22 March, 2024

What’s In My Bag: Hong Kong Staples & Everyday Essentials

22 March, 2024

Your bag is a window to your world – here’s what Team Sassy carries, from mini perfumes to oil-control film (a Hong Kong must!) and even a pair of contacts (for the paranoid glasses-wearer!).

That’s why her bag is so big, it’s full of secrets! We love some good “What’s In My Bag” content (who doesn’t?), be it in the form of YouTube videos back in the 2010s, more trendy TikTok videos or Instagram reels, or articles like this! We decided to share our own take on it – different Team Sassy ladies reveal what’s in their bag, from a tote bag to a micro bag (yes, smaller than a mini!) and backpacks. Below, we reveal the essentials we carry around every day and to the office, as well as Hong Kong staples like Tempo tissue packs, Nin Jioms and of course, our HKID and Octopus cards.

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First Aid Essentials – The Mom Friend

Ira Daragnez, Partnerships Support Executive 

Besides my phone, keys and wallet, I always have paracetamol and anti-histamine with me in case of an emergency. As you can see, I’m a tote bag girl – in it you’ll find a toiletries and a make-up kit with all the essentials from lip gloss to a small perfume bottle. I also always have a hand cream to use after washing my hands.

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What’s In My Micro Bag – The Minimalist But Trendy Friend

Kiran Naz, Partnerships Manager

If you don’t know by now, I love to treat myself – I gifted myself a mini lady Dior bag on my birthday last year! The bag may be mini, but it fits all my essentials for a day out. My items range from an ID card and credit cards to tissue papers and lipstick, and let’s not forget a mini perfume so I can smell like flowers at all times! This bag is my go-to for all occasions.

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Water Bottles And Nin Jioms – The Sore Throat Healer

Fashila Kanakka, Editor

My water bottle and I are inseparable (what if I were dying of thirst on the MTR?) and Eclipse mints have been my staple since primary school! I also tend to carry extra contacts in case the ones I’m wearing fall off or I damage my glassesI’m a very paranoid person if you can’t tell! I’ve always been a backpack girl and this current one I’m using fits all my essentials and comes with a separate compartment for my phone.

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A Kindle And A Notebook – The Writer Friend

Anita Balagopalan, Senior Editor

My Body Shop lip balm is my absolute essential and I have a sanitary napkin for emergencies. I whip out my Kindle for whenever I am waiting anywhere and my notebook for when inspiration strikes. I actually never use my earphones (bad karma!), they’re pretty much there for show! Aside from my shades, I also have my reading glasses (because I’ve reached that age!). 

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Shades And Snacks – The Prepared One

Kylie Mitchell-Maartens, Social Media Strategist

My bag’s from a local South African brand called Bomba and in it I keep my Aitch’s biltong (you should always have snacks near by) and my favourite scrunchie from Hair Carnival HK, alongside my hand cream and shades. I have a four year-old so I expect to find something random in my bag every week, this time it’s a seashell (last week it was a marble and before that a stick!). 

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Main image courtesy of Анастасия via Pexels, all other images courtesy of Sassy Media Group.

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