16 November, 2022
make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle
make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle
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How To Make Friends In Hong Kong: 10 Ways To Meet New People

16 November, 2022
make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle

Making friends as an adult is difficult enough without mentioning starting all over in a new city — here are ten ways to make friends and meet new people in Hong Kong.

Moving to a city as big in population as Hong Kong can be daunting but with the right people by your side, you’ll quickly find it to be one of the best experiences of your life. We’ve lived all over and can safely say that it really is people who make the place. Whether you’re looking to make new friends as an adult or meet people in an unfamiliar city, here are ten ways to seek out new and maybe unexpected friendships in Hong Kong.

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10 Ways To Meet New People In Hong Kong

make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle

1. Reach Out To Friends Of Friends

Making friends with your existing acquaintances’ friends may seem pretty obvious but is often overlooked. Use your existing network — your friends, coworkers and casual acquaintances — to meet new people. It’s a safe and fool-proof way of expanding your social circle as you’ll hopefully trust your friend’s judgment and can be safe in the knowledge that these new friends are sound.

2. Create A Bumble BFF Profile

Let’s just put it out there: this writer loves Bumble BFF and met two of her good friends there. It’s safe to assume that if you’ve taken the step to create a profile, you’re pretty keen on meeting new people. Try to get your personality across by answering a couple of questions, and complete your profile with the knowledge that everyone else on the app has the same idea and is just as open to making new friends. This should make the experience less daunting!

Bumble BFF, www.bumble.com/en/bff

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make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle 2

3. Join A Facebook Group

Okay, okay, Facebook might not be the most popular social media platform at present but it boasts something you can’t quite get on Instagram and BeReal (yet!) — groups! There are plenty of Facebook groups out there for everything you could imagine, including ones where expats and newly returned Hong Kongers can connect with each other. Here you’ll find informational posts about upcoming events and meetups you can take part in. Do note, while members of the groups are helpful and resourceful, it’s good to be cautious of potential spam messages and posts in groups.

Hong Kong Expats, www.facebook.com/groups/hongkongexpatservices

Hong Kong Expats 2022, www.facebook.com/groups/Rent.Apartment.HK

4. Use Meetup

Social media platform Meetup is a great way to find connections, make friends or even grow a business globally. All you need to do is browse around, or type in your activity of choice and your neighbourhood, and you’ll be greeted with a list of groups and events that are happening around you. These include everything from language exchange groups to Tai Chi introductory classes, barbecues and morning trail hikes. The great thing about Meetup is that anyone can start a new event and group so if you cannot find something you fancy, you can always start your own and find like-minded people who share your interests!

Meet Up, www.meetup.com/find/hong-kong

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make making friends meet meeting new people hong kong adult friendships lifestyle 3

5. Join A Sports Club

Whether you’re interested in running, cycling or football, it’s guaranteed there’s a sports club out there for you. Better yet, try something completely new and unique to Hong Kong, like Dragon Boat racing or water sports. The great thing about fitness clubs is that you’ll already have something in common with the people you meet there, and from there, you can meet up outside of training and games and let your friendships flourish.

Gone Runners, www.gonerunners.com

Hong Kong American Football League, www.hkafl.com

Casual Football Network, www.casualfootball.net

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6. Hit Up Bars And Clubs

Bars-filled places like Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai and Knutsford Terrace are often packed with people. Better yet, attend events hosted at your favourite venue — Team Sassy loves a good quiz night! People may hang out in existing groups and friends but if you find yourself at the bar, strike up a conversation with the person next to you.

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7. Look For Cultural And Spiritual Groups

Spirituality is often personal and private but there’s a strong emphasis on community and it’s great to celebrate together. In a multicultural city like Hong Kong — and on Team Sassy — you’ll find all sorts of faiths and beliefs, ethnicities and identities! There’s no harm in finding your nearest cultural society or religious organisation where you can meet others, learn about faiths, cultures and each other and perhaps find a supportive network.

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong, www.facebook.com/migrantwritersofhongkong

narratives by us, www.instagram.com/narrativesbyus

QUEER READS LIBRARY, www.instagram.com/queer_reads_library

8. Volunteer At A Nonprofits, Charity Or Social Enterprise

We’re big fans of charity outreach organisations, where you can meet others while doing some good! Aside from time, you could prove to be particularly useful as cause-driven organisations are often looking for people to support marketing, design, legal work, education, translation, event management and fundraising. And of course, while you’re there, you’ll meet new like-minded people and are bound to make friendships.

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9. Take A Creative Class Or Attend A Workshop

This is the perfect time to sign up for something you’ve always been dying to try, whether it’s pottery or cooking. Here, you’re, again, guaranteed to meet people with at least one shared interest and, depending on your chosen activity, you may be put into groups or pairs. Chat with your classmates (just don’t interrupt the class!) and carry your conversation outside of the classroom to a cafe or a bar!

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10. Become A Member Of An Association Or Chambers

We promise this isn’t as formal as it sounds! These social associations don’t require you to be of a certain nationality to join, so anyone is welcome to the events and parties hosted by members, from networking events to junk boat parties.

AustCham, www.austcham.com.hk

AmCham, www.amcham.org.hk

Alliance Française of Hong Kong, www.afhongkong.org

Australian Association of Hong Kong, ozhongkong.com

Spanish Speaking Women’s Association of Hong Kong, www.amhh.org.hk

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