20 January, 2015

Sassy’s Anti-New Year’s Resolutions

20 January, 2015

Last week at ‘Beers for Books(in support of the awesome charity Room to Read), I came across a Sassy boy. You better believe it – there are actually a lot of gorgeous guys who read Sassy. This particular Sassy señor admitted to me that he loved Sassy, but that all the fitness and New Year’s resolutions posts on our site were making him feel mega guilty… and it’s not just us. The Internet is abuzz with New Year’s Resolutions at the moment, and if like him you’re sick of health and fitness posts being shoved down your throat (yep – guilty as charged), then this one is for you (see – we really do take our reader’s suggestions to heart!).

So here you have it – a list of 5 ‘Anti-New Year’s Resolutions’:

anti new year's resolutions

1. If you simply can’t fathom why ANYONE would take part in a ‘dry January’, then you should check out some of HK’s hottest bars. Here’s our pick from last year, but we also love the tipples we tried at the recently opened Crafty Cow on Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan. Sweet and strong, the cinnamon whiskey went down a treat, and with a great selection of craft beers, this new joint is definitely worth checking out for an after-work bevvie. If you really are a whisky lover, then head to Kennedy Town’s Sunday’s Grocery for the RŌNIN Reserve Rare Whiskies and spoil yourself… it’s Japanese whisky at its finest!

2. Party more. If like me, your Christmas break consisted of a lot of sitting around and a lot of eating, now’s the time to get up and shake, shake, shake it off. Check out super chic DJ duo NERVO this Thursday 22 January at Levels. These girls have written songs for the likes of David Guetta, Avicii and Kylie Minogue, so you know they’re going to be playing some great tunes throughout the night! If you want to really dance it off (without holding back – twerking practice anyone?) then make sure you try out No Lights No Lycra every second Wednesday at XXX. For more cool music events and club nights throughout the year, make sure you stay up to date with Fresh Off the Boat who have recently brought over international acts such as Ben Pearce and Slow Magic.

anti-new year's resolutions

3. Dieting? Juice Cleanses? No thanks. Why not try the decadent set lunch or dinner at The Butcher’s Club’s new Steak Frites? Lobster roll? USA Angus Prime Porterhouse steak? Triple cooked duck fat fries with whipped beef fat dipping sauce? Don’t tell me you’re not salivating (stay tuned for our review coming next week). And let’s not skip on desserts – we’re mildly obsessed with the brownies from A Piece of Cake which ooze salted caramel and all the chocolately goodness you can imagine… read more about our heavenly experience with them here.

4. You might feel encouraged to take up a new hobby or try out a HK hike in the New Year, but if you just feel like curling up in a massive duvet and staying in bed all day whilst you burn through a Netflix TV series then… why the hell not?! It’s practically Arctic temperatures for Hong Kong anyway (lows of 11 degrees… brrr), so it’s kind of justified. Get the radiator blasting, pop on your fave PJs, download the latest episodes of Girls, Parks and Recreation, New Girl and Modern Family and get stuck in. And if you want a real comfort watch, there’s always an amazing ten series of Friends and Chandler Bing’s sarcastic jokes.

5. We’ve only just had our Christmas holidays and we’ve only a month to go until Chinese New Year, so most people don’t think that they can get away with a quick January holiday. But with so many amazing deals popping up from the likes of Flight Centre and Cathay Pacific (don’t forget to check out Fanfares every Tuesday morning at 8am!), why not escape hectic HK for a short weekend trip? Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, then definitely check out the brand new Adventure Academy from Matt Prior which will give you the basic skills and confidence to tackle any expedition. The epic video above will give you some idea about the kind of cool experience you’ll have… go for it!

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