10 June, 2010
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5 Things to do Today to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

10 June, 2010

1. Pop into Cotton On on d’Aguilar Street and pick up a cute and colourful pair of wellies (wellington boots) – there’s nothing more depressing than slip-sliding all over the pavement in soggy shoes, whereas Cotton On’s wellies will make you (and everyone around you) smile.

2. Treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate from Godiva (ifc Mall, Central). We know it’s not actually cold outside, but this molten chocolate drink is just like a hug in a mug. Sinful and delicious.

3. It’s a day for catching a movie – if you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to our showing of SATC2 tonight, you can still snuggle up on your couch and watch something fun. My favourite rainy day movies are Love Actually, Notting Hill, In the Mood for Love and Juno.

4. Head to Happy Foot for an hour of much-needed foot pampering. Lie back in the darkened room with a stack of trashy magazines and forget all about the torrential streams outside. The perfect way to spend your lunch hour and emerge restored into the world.

5. Indulge in a little online shopping to prepare yourself for when the rains finally stop and the heat begins. There’s so much to browse through on Asos.com, Laden.co.uk, Topshop.com or Anthropologie.com (who now ship to Hong Kong and show their prices in HKD!). The sales are beginning online, which means you’re actually saving as you spend, right?

(Image from Raleene on Flickr.com)

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