7 Christmas Movies That’ll Make You Want to Fall in Love

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Love Actually

Obviously! No Christmas is complete without watching “Love Actually” at least three times. It’ll make you laugh, cry and even cringe, but in the end, everyone is sure to come away with that warm fuzzy feeling (and singing “Christmas is all around” until New Year).

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Miracle on 34th Street

A childhood favourite of mine that always pulls on the heartstrings. The romance in this one may be a little overshadowed by the trial of Kris Kringle, but with a white wedding on Christmas Eve and a suitably happy ending, this one will have anyone believing in love (and Santa!) again.

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The Holiday

This festive fave is sure to give even the most down of heart a little boost over the holiday season. Just remember, no matter how alone you may be feeling, Jude Law could always come drunkenly knocking at your door!

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Bridget Jones’ Diary

Not strictly a Christmas movie – but for Colin Firth’s rudolph jumper alone – it makes the cut and is a firm favourite for this time of year! Plus, who can forget when Bridget and Mark finally get together and have that kiss in the snow?

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Four Christmases

For those out there that have had to juggle more than one set of parents (plus siblings, grandparents nieces and nephews…) at Christmas, you know too well how this time of year can be anything but relaxing! This comedy hit shows this in most extreme sense, but after the laughs, helps us remember what is really important over the holidays.



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While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock charms everyone in this 90s rom-com classic. She goes from a lonely girl with a crush, to a fiancee (with the man of her dreams in a coma!).



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The Nightmare Before Christmas

And finally… one for the not so soppy…

Because Jack Skellington can get a little scary too. So what better excuse to find someone to cuddle up to and watch it with!?

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