Making Friends in Hong Kong: 5 Tips for Meeting New People

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There’s always something interesting happening in Hong Kong, and whether it’s through work or a just casual invite to join a junk from someone you met on a night out… go for it! Attend everything and anything and you’re bound to meet people you click with and who share the same interests. Don’t be shy, girls, who knows what a simple ‘yes’ could lead to?

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Get out of your comfort zone!

It’s all too easy to snuggle in with a cup of tea and switch on Netflix and sure, those weekends make for some of the best. But with so much of the concrete jungle to explore, try things that are a little out of your comfort zone and meet new people who may just give you that extra push you’ve been needing.

Hong Kong is bursting with off-beat activities and great social groups that make the most of everything on offer. Love the outdoors? Try something uniquely Hong Kong and join a Dragon Boating team! Need an excuse to work off all that Dim Sum? Take the plunge and sign up for one of the many races and marathons happening around the city. Do something that challenges or even scares you a little… adventures are what this city is made for!

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Don't be afraid to text first...

So, you met someone cool on a night out, or really clicked with a friend of a friend, vowing (after one too many champagnes) that you simply must brunch just the two of you next weekend, but Monday morning rolls around and you’re in limbo. Honestly, we could write an entire manual on the ‘girl dating code‘ … who texts first? Do you wait a few days? Where do you even go?

Somewhere along the line, we’ve become afraid of our phones! Sure, we’re glued to social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook and we’re happy to hide behind our screens, documenting our lives from afar. But as soon as the phone rings, we’re quick to ‘silence’, suspicious of who’s calling!

Deep breaths… text first. I met my best friend after a rather blurry day at the Hong Kong Sevens, excitedly exchanging phone numbers and plans of meeting up the following weekend. Unsure of how to follow up, we both ended up messaging at the same time with a casual ‘how’s the hangover’ (a text true to most Saturday mornings even now)… and the rest is history. What have you got to lose?

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Do what you love...

Whether you’ve lived here for a number of years of just a handful of days, knowing that you’re grounded in a city, doing what you love most is always comforting. Use the familiar as a basis to meet like-minded people and form friendship groups around your passions! There’s an outlet for just about everything in Hong Kong, and thanks to social portals like Hong Kong Meet Up, finding those on the same wave-length has never been easier!

Be brave and send a email to your colleagues asking if anyone would like to join you in an Art Jamming session, or write a post on one of hundreds of social forums and ask if anyone is keen to do a night hike. Reach out to somewhere like The Women’s Foundation and attend a talk regarding something you’re passionate about, or just simply keep on doing what you love most and spark up conversation with those who are doing exactly that…

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There's always room for one more...

What made moving to Hong Kong that bit easier for me wasn’t the familiarity of the place. Sure, I was born here, but everyone I knew had since moved on – it was actually the people I hadn’t met that put me at ease. Us Hong Kongers love meeting new friends, and personally I’ve found that people here are always keen to meet new faces. Initially I spent a lot of my time with one or two familiar friends, but through them I found that I was being invited to parties and nights out that were packed with new and interesting personalities. Essentially, it’s okay to be the plus one…

Regardless of whether you’re tagging along to a dinner, or you’re the one inviting a friend, merging friendship groups is a really great way to meet others! Organise a girly brunch or head to an after-work happy hour and get each of your friends to bring along someone who might not necessarily know any body else. Who knows who you might bond with over the love for a gin and tonic?

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