26 February, 2016
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What to do in Hong Kong for your Birthday

26 February, 2016

Unique ideas for celebrating your birthday in the 852


In the run up to my 24th birthday (which is today, might I add, so feel free to send booze and balloons), I’ve found myself endlessly Googling ‘things to do in Hong Kong for my birthday‘. And after scrolling through an old web-thread that almost pre-dated the day I was born, I thought I’d make the nightmare of organising your adorable but entirely unhelpful group of friends just that little bit easier. Celebrate your big day in the 852 with these unique, birthday bashes…

What to do in Hong Kong for your Birthday

Dining and Boozing

– Brunch A birthday staple. What better way to celebrate turning yet another year older than surrounding yourself with bottomless booze and the people you love most? Pick your poison and get the date in the diary – these Top 7 Boozy Brunches (that won’t break bank) are a great place to start…

– Afternoon Tea  You should ALWAYS be treated like a princess, but if there’s ever a day to get your royal on, it’s your birthday. Grab your friends for a super cute afternoon and settle in for a spot of high tea. Trust us, this Guide to Afternoon Tea definitely has those jam and scone cravings covered!

– Lunch (or dinner!) on Lamma – A sunny weekend go-to, extend the feasting to your special day and chomp down on Chinese favourites. With a super-cheap corkage fee and endless, fresh seafood options, bring along a few bottles of vino and dig in – family-style. Don’t fancy a sit-down meal? There are tons of fun day-trips in Hong Kong that are sure to mark the mile-stone.

– Get creative at Crafted 852 One for our fellow foodies, Crafted 852, is here to help you cook up a birthday storm. From whipping up a Mexican fiesta to fried chicken and waffles (Team Sassy bossed the pasta-making – see here!), there are heaps of cool, hands-on dinner experiences. You’re sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds, besides the cake.

What to do in Hong Kong for your Birthday

Unique Experiences 

– Off the Beaten PathHong Kong is full of adventure and surprise. From concrete jungle to actual jungle in a quick (death-defying) mini-bus journey, dangle from a cliff and soar from mountain to mountain on a zip line, courtesy of unique experience experts – Wild Hong Kong (look out for our full review coming soon), Spoilt and fab deals at Klook. Or, perhaps just spend the afternoon hiking and swimming at one of these top waterfalls (don’t forget to pack a picnic and the Prosecco). If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box idea – you’ve just found it.

– Squid Fishing – Oh yes, this is an actual thing. Check with your favourite boat charter (Saffron Cruises and Jubilee Junks definitely offer this trip) and head to the high seas! Running from April through to October, you and your friends will be whisked away for an evening of buffet and beers as your boat men cook what you catch on deck!

– Tram Party – Party under the city lights on a vintage tram! An awesome alternative to your usual bars and clubs, have your own portable dance party as you cruise from one end of the island to the other. All aboard!

– Junk Trip We know you’re no stranger to a drunk junk trip, so why not book one in for your birthday? Spend the entire afternoon lounging on inflatables, downing seabreeze and catching a (much needed) tan! With tons of companies to choose from (feel free to refer to our Ultimate Junk Guide for ease), you’re bound to find one to suite. Opt for a day trip or do something a little different and book in a night cruise that’ll take you on a three-hour, all-inclusive spin around the harbour. For a little luxury, be sure to check out Breakaway (we certainly enjoyed the Happy Hour Deal!).

– Macau Bungy Jump I bungy-ed once, and it was quite possible the most terrifying 30 seconds of my life. But if you, unlike myself, are partial to jumping off a 61-story tower – by all means, 3… 2… 1… bungy! Push your limits and catch a glimpse of the action in our bloggers first-hand account here.

– Book a Stay-cationIf you haven’t got the time (money, or leave… sigh) on your hands to head abroad, then why not rally the troops and check yourselves in for a weekend right here in the city? The Intercontinental Hotel is currently offering a glamours, girls stay-cation (in a huge suite… with cocktails… and a bubbly afternoon tea), or venture beyond the Island line and stay at a sweet, beach-side boutique on Lantau.

What to do in Hong Kong for your Birthday

Alternative Activities 

– Go Bowling – Stop it, don’t laugh – you know that bowling is always WAY more fun than you think! Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar in Sai Kung is home to a quirky, tropical-themed hangout where you can bowl to your heart’s content whilst sipping on some delicious coconut cocktails.

– Theme Parks Thrills – Channel your inner-child with a good dose of denial fun by heading to one of Hong Kong’s theme parks! Whether it’s Ocean Park or Disneyland, just grab a group and head on over for a day of roller-coaster riding and frozen-coke drinking (before heading to the bars, obviously).

– Paint a PictureYou don’t have to be the next Picasso to paint at Art Affair. If your talents draw the line at stickmen, feel free to bring your own artistic (ahem) fuel, tank up and let those creative juices flow!

– Spooky Spots – As if turning another year older wasn’t scary enough (jokes), why not check out these spooky spots for an evening of different sorts.

What to do in Hong Kong for your Birthday

Budget Birthdays

– Light up the BBQ –  Ensure those eskies are loaded and throw a couple of good eats on the grill. A day of sea, sand and sun topped off with great food and company is a guaranteed winner. Check out our list of the best barbecue hangouts in Hong Kong for a little grill-spiration.

– Go on a Picnic – Hong Kong is full of hidden spots that are perfect for laying out a blanket and cracking out the champers. Pack yourself a spread full of your favourite nibbles and treats, or let Invisible Kitchen do the hard work for your with one of their seven-course, traditional picnic baskets!

– Camp Out  – Admittedly it’s a little chilly for camping at the moment, but once it warms up this would be an awesome weekend-do (and the perfect excuse to milk your birthday for all it’s worth). There’s a couple of beaches that are easy to get to and great for pitching both tents and margaritas.

– Throw a House Party – This one’s practically a freebie in the planning books. Requiring minimal thought and organisation, send a group email (if you’re on a budget, BYOB works best) throw on a playlist and let the mayhem commence. Or, you know, have a totally civilised sit-down dinner, whatever…

– Play Beer Pong – Go all out and all-American by hosting your own at-home beer pong tournament (the a&m store in Southside, Stanley stock red cups by the dozen) or head over to favourites like Scratch and Boomshack and heaps of other great getups and get your pong-on!

– Embark on a Bar Crawl – You really don’t need to be told how to bar crawl, you’ve done it a thousand times and to be honest, it’s pretty self explanatory. The booze-laden streets of Honkers are your oyster… Happy birthday, Sassy Girls!


Need help planning your birthday bash? Check out our top party planners in the city!

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