15 May, 2024
best friend gifts main image
best friend gifts main image

Personalised Best Friend Gifts To Remind Your BFF Why You’re #1

15 May, 2024
best friend gifts main image

Stumped on finding gifts for your best friend? Here are genius personalised presents to show your BFF how much they mean to you!

We’ve all been there – racking our brains for the perfect gift to show our best friend just how much they truly mean to us. But fear not, because we’re about to drop some major gifting inspo that’ll make your BFF feel like the luckiest person in the world. From knitted blankets adorned with their name to custom haircare blends quenching their tresses, we’re serving up personalised picks that’ll make your bond even more unbreakable.

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best friend gifts tiny island maps

Tiny Island Maps, Hong Kong Custom Map, $650

A sentimental treasure map to your city adventures together, get the Hong Kong Custom Map for your best friend and immortalise your memories forever.

best friend gifts STUDDEDHEARTZ

Studdedheartz, The Jane Ring, $280

Gift your bestie this personalised ring and let them wear your inside jokes, special dates, or secret symbols – because a little bling that tells your story is the best kind of sparkle!

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best friend gifts beam bold

Beam Bold, Sange Split Maxi Skirt, $1,703

This custom-made skirt features an adjustable elastic waistband, side zipper, pockets, and an optional matching waist tie, offering endless versatility and style, with many prints and colours available.

best friend gifts wild mint

Wild Mint, Secret Message Candle, $330

Send an unexpected surprise with a secret message candle – as the wax melts away, the hidden quote is slowly revealed.

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best friend gifts the crystal van

The Crystal Van, Custom Personalised Bracelet, $250

Spread positive energy and thoughtful intentions with a custom crystal bracelet, allowing your best friend to shine with a unique piece designed specifically to align with their energetic needs.

best friend gifts bathe to basics

Bathe To Basics, Create Your Own – Basic Body Soap, $138

Let them lather up in a scent that’s as unique as they are – because everyone deserves a bath that’s tailor-made for their fabulousness!

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best friend gifts RÜYA

RÜYA, Eye Candy Vacay Mini, $2,165

Who wouldn’t want to rock a custom, hand-painted eco-bag with a chic silk scarf to boot?

best friend gifts colour pop build your own palette

Colourpop, Build Your Own Palette, $274

Allow them to embrace their artistic side with a curated collection of highly pigmented shades, because who wouldn’t want to create their own makeup masterpiece?

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best friend gifts Blooms & Blossoms Floral Workshop

Blooms & Blossoms, Floral Workshop, $1,200

Treat your best friend to a floral workshop where they can channel their creativity into crafting a bouquet to take home – it’s sure to be a fun and fulfilling experience!

best friend gifts ANORAK

ANORAK, Travel Wallet With RFID Protection, $849

Help your favourite world traveller journey in comfort and fashion – this luxurious wallet lets them explore in style while keeping belongings secure and tidy.

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best friend gifts design your own wine Make Your Whisky Kit

Design Your Own Wine, Make Your Whisky Kit, $459

Surprise the whisky fanatic in your life with a DIY boozy experience, a Make Your Own Whisky Kit for blending personalised spirits creations to their heart’s content!

best friend gifts stitch sister Mini Zodiac Hoop Kit

Stitch Sister, Mini Zodiac Hoop Kit, $280

Stitching these celestial constellations with your bestie will create a starry bond that’ll last lightyears!

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best friend gifts TinyBitz personalised blankets

TinyBitz, Personalised Blanket, $828

No one can turn down the comfort and thoughtful touch of a personalised knitted blanket – gift your best friend this plush gem for a lifetime of snuggly bliss.

best friend gifts function of beauty custom haircare

Function of Beauty, Custom Haircare, $225+ per bottle

A one-size-fits-all approach to hair is outdated, pamper your bestie with the indulgence of Function of Beauty’s tailored haircare, quenching their unique tresses with a luxurious blend.

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best friend gifts Svenson's exo fil

Svenson, EXO-Fill Treatment, $960/6 sessions

The EXO-fill treatment will let them experience the magic of luscious, thicker hair – because who wouldn’t want a mane that’s as fabulous as your friendship!

Editor’s Note: All listed prices were correct at the time of publication.

Main image by Anna Shvets via Pexels, image 1 courtesy of Tiny Island Maps via Instagram, image 2 courtesy of Studdedheartz, image 3 courtesy of Beam Bold, image 4 courtesy of Wild Mint, image 5 courtesy of The Crystal Van via Instagram, image 6 courtesy of Bathe To Basics, image 7 courtesy of RÜYA via Instagram, image 8 courtesy of Colourpop via Facebook, image 9 courtesy of Blooms & Blossoms via Instagram, image 10 courtesy of ANORAK via Instagram, image 11 courtesy of Design Your Own Wine, image 12 courtesy of Stitch Sister, image 13 courtesy of TinyBitz via Instagram, image 14 courtesy of Function of Beauty via Instagram, image 15 courtesy of Svensons.

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