16 January, 2024
2024 Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading
2024 Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

2024 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

16 January, 2024
2024 Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary cosmic journey in 2024 as foreseen by Letao Wang, our esteemed astrologist, and spiritual guide! He predicts this year will be a transformative and uplifting period for many of us.

Experience the energy surge with two power-packed planets — Pluto and Jupiter — altering their courses, creating waves of transformation throughout the year. These celestial shifts promise to bring considerable life changes that will leave lasting impacts.

Delving into the fascinating world of numerology, we find 2024 to be a Universal Year 8. As an astrologer, I can’t help but anticipate with excitement the practical, grounded energy this year is set to bring. The Universal Year 8 is synonymous with “I accumulate,” symbolising an era of growth, prosperity, power, control, and structure. In our spiritual circles, we lovingly refer to this number as “the divine fortune”.

Adding a vibrant touch of Chinese astrology, we learn that 2024 will be the Year of the Dragon—an emblem of power, wisdom, and prosperity. Ancient Chinese emperors were often considered incarnations of the mystical Dragon, underscoring the potent energy this year will bring. In essence, 2024 promises to be a year of dynamic power and unstoppable momentum. Prepare to ride the wave!

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An Astrological Outlook For 2024
Astrological Dates To Know In 2024
2024 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

2024 Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading, Astrology

An Astrological Outlook For 2024

In 2024, we’ll witness an exciting celestial event. The planet of growth and opportunity, Jupiter, will be making a significant transition. Known for its yearly sojourns through the zodiac, Jupiter will bid farewell to the grounded earth sign Taurus on May 26th and embark on a journey in the mutable and eloquent air sign, Gemini, all the way until June 9th, 2025. Those fortunate souls born between April 25 and June 11 should prepare for a wave of blessings.

Jupiter’s presence in 2024 promises prosperity, expansion, and an invigorating sense that the world is your oyster. With Gemini’s influence, Jupiter’s transit could spark a surge in effective communication, propel writing projects forward, enhance interpersonal skills, and prove fruitful in business endeavours, including bonding with siblings. On a broader scale, this movement might even serve as a catalyst for improved diplomatic relations between neighbouring nations.

Prepare yourselves as Pluto, the planet symbolising transformation and rebirth, makes a significant transit into Aquarius from Capricorn. This event actually started back in March 2023, as Pluto’s transit tends to take two to 2.5 years to complete. While we can see Pluto’s transit as heavy and time-consuming, it has the potential to turn the wisdom of the past (represented by Capricorn) into a catalyst for a promising future (embodied by Aquarius). Given that both Capricorn and Aquarius fall under Saturn’s rulership, this could hint at a delicate balance between two contrasting archetypes.

If we can put aside biases, a blend of time-tested knowledge and innovative ideas could pave the way for a smooth transition into the Age of Aquarius. This shift is particularly important for those born around the dates of 20–25 January, 20–25 April, 20–25 July, or 20–25 October. Embrace this period of transformation as an opportunity to let go of the past and cultivate fresh beginnings.

In 2024, we are set to experience two potent solar eclipses, on 8 April and 2 October, under the auspices of Aries and Libra. These celestial events invite us to delve into collective lessons of harnessing our identity and solidifying our sense of self. They encourage us to cultivate leadership and independence, and inspire us to contribute to the liberation of those around us. If you find yourself drawn to the power of eclipses, consider establishing your own personal ritual on these significant dates to ignite and channel your energy.

Astrological Dates To Know In 2024

  • 11 January: New Moon in Capricorn. Your efforts are fostering growth and success.
  • 25 January:  Full Moon in Leo. Let humility guide your journey.
  • 10 February: New Moon in Aquarius. Infuse every situation with kindness and compassion.
  • 24 February: Full Moon in Virgo. Your innate worth is unquantifiable and undeniable.
  • 10 March: New Moon in Pisces. Embrace moments of quiet reflection.
  • 25 March: Lunar eclipse in Libra. An outcome beneficial to all is on the horizon.
  • 8 April: Solar eclipse in Aries. Harness your inner strength and propel forward.
  • 24 April: Full Moon in Scorpio. Start the journey of letting go of negative energy.
  • 8 May: New Moon in Taurus. A future filled with abundance awaits you.
  • 23 May: Full Moon in Sagittarius. Step back to gain a broader perspective.
  • 6 June: New Moon in Gemini. Open dialogue paves the path to understanding.
  • 22 June: Full Moon in Capricorn. The dusk of adversity is nearing, bringing a dawn of tranquillity.
  • 5 July: New Moon in Cancer. A sanctuary of safety surrounds you and your loved ones.
  • 21 July: Second Full Moon in Capricorn. Engage in healing purification rituals.
  • 4 August: New Moon in Leo. Believe in your inner power to foster wellness.
  • 19 August: Full Moon in Aquarius. Radiate your authentic self for inner peace.
  • 3 September: New Moon in Virgo. Embrace the act of giving for soul nourishment.
  • 18 September: Full Moon in Pisces. Harmonise spiritual insight with earthly actions.
  • 2 October: Solar Eclipse in Libra. Embark on a revitalising love journey.
  • 17 October: Full Moon in Aries. Healing transformation is on the horizon.
  • 1 November: New Moon in Scorpio. Conquer your fears to empower your soul.
  • 15 November: Full Moon in Taurus. Ground your dreams in reality for true fulfilment.
  • 1 December: New Moon in Sagittarius. Fortune smiles upon you.
  • 15 December: Full Moon in Gemini. Clarity and understanding are on their way.

Engaging in personal rituals during the new moon and full moon can be a profoundly enlightening experience. Consider incorporating key affirmations that resonate with your journey, inspiring clarity and understanding in your life. After all, these occasions are a perfect opportunity to reflect, reevaluate, and pave the way for personal growth.

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2024 Horoscope Predictions For Every Zodiac Sign

As we usher in the year 2024, the stars are aligning in ways that will uniquely impact each Zodiac sign. Whether you’re an ambitious Aries or a sensitive Cancer, the cosmos has something special in store for you. Let’s dive into the focused areas for improvement and fortune to help you harness the celestial energy and make 2024 your best year yet.

2024 Aries Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Aries (21 March–19 April)

As you greet the new year, Aries, let your gaze fall upon the foundations of your financial landscape. Anchor your intentions in reality, establishing manageable objectives, and gently progress towards them. The year ahead is ripe with possibility, offering plentiful avenues to enrich your resources. This is a time of awakening, encouraging the growth of your economic capacities and a deeper resonance with your values.

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2024 Taurus Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Taurus (20 April–20 May)

The year that unfurls ahead of you, dear Taurus, is a canvas upon which to paint the colours of self-love and nurturing. Place your emotional harmony at the heart of your intentions, embracing the beauty that lies in your individuality. The upcoming year promises to infuse your life with vibrancy and assurance, bolstering your self-confidence. Let this wave of benevolence and positivity be your guiding light, leading you towards a year of personal growth.

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2024 Gemini Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Gemini (21 May–20 June)

As the curtain rises on 2024, it unveils a stage set for introspection and evolution. Gemini, this is your time to refine your innate psychic abilities and intuition. Engage in quiet reflections, finding tranquillity in meditative practices amid the whirlwind of life. This year invites you on a journey into the mystical realms of knowledge, guided by the wise hand of an experienced astrologer. The energy-revitalising Carnelian gemstone is a valuable companion on this spiritual voyage.

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2024 Cancer Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Cancer (21 June–22 July)

Embrace this year as a beautiful journey into the world of nurturing relationships and becoming one with your environment. Dedicate your energies to the service of others and marvel at the transformative power it brings. As a Cancerian, you might have a natural tendency towards caution but remember, this year is all about exploring new social vistas and finding deep joy in shared experiences.

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2024 Leo Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Leo (23 July–22 August)

The year 2024 brings with it a luminous promise of career growth and personal evolution for you, Leo. Whether it’s aspiring towards a well-deserved promotion, seeking substantial financial growth, or taking the bold step towards entrepreneurship, the year offers fertile soil for your professional dreams to take root and flourish. Remember to chase your ambitions with a fierce passion, yet keep the essence of humility close to your heart.

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2024 Virgo Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Virgo (23 August–22 September)

In 2024, Virgo, you are invited on a journey of limitless exploration and self-improvement. Revel in the joy of learning new things, be it mastering a new language, acquiring a unique skill, or diving into a novel field of study. The year opens doors to the world, inviting you to immerse in diverse cultures and enriching experiences. It’s your year to step out of the familiar and bask in the thrill of the unknown. Welcome this exhilarating voyage with an open heart.

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2024 Libra Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Libra (23 September–22 October)

As we embrace 2024, Libras are poised to cultivate serenity and fulfilment in dimensions of shared resources, investments and financial commitments, along with delving into the profound labyrinth of their sexual and psychological intricacies. Set a New Year’s resolution that nurtures mutual understanding and deeper intimacy with your life partner. Your blossoming resilience will provide a sanctuary of stability for your loved ones in challenging periods, reinforcing your position as a reliable beacon of solace. Furthermore, this year is ripe for deep learning and inquiry, promising bountiful discoveries and illuminating insights.

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2024 Scorpio Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Scorpio (23 October–21 November)

As 2024 dawns, Scorpios are ready to rejuvenate their interpersonal bonds. This year invites you to infuse tenderness and commitment into your romantic relationships, foster progress in your professional alliances, and solidify the foundations of your marital bonds. Immerse yourself in the harmony of shared endeavours and uncover the profound healing they bring. As you nourish these powerful connections, you’ll see a tapestry of personal growth paths unfold before you, enhancing your journey with soul-nourishing experiences.

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2024 Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Sagittarius (22 November–21 December)

Embrace 2024, dear Sagittarius, with a heart full of intention towards nurturing your wellness and amplifying your productivity. Sculpt a routine that nourishes your body like a sacred space, incorporating wholesome meals and revitalising activities. As you journey towards optimum physical vitality, may this year serve as a momentous stage for honing your time management abilities, uplifting your productivity, and gracing you with remarkable accomplishments.

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2024 Capricorn Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Capricorn (22 December–19 January)

As 2024 unfurls its canvas, it invites you, Capricorn, to paint it with your unique creativity. Whether your medium is words, colours, or any other form of artistic expression, let your innovative spirit soar without restraint. Frame your New Year’s resolution on excavating and projecting your uniqueness, courageously sharing your unparalleled vision with the universe. Moreover, for those among you envisioning an expansion of your family circle, 2024 looks forward to presenting you with the joy of new additions.

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2024 Aquarius Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Aquarius (20 January–18 February)

The dawning year whispers of serene domestic harmony and promising improvements in your living environment, dear Aquarius. It softly encourages you to nurture your familial bonds, whether with parents or children, and to gently foster your living conditions as part of your journey towards self-improvement. Your path ahead is sprinkled with potential for fruitful property transactions, awaiting your discovery. Moreover, burdensome family issues may begin to unfurl towards resolution, inviting a profound sense of safety and fulfilment. This forthcoming year is your guided journey towards balance and inner peace.

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2024 Pisces Horoscope Predictions, Zodiac Sign Dates, Tarot Reading

Pisces (19 February–20 March)

For Pisces, the year 2024 gracefully unfolds a tapestry of opportunities woven within the realm of communication. The familiar will blossom into sources of immense inspiration, destined to dazzle and enchant you. Perhaps a riveting book will become your sanctuary, an immersive seminar your guiding star, or structured academia your key to self-discovery. Should fostering deeper connections with your siblings or neighbours resonate with your intentions, the newborn year arms you with the perfect palette to paint this aspiration into existence.

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Letao Wang is a recognised astrologer and spiritual counsellor based in Hong Kong. You can check out his new guide book and oracle cards deck “Oracle of the Mythic Heroes” here!

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