22 May, 2024
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8 Tips To Make Your Home Better For Your Mental Health

22 May, 2024

Your home is your sanctuary, your safe space. If you feel like it’s lacking, here are practical tips on adding touches to improve your home for your mental health.

I don’t just like my home, I love it. I spend majority of my time at home since I work from there but even if I didn’t, it’s still key to come back from the office to a space made to unwind and keep all your worries at bay. Yes, we’ll say it one more time that Hong Kong homes are notoriously tiny but it’s the constantly adding personal touches, keeping clutter away and overall feeling safe at home that keeps your personal space good for your mental health. I am no expert but here are tried and tested techniques and tips I’ve incorporated into my home to make it better for my mental health.

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Declutter To Clear Your Mind And Space

Guilty of having the chair to stow away your undone laundry? Or leaving the dishes to wash the day after? While this may seem trivial, clutter can pile up, both physically in your home and mentally in your mind. Get in the habit of getting it done, instead of procrastinating and thinking chores can be tomorrow’s problem.

It’s also perfectly normal to have a wardrobe that’s falling apart (literally) or your groceries and snacks in all corners of the kitchen – I found it extremely helpful to have wardrobe organisers (like these inexpensive ones from IKEA) to separate and categorise my pieces of clothing and have a set of jars and bottles to label different groceries and spices.

Open Up – Let In Some Natural Light & Fresh Air

Bring the outside in with some natural light, even if it’s a gloomy day and let the air flow. Hong Kong is prone to mouldy walls and sticky floors thanks to the ungodly level of humidity – another reason to draw open those curtains and windows for ventilation!

Add Some Plants, The Grass Is Greener When You Water It

Channeling the infamous saying that the grass is always greener on the other side, you thrive when you cultivate your well-beingand when you water your grass! Aside from adding a natural touch and a soothing greenery, taking care of plants and seeing it thrive gives you a sense of responsibility and pride – we can’t be the only ones shrieking when we see new, baby leaves!

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Artist At Work – Have A Hobby Space Or Try New Things Regularly

Either have a dedicated table for you to paint, put together a puzzle, read a new book, try a new craft or get into a mindset that you’re going to try a new recipe each week or month. Getting nifty with our hands and exploring our creativity is not only a good distraction and diversion but also you have something to show off at your home!

Make Your Bedroom Optimal For Snoozing

A good night’s sleep is indispensable so it deserves a good investment, be it a weighted blanket, ergonomic pillow or memory foam mattress. Again, keep the clutter away before bedtime and adding touches of soft lighting like a bedside lamp that says “I am ready for bed” and unplug!

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Add Some Personality With Colours Or Wall Art

This one truly does depend on one’s taste; for some, adding bits of bold colours here and there gives a burst of joy whereas to some, an all-black or all-white monotone palette keeps it lean and clean. You can still play around with different patterns and textures to add more personality and don’t leave those walls empty! Maybe hang up the puzzle or painting of yours from point #4 or support local artists. Also take this as your cue to print and frame some of your favourite photos or stick some polaroids on your fridge!

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Have A Separate Workspace And Stick To It

If you work from home, have a dedicated space to work from, refrain from slouching on your bed – this is the space where you want to unwind before bedtime – and avoid bent backs from sitting on the couch, though we’re guilty of this. Keep work at a designated space so that when it’s time to log off, you can shut your laptop and set time aside for yourself.

The Perfect Pick-Me-Up – A Soothing Fragrance To Lift Your Mood

Lavender, Ylang Ylang, jasmine or a batch of freshly baked cookies, keep it scentational with your favourite candles and diffusers. Another great option is pillow sprays because clearly we love our sleep.

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