yuen Long which is very far away and I did not have time to go there for self selection. I ordered the Douglas Fir this year (which I have done many years ago), but sadly this time they sent a tree that was mostly dead / dried out which my husband warned me from accepting during delivery. However, I wanted to give them a chance as I never had issues in the past (they would revive with water). Today is Christmas Eve and I am so sad as my decorations have been falling (and breaking!) over the past few days as the branches are really dying / totally dried out, and it is not yet Christmas. The company basically said BUYER BEWARE and that was all I got from them, despite being a loyal customer for many years. So disappointed given it will be Christmas tomorrow and my decorations are falling off one by one.

  2. Please be responsible and ask suppliers where you can recycle your Christmas Trees. Even covered with soil in our landfills, they take up to 8 years to decompose.

    Hong Kong imported 2,000 Christmas trees in 2012. Last year, over 20,000. As few as 5% were recycled into mulch or compost.

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