20 January, 2016

What Sassy Wants: January

20 January, 2016

Our picks for the New Year!

If you’re trying really hard to stick to your resolutions (keeping fit, saving money…), we’re going to do our best to offer up all the tools you need to start your 2016 off on the right note. Well, sort of… we had to include some things that would make us cheat… just a little. Here’s to a (mostly) guilt-free start to 2016, Sassy Girls!


1. UP3 from Jawbone

“Doing more exercise” is one of those platitudes that’s really a bit meaningless without a way to track the fact that you’re actually doing more exercise! If you haven’t star-jumped on the bandwagon yet, wearable fitness technology is a surefire way to monitor your progress. We’re lusting after the UP3 from Jawbone which not only gets the job done, but keeps you looking super stylish too with a variety of different colours. It also tracks your sleep patterns (it’s important to recover properly if you’re shredding five times a week!), as well as your heart rate, in conjunction with the app on your smartphone. Now how about one in that gorgeous Teal Cross?

The UP3 is available from CitySuper/LOG-ON or Lane Crawford.

2. Moleskine x Shanghai Tang Weekly Planner

One could argue that the best bit about New Year is buying new stationery, including a new planner or diary. All diaries aren’t created equal – Moleskine always slays it with amazing stationery. If the smell of a new notebook or diary gives you all the feels (like it does nearly of all of us at Sassy HQ), you definitely need to bag this Moleskine x Shanghai Tang Weekly Planner. It’s the Year of the Monkey this Chinese New Year, so if that’s your year, you’ll also want this as a cute keepsake. Only nine more years to go until I can get one to celebrate the Year of the Dragon again…

Available online at Moleskine for $428.

3. mio senso Feather Bangle with Peridot

Yeah, yeah, saving money, blah blah blah. It’s not stopped us from browsing and buying jewellery this month, and we’ve been eyeing up the stuff at mio senso for a while. This bangle from the stylish jewellery brand is made of sterling silver and features two peridot (fancy way of saying lime green) stones. Cute for work, after-work drinks and even later night hangs.

Available online at mio senso for $640.

4. Nike Flyknit Lunar 3

It’s hiking season, which means you need new trainers to help hit the ground running. I’ve been eyeing up these Nike Flyknits for a while, which will definitely put a spring in my step and get me off my backside to do something a little more active than just marathon the last season of Homeland. And who can resist them in this super Sassy shade of purple? If I put this on my letter to Santa now, I’ll get them in time for next January… right?

Available online at Nike for $909.


5. Shanghai Tang Orchid Bloom Eau de Parfum

It’s been a while since Shanghai Tang launched their fragrance collection, Silk Road, but we loved them then and we still love them now. If you’re still on the hunt for your signature scent, Orchid Bloom is a floral one with notes of rose, juicy berries, musk and patchouli… and I just bought this at duty free on the plane with leftover currency I had. It smells divine, and a little definitely goes a long way.

Available at Shanghai Tang stores around Hong Kong for $880.

6. Miss Runner’s Princess Cut Leggings

You’re more likely to hit yoga class if you’re kitted out in comfy and fun apparel, right? So investing in quality kit is important. Miss Runner is a new fitness fashion brand on the block, offering up leggings, sports bras, shorts and yoga mats in funky prints and colours. The Princess Cut Leggings do more than look pretty, though; they offer great support so you can especially work on that core (urgh, planks). The fabric is breathable, stretchable and keeps sweat away, so you won’t be distracted when you’re doing those sun salutations.

Available online for $438 from Miss Runner.

7. Raiz The Bar Passionate Me

Slowly falling out of love with your resolutions? Before you find yourself elbow deep in a leftover box of Quality Street, raise the bar a bit (ha — see what I did there?!) and indulge in these sweet treats from Raiz The Bar. Passionate Me is raspberry rose acai. The chocs are made from 75% cold-pressed cacao and organic evaporated coconut nectar. So it’s a guilt-free sweet treat, giving you no excuse to throw the diet out the window!

A box of 12 bars is available for $780 online at Raiz The Bar.

8. nūdus Halo Lip Euphoria

Glow like J.Lo with this tube of lipstick from nūdus. If your makeup drawer needs a bit of an upgrade, then these lipsticks, which use 83%-certified organic ingredients and are cruelty-free and gluten-free, are just the thing to try. The nūdus is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K as well as antioxidants and natural cold-pressed oils to moisturise at the same time. The lipstick glides on smoothly and we love this frosted pink colour – we’re all about the muted tones in this weather…

Available for $250 from Gourmet Skin Bar. There’s free express delivery within Hong Kong.

Featured image via www.facebook.com/dressinprint

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