16 May, 2024
best dim sum hong kong where to get the best dim sum in hong kong yum cha dimsum hk
best dim sum hong kong where to get the best dim sum in hong kong yum cha dimsum hk
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The Best Hong Kong Dim Sum: Where To Find Yum Cha In Hong Kong

16 May, 2024
best dim sum hong kong where to get the best dim sum in hong kong yum cha dimsum hk

There’s a Hong Kong dim sum dish for everyone! Literally meaning “to touch your heart”, yum cha is a universal crowd-pleaser. Here’s where to go for the best dim sum in Hong Kong…

A Cantonese brunch tradition that sprang from the teahouses of Guangzhou, today dim sum encapsulates a stunning range – borrowed and adapted from various regional cuisines – of tastes, textures, ingredients and techniques. Here in Hong Kong, foremost dim sum destination of the world, communal gatherings, family reunions, and a.m. rituals extend over the flurry of small plates and ceaseless pots of tea. In other words, there’s no denying that yum cha holds a special place in the city– and in our hearts.

So, measure out your day in stacks of steaming baskets. Let the morning and early afternoon lazily unspool, spirits soothed and bellies brimming. Here’s our guide to the best dim sum in Hong Kong.

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Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Dim Sum Library yum cha hong kong dim sum hk

Dim Sum Library – A modern take on classic dim sum in Admiralty

At Dim Sum Library, truffle and other premium ingredients find new purpose in classic dim sum dishes. Encased in delicate layers of pastry, wagyu plays well with aromatic pepper in the beef puffs, while slivers of black truffle umami-fy always-delectable har gao (shrimp dumplings). For an innovative experience, browse and sink your teeth into the expertly curated selection at Dim Sum Library.

Dim Sum Library, 124, 1/F, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong, 3643 0088, dimsumlibrary.com.hk

Yum Cha – Instagrammable dim sum in Central

Growing up, we were taught not to play with our food. But at Yum Cha, fun and games are intrinsic to the dim sum experience. Here, you’re more than encouraged to nurture your inner child and engage with the multi-sensory dim sum. The steamed char siu bao (BBQ pork buns) land on your table dressed as three little pigs, while the famous custard buns tease your twin senses of disgust and delight with their oft-Instagrammed ooze or “vomiting”.

Yum Cha, 2/F, Nan Fung Place, Nan Fun Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong, 3541 9710

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One Dim Sum Best Dim Sum Hong Kong Yum Cha Where To Get Dim Sum In Hong Kong

One Dim Sum – Best for “no frills” yum cha in Central

Hold the Hokkaido scallops and Périgord shavings – One Dim Sum isn’t about reinventing the wheel. Instead, this wildly popular dim sum-eria in Prince Edward is committed to the classics. Be it celebratory turnip cake or comforting lo mai gai, most dishes on the menu are prepared remarkably well, especially considering the agreeable price tag. End on a high, sweet(er) note with the egg twists or dan san, dusted with crushed peanuts and coconut flakes, then drizzled with condensed milk.

One Dim Sum (Central), G/F, 44 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

One Dim Sum (Kowloon), G/F, 209A Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2677 7888

Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Dim Dim Sum

Dimdimsum – Quality dim sum in Jordan at affordable prices

With branches in Shanghai and Taiwan, this Hong Kong-based dim sum joint builds a loyal patronage with quality dim sum at affordable prices. Plump shrimp encased in a satisfyingly thin wrapper, this place passes the har gow test, and that is not taken lightly in our books. One surprising standout to mention are the pineapple buns filled with pineapple custard.

Dimdimsum (Mong Kok), 106 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong, 2309 2300

Dimdimsum (Jordan), G/F, Man King Building, 28 Wen Hui Street, Jordan, Hong Kong, 2771 7766

Best Dim Sum In Hong Kong Lin Heung Lau dimsum hong kong yum cha hk

Lin Heung Lau – Hundred-year-old dim sum restaurant reopens in 2024

Since opening over a hundred years ago, the two-storey Lin Heung Lau has been a Hong Kong institution and one of the last dim sum restaurants still using wheeled dim sum trolleys (some of the older Sassy readers will remember that the staff used to carry the bamboo steamers on their backs in bamboo backpacks back in the day!). When Lin Heung Lau suddenly closed in 2022 after struggling during Covid, it was a dark time for its regulars. However, it reopened in its original Wellington Street location in April 2024 with the same old-fashioned dim sum menu (pillowy char siu bao and sink-your-teeth-in siu mai are Sassy favourites) plus a new trendy tea shop on the ground floor!

Lin Heung Lau, 160-164 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong, 2156 9328

Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Tim Ho Wan where to eat dimsum hong kong yum cha hk

Tim Ho Wan – Best value Michelin-starred dim sum

One of our tried-and-true wallet-friendly favourites is none other than Tim Ho Wan. Once known around the world as one of the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants, yum cha enthusiasts flock to its locations across Hong Kong – and now across the globe, with its several international outposts – for its uncommon balance of taste and value. All the classics are made fairly well, but the baked char siu bun – crisp and crackly outside, jammy-sweet porcine goodness inside – is what it’s all a-bao.

Tim Ho Wan, various locations across Hong Kong, www.timhowan.com

Man Mo Dim Sum Best Dim Sum Hong Kong Yum Cha Where To Eat DimSum HK

Man Mo Dim Sum – Unique fusion dim sum in Sheung Wan

What are the ethics of enfolding foie gras in xiao long bao? Perhaps most pressingly, does involving cheese in a dim sum degustation constitute pure heresy? Contemplate these complex philosophical questions at Man Mo Dim Sum. A walk-in only (for parties under eight) wine bar and restaurant with a sister location in Bordeaux, there is some method to the madness of the menu here: chefs from Din Tai Fung and Robuchon put it together after months of tinkering. Not one for the traditionalists, the offerings here conjure a brand of “East-meets-West” dining with unorthodox pairings and explosive flavours.

Man Mo Dim Sum, Shop 05-06, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, www.manmodimsum.com

Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Seventh Son

Seventh Son – Best Hong Kong dim sum for special occasions

Top-tier ingredients and traditional cooking methods harmonise at Seventh Son, an elevated, classically oriented Cantonese eatery recognised by the Michelin Guide and Asia’s 50 Best. Established by the seventh son of reputed Fook Lam Moon founder, Chui Fuk-chuen, heritage and history run deep at this restaurant. Expect paradigmatic dim sum executed to perfection, with a focus on highlighting natural flavours and freshness.

Seventh Son, various locations across Hong Kong, 2892 2888, seventhson.hk

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Ding Dim 1968 best dim sum hong kong where to eat dim sum in hong kong yum cha hk

Ding Dim 1968 – Classic yum cha in Central

A cheap and cheerful stop for dim sum on Wyndham Street, Ding Dim 1968 is a go-to for all our favourite yum cha staples. On top of the usual suspects, we’re also fans of the Siu Mai topped with Black Truffle, Deep-Fried Squid in Chili Garlic, and Xiao Long Bao with Pork and Crab Roe.

Ding Dim 1968, 59 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2326 1968www.dingdim.com

Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Duddells where to eat dim sum hong kong yum cha hk duddell's

Duddell’s – Best for dim sum brunch fanatics in Central

Even before the age of social media and the emergence of “foodfluencers”, the adage held true: you eat with your eyes first. At the distinguished Cantonese dim sum dining room Duddell’s, which first earned a Michelin star in 2013, aesthetics are not an afterthought. The walls are graced with fine art, while the kitchen crafts exquisite bites invigorated by local and seasonal ingredients. Duddell’s popular yum cha brunch set includes some of the best dim in Hong Kong, accompanied by free-flow Champagne and a buzzy atmosphere.

Duddell’s, 3/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2525 9191, www.duddells.co

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Best Dim Sum In Hong Kong Kung Fu Dim Sum where to eat dim sum hong kong yum cha hk

Kung Fu Dim Sum – Handcrafted traditional yum cha in Hong Kong

Following the traditional practice of handmaking these bites of deliciousness, Kung Fu Dim Sum is headed by a chef with over twenty years of experience under his belt who strives to create a relaxed environment for diners to enjoy this cuisine. With its resounding success, it now has 8 branches in Hong Kong, ensuring that you’ll definitely find dim sum near you of high quality and great taste!

Kung Fu Dim Sum, various locations across Hong Kong, 2660 6668

Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Lock Cha

Lock Cha – Ideal for vegetarian dim sum in Hong Kong

Dim sum is a Hong Kong staple, and thanks to Lock Cha Tea House, those following a vegan or vegetarian diet don’t have to miss out! Enriched by the region’s vast history of ingenious mock meats, this dim sum spread takes veggies seriously. From pickled beancurd skin to fungi-forward designs, the menu inspires with creative twists on typically meaty morsels. With the tea list triple the length of the food menu, “cha” takes the leading role it deserves in this yum cha affair par excellence.

Lock Cha, various locations across Hong Kong, www.lockcha.com

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Best Dim Sum Restaurants In Hong Kong: Run Restaurant st regis hotel hk where to eat dimsum hong kong yum cha hk

Rùn – Wan Chai dim sum with a contemporary style

Awarded a Michelin star in 2022, Rùn at The St. Regis Hotel is worth a visit. In-season ingredients from around the world are painstakingly prepared by Chef Hung Chi-Kwong the traditional way, and then plated up with a refined, modern spin. Alongside classic Canton fare, the restaurant offers vegetarian and gluten-free menus to accommodate differing dietary needs.

Rùn, 2/F, The St. Regis Hotel, 1 Harbour Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2138 6808, www.stregishongkong.com

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Dim Sum Square – Ideal for a quick yum cha lunch in Sheung Wan

Apart from the best-selling Spring Rolls Wrapped in Rice Rolls, this reliable restaurant delivers on the dim sum must-haves including siu mai, har gao and lo mai gai (glutinous rice with chicken swaddled in a large lotus leaf) – in winter, the latter cocoons a nub of maple-scented Chinese sausage. This spot successfully squares away any dim sum cravings.

Dim Sum Square, G/F, 78 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2851 8088, www.facebook.com/dimsumsquare

Sun Hing – Best for late-night dim sum in Kennedy Town

Open daily from 3am to 4pm, Sun Hing draws in the late night and daybreak crowds. The people congregate here for one thing: traditional dim sum, served in frenzied abundance. The pork and mushroom siu mai and curry honeycomb tripe are popular picks, but no one can pay a visit to Sun Hing without trying the salted egg yolk custard buns – a hallowed experience that feels all the more sacred in the small hours of the morning.

Sun Hing, Shop C, G/F, 8 Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, 2816 0616

Duen Kee – Perfect Tsuen Wan dim sum for hiking adventures

Nestled inside a village house on the slopes of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s tallest peak, Duen Kee is perfect for pre- or post-hike fuelling up (it closes at 2pm). At this self-service dim sum restaurant, the atmosphere is cheerfully communal – and a dash competitive – as you hustle to acquire coveted dim sum dishes and scoop out dollops of tofu or soybean pudding from a giant barrel. Blanched watercress is the unexpected breakout star here: bright and vegetal with peppery notes, these greens are grown in the nearby fields and picked fresh for each service. Local and sustainable – done the down-to-earth way!

Duen Kee, 57-58 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, 2490 5246

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